The character Kendra is played by Bianca Lawson.

Kendra appears in BtVS episodes: Becoming: Part 1, What's My Line, Part 2 and What's My Line, Part 1


Notable Facts:

First Appearance in What's My Line, Part 1. (Tries to kill Buffy and Angel)

She is a Vampire Slayer (called when Buffy died in PG). Her watcher is Sam Zabuto (who is never seen, but is mentioned in WML1).

Saves Buffy's life when Patrice, a member of The Order of Taraka (pretending to be a police officer) tries to shoot Buffy in WML2.

She named her favorite stake "Mr. Pointy" and let Buffy borrow it to stake Angel. Kendra didn't live to get it back. She was killed in the library when Drusilla slits her throat with her fingernails in Becoming I.

Slay History:

We only see Kendra slay one vampire during the show in the library in Becoming 1.