When Hell Breaks Loose

Part Three "Wave"

By Tango

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RATING: NC-17. ***Dark & smutty***

LYRICS: All lyrics are from Ani DiFranco


i used to be a superhero no one could hurt me not even myself
you are like a phone booth that i somehow stumbled into
and now look at me i am just like everybody else

Riley walked into the bathroom and had to catch his heart before it fell on the floor next to Buffy's clothes which were lying intimately next to Angel's clothes. He walked down the hall where two towels laid haphazardly on the floor outside of her door. His blonde hair was barely touching the door as he listened. Nothing came from the room - no sounds, no moans, no whispers.

Finally, his curiosity got the better of him and although he had serious moral issues with this, he went outside, scaled the tree outside of Buffy's window and perched on roof, looking into her window like a Peeping Tom. He immediately regretted his decision when he saw them sleeping.

He regretted it, not because he could see plainly that they were naked or that they had just had sex, but because she was snuggled into him and sleeping soundly. Actually, she was more at peace than he had ever seen her. She held on to Angel, clung to him almost. He hadn't realized it until just now, but she never held on to him like that, she simply allowed herself to be held. His heart sank as he realized that he had truly lost her and felt the bile rising in his throat as he watched her entangled with the vampire. Angel's mouth was not on her neck, but Riley felt as if it were. He could imagine the demon rebreaking the scar on her neck and feeding off her.

Suddenly he wondered if Angel was the one who left the scar there to begin with. His face twisted in anger as he realized that it had to be. There was no other possible explanation. He had half a mind to jump through the window and stake the bastard as he slept. But instead, he slowly turned and climbed back down and as he turned he missed Angel's eyes opening just in time to see his retreat. Angel held in his annoyed growl and pulled Buffy possessively closer to him. He closed his eyes and told himself he would allow just a few more hours of this luxury in her arms before he went on patrol.


rubbing elbows with the moon, a safe haven of sleepless

Gunn strolled as he did often when there was no immediate threat. He was intrigued by The Hellmouth. The thought that his sleepy little town contained as much evil as LA was laughable and yet he was sure that the rumors were true.

Then there was Angel. He thought he had seen Angel flip out before, but he was completely mistaken. Gunn was actually surprised that his soulful friend hadn't ripped the stupid blonde boyfriend's throat out. If he thought Angel was protective over Cordy, that was small potatoes compared to how he reacted toward his true love or soul mate or whatever. And what a little hottie Buffy turned out to be. No wonder Angel couldn't think straight. The girl was straight sex. Also, no big surprise that Riley was losing his marbles the way Angel hovered over her.

Gunn allowed his thoughts to slide on over to Faith, who was troubled, much like he used be and damn beautiful. She was rough around the edges, sure, but he wasn't as smooth as silk every day. From her provocative clothing to her flashing brown eyes, she kept Gunn on her every word. He had been warned that she couldn't be trusted by...let's see...every one at last count, but somewhere inside her he saw her trying to earn redemption. He was drawn to her and felt positive that somehow he could help. Which is a good thing because he heard her screaming from the woods ahead. Gunn moved into action, jogging cautiously toward the sound of her voice.


those assholes aren't worth dying for

"Let me outta here," Faith spat from inside her transparent cell. She pounded her hands at the invisible barrier which bounced her back like rubber. Slayer strength wasn't working here and she was beginning to panic.

"You will aid us in our search for knowledge before we dispose of you, Slayer," one of the demons announced in a gravelly voice.

"Screw you," she said, "I can't breathe in here. Let me out."

"Information first," he repeated. Faith struggled to remain calm but the ten demons around her, all baring rings with The Order of Taraka insignia on them, were only interested in information and death. Assassins by nature and firm in their quest, she was sure that she was about to die. After all that time in jail, she was going to die to save Buffy and the super-frigging-friends? This was completely insane. Was the Scooby gang really worth her freedom or her life? It was one thing to be redeemed in their eyes and find some peace, it was quite another to die before she even chipped off a section of the ice.

She glanced around her and her eyes landed on Spike on one side and Gunn on the other. Both had action gleaming in their eyes. She felt calm return. She looked at the circle of stones that the main demon stood inside and realized that if Spike or Gunn broke the circle, she could be freed. Both men focused on the circle as well, coming to the same conclusion.

"You will tell us the weakness of the other Slayer," the demon demanded.

"Sure," Faith said nodding, "I'll tell you whatever you want, just as soon as I'm not trapped in here anymore."

"We do not trust you," he replied, "You are not even trusted by your sister Slayer. Weaknesses, please."

"Well," Faith started, trying not to look at Gunn and Spike as they crept closer to the demons, "Let me see..."

