Name called Who said it Episode
Admiral Buffy Teacher's Pet
a librarian Willow Passion
an old fashioned boy Jenny I, Robot. You, Jane
an old friend Angelus Becoming I
a snob Jenny I, Robot. You, Jane
book-man Willow Passion
buddy Angelus Becoming II
England Jenny The Dark Age
G-man Xander When She was Bad
fuddy-duddy (and sexy fuddy-duddy) Jenny The Dark Age
funky party weasel Xander Surprise
I-Cling-Onto-My-One-Lame-Idea Guy Xander I Only Have Eyes for You
Investigate-Things-From-Every-Boring-Angle Guy Xander I Only Have Eyes for You
Library Man Xander Dead Man's Party
Locutus of the Borg Xander PG
manly in an obsessive- compulsive kind of way Buffy Surprise
Mr. Caution Man Xander Surprise
Mr. Protective Guy Buffy Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
old man Ethan Halloween
Ripper Ethan Halloween
sniveling, tweed-clad guardian of the Slayer & her kin
Ethan Halloween
Cordelia Killed by Death
Textbook with Arms Buffy Welcome to the Hellmouth
the best authority on obscure relics Dr. Doug Perren Becoming I
the Old Guy Xander Dead Man's Party
the super librarian Xander Never Kill A Boy on the First Date
your old man Angelus, to Buffy Passion
the watcher Buffy When She was Bad

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