The character The Anointed One is played by Andrew J. Ferchland.

Name: The Anointed One, The Anointed, Collin

First Appearance in Never Kill a Boy on the First Date. Killed by Spike at the end of School Hard.

In BtVS episodes: School Hard, When She Was Bad, Prophecy Girl, Nightmares, Angel, Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

Notable Facts:

Master: 'And there will be a time of crisis, of worlds hanging in the balance. And in this time shall come the Anointed, the Master's great warrior. And the Slayer will not know him, will not stop him, and he will lead her into Hell.' As it is written, so shall it be. (picks up the book and walks) 'Five will die, and from their ashes the Anointed shall rise. The Brethren of Aurelius shall greet him and usher him to his immortal destiny.' (NKAB)

Master: 'And in this time will come the Anointed. And the Slayer will not know him. She will not stop him, and he will lead her into hell.' (NKAB)

Collin was turned into a vampire in Never Kill a Boy on the First Date. Giles found out about him, that he would rise from the ashes of the Five on the evening of the thousandth day after the Advent of Septus, and tried to stop it but they were unable to.

In Prophecy Girl, Collin leads Buffy to the buried church where the Master is trapped.

After the Master kills Buffy (and Xander saves her with CPR), Buffy kills the Master. Collin along with his minion, Absalom try to bring the Master back to life, but of course, are thwarted by Buffy and the Scoobies.

In School Hard, after Spike is unable to kill Buffy as he promised, he puts The Anointed in a cage and pulls the cage into the sunlight, killing him.

Quotable Quotes:

Master: Zachary didn't return from the hunt last night.

Darla: The Slayer.

Master: Zachary was strong, and he was careful. And still the Slayer takes him... as she has taken so many of my family. ( It wears thin. Collin, what would you do about it?

Collin: I'd annihilate her.

Master: Out of the mouths of babes.. (A)

Collin: I hate that girl. (WSWB)