The character the Master is played by Mark Metcalf.

Name: The Master. His real name was Heinrich Joseph Nest (according to the original transcripts of the show. Thought to be 600 years old, he was considered to be the Master of the vampires and the leader of the Order of Aurelius.


Notable Facts:

Appears in BtVS episodes: Lessons, The Wish, When She Was Bad, Prophecy Girl, Nightmares, Angel, Never Kill a Boy on the First Date, The Harvest, Welcome to the Hellmouth

Appears in AtS episode: Darla (in a flashback)

First Appearance in Welcome to the Hellmouth, Season 1, Episode One. Killed by Buffy in Prophecy Girl.

Nicknames: The sleeper (Luke, WttH), a New Hope (Absalom, WSWB)

Sired: Darla

Quotable Quotes:

Master: Pay attention, child. You are the Anointed, and there is much you must learn. (crouches beside him) With power comes responsibility. True, they did fail, but also true, we who walk at night share a common bond. The taking of a life -- I'm not talking about humans, of course -- is a serious matter.

One of The Three raises his head in hope.

Collin: So you would spare them?

Master: Hmm. (gets up) I am weary, and their deaths will bring me little joy.

The Master begins to walk away, and Collin follows. Darla watches them go and smiles. She lifts the spear and dispatches the first of The Three. The Master stops and turns to Collin.

Master: Of course, sometimes a little is enough. (A)