She paused thinking of Buffy's weaknesses. She was sure that she probably knew most of them. Angel would be the biggest one. If Angel was in danger, Buffy would give her life for his safety. Next were her friends, of course, who she would risk life and limb to save. If only she had that kind of friendship and trust all her life like Buffy had, maybe she wouldn't have to fight the darkness all the time. Buffy's mom, there was a weakness. Thank God she was out of town for all this or Buffy would have her barricaded in her room.

How does one person's life get so lucky and another's so damn unlucky? Faith would have given anything to have what Buffy had and all she did was take it for granted, play the woe-is-me girl and bitch. She had no idea what it was like to live how she lived - alone and constantly afraid she would die that way.

"Thank you," the demon said, causing Faith to jerk her head up.

"I didn't tell you anything yet!" Faith said with her eyes wide. She was thinking not speaking, right?

"We're telepathic, Slayer," he said, causing Faith to feel the cold grip of panic begin to strangle her, "Now we know what we have to do and we no longer need you."

The walls began squeezing in on her and she reached out to the sides, pressing them away with all her strength, but was unable to keep them at bay. She thought her arms were breaking as Gunn and Spike finally jumped in the clearing. Gunn went straight for the circle, while Spike tried to kill as many of them as he possibly could - which was exactly none. Both were flung immediately away by some unseen force and they scrambled to their feet to return to battle. Gunn ran full force at the circle and managed to get his hand on one of the stones and toss it away.

It was enough to free Faith and she fell forward, gasping for air. The demons clasped hands and as the three warriors ran toward them and they disappeared.


this is my skeleton. this is the skin it's in that is, according to light and gravity
i'll take off my disguise, the mask you met me in 'cuz i got something for you to see
just gimme your skeleton. give me the skin it's in.
yeah baby, this is you according to me

Angel woke to find Buffy smiling down at him. She was kneeling on the bed, with her head cocked to the side, a dreamy smile on her beautiful face.

"Hey," he said, coming fully awake at her distracting stare and even more distracting nakedness.

"Hey," she replied softly.

"What cha thinking about?" He asked, leaning up on his elbow, trying to disguise his inevitable arousal but as they were both uncovered, it wasn't hard for her to realize.

"Riley, actually," she answered. A scowl covered his handsome face but all he said was, "Really?"

"Calm down, baby," she said, pecking his scowled lips, "I'm thinking about how he's not right for me."

"Thank God," he said and plopping back on the bed, "You had me thinking you were going to choose him over me."

"Gimme a break," she said, rolling her eyes. He pulled her against him suddenly and smoothed his hands over her firm ass, "You wanted to see my reaction or you wouldn't have said you were thinking about him."

"Okay," she said squealing as he squeezed her bottom harder, "I confess!"

He kissed her soundly, smacking her rear and illicting another squeal, "Stop! Bully!"

He looked smoothed his hands over her body and felt that her wounds nearly healed, "You're better?"

"Yes," she said, pecking his irresistible lips again, "I think the demons' poison doesn't last as long on Slayers."

"I'm glad," he said, kissing her back.

"Could've been the sex," she whispered with a twinkle in her eyes. He smiled and nodded as he kissed her again.

"No doubt about it. But maybe we should test it, you know, just to be sure," he said as he reached between her legs to feel the rising heat.

"Definitely," she answered, lowering her hand to his fully erect cock.

Angel released a gurgling moan as Buffy kissed down his chest and wrapped her little hand around him.


between the asphalt and the sky, i am caught like bottled water

"Shit!" Faith yelled as her eyes welled with tears for the first time in a very long time. There was no way they were actually going to fall, but they were there and proof of her emotions.

"What did you think about?" Gunn asked.

"About how she would risk her life for Angel and her friends and her mom. God! How was I supposed to know that they could read my mind?"

"Hey, it's okay. I saw it all. They're not going to blame you and now that we have a warning, it'll be okay," Gunn said gently.

"Yeah, right. They'll never believe me and my only proof is from a very unreliable Spike and someone they barely know. I might as well skip town now."

"Calm down," Gunn said, grabbing her shoulders, which for a Slayer, was a very dangerous thing to do, but Faith, much to her own surprise, allowed it, "Come on. We'll tell ‘em everything."

"Why are you being so nice to me?" She asked, narrowing her eyes. If Faith knew anything, she knew men.

"Yep," he said, nodding with a sexy grin and pulling her by the hand, "Just trying to get in your hot little pants."

She couldn't help but smile and walk along with him, allowing her hand to be held. When was the last time she had let that happen?

Spike stood there and watched the couple walk away without so much of a thank you or goodbye. They didn't even acknowledge that he was there and had helped. Bloody humans. He hated the whole stinking lot of them and wondered again why he was helping them.


there's the asshole who did this to me stripped me of my power, stripped me down

Riley watched Angel leave the house alone and tracked him for several blocks. Angel stopped and turned around, facing the boy.

"This is getting old, Finn," Angel sighed.

"Well, gee," Riley sneered, "I'm so very sorry,"

"You lost her. Get over it."

"Since she hasn't officially broken up with me yet," Riley retorted sarcastically, "I'll just pretend she's still my business."

"No need for that," Angel said, shaking his head, "Sorry, but I have things to do. I really don't have time for your petty bullshit."

"Petty? That's laugh," Riley said, his eyes glinting with hatred, "We'll see how petty you think it is when she leaves you. You're just a thing. Not even a person. It won't be long before she realizes which one of us can give her a life."

"You're right," Angel said, switching to game face, "I'm a demon. Take a good look, boy, because this is face she loves. She knows what I am. She knows what kind of life I offer her. Makes you wonder what you're lacking, doesn't it?"

Riley closed the distance quickly and was tossed away by Angel, who really didn't want to fight him. Well, he did want to beat him senseless, but he knew it would upset Buffy and she had enough to be upset about right now. Riley charged again and Angel's crescent kick flung him away again. Turning, Angel attempted to walk away, mostly so he could tell Buffy later that he did try.

Riley, didn't disappoint, however and attacked once more. Angel was grinning widely when he punched the boy's attractive face. He punched again, easily blocking Riley's first blow, but taking a sucker punch to the nose. Blood erupted from both of their faces as they pummeled each other brutally.

Any pain that Riley dealt him, was shrugged off by Angel, because it was worth it to hurt the boyish man that had slept with his mate. He had no claim on her then, but that was irrelevant. The fact remained that she was *his* mate and Riley had dared touch her. He wanted to make him bleed and took more than normal joy in hitting him. Angel finally flung him away again and smiled again as Riley came in contact with a nearby tree trunk.

"She's mine," Angel hissed, "Stay and help the fight if you like, but don't let me catch you anywhere near her."


now i'm a different person, different in so many ways
tell me what did you like about me and don't say my strength and daring
'cuz now i think i'm at your mercy and it's my first time for this kind of thing

Faith took a deep breath outside the Summer's home and Gunn squeezed her hand reassuringly.

"Ready, hot stuff?" He asked with a smile. She couldn't help but smile back. His easy going nature and silly humor reminded her of the Mayor - except for the old, evil part. He made her feel safe and it was a feeling she didn't often get.

"You're a freak," she said, shaking her head.

"Yeah, and?"

"Whatever. Let's go," she said with false confidence but she clung to his hand as they went inside, more than grateful that she had a hand to cling to for once. As she entered the house and faced the Scooby Gang, she donned her protective armor and prepared for a fight to the death.

"Faith, Gunn," Giles said, nodding at them. He noted that they were holding hands, but pretended he didn't, as was his style. He was actually glad to see them together. Faith needed a friend and after Gunn had protected her at the hospital, he was hoping that she would find a friend in him. With Faith, it was hard to say, but it looked like she might have, "Glad you see that you returned safely. Did you see anything of note?"

"Well," Faith started with a deep breath. She looked at Gunn and silently begged him not to make her tell them.

"Faith was caught by some crazy Taraka blue furry demons," Gunn said, puffing out his chest, "And they read her mind or something to get Buffy's weaknesses. Guess they got something outta her head cause they said they had what they needed and tried to kill her. That's when Spike & I jumped in and got her loose."

"Glad I got a little credit," Spike said, strolling in the house with a lit cigarette.

"Go outside if you're gonna smoke," Buffy said, from her position on the couch, "Faith are you okay? Did you get hurt?"

Spike flung his cigarette out the open door and slammed it shut in annoyance. He wanted to hear what happened next more than he wanted to smoke.

"What?" Faith asked in confusion and then, "Uh, no. Five by five."

Buffy smiled at Gunn quizzical look and added, "Interpret it as good."

Gunn nodded with a smile and looked around the room, "What now?"

Giles spoke up first, "We already assumed that The Order would be after the people close to Buffy, but I wonder what information they could have extracted from Faith's mind that would cause them to alter their actions. Faith," Giles said turning to her, "If you could tell us what Buffy's greatest weakness was, what would you say?"

"Angel," Faith answered truthfully and watched at Buffy stood up from the couch. She couldn't decipher the look on her face, but it was somewhere between anger and fear, "Sorry B, it' true."

"No," Buffy said, running for the door, "You're right. He is my biggest weakness and he's out there patrolling right now."

She grabbed Spike's arm and pushed him toward the door, "You're helping."

"Why me? I don't even like the bloody Poof," Spike protested.

"Make yourself useful before I remember that you were the one who caused all this. If Angel dies, you're going to be floating in the wind." Spike stomped toward the door in mock annoyance, but he was more than thankful that she hadn't staked him already.

Buffy cast a look over her shoulder at Faith, "Coming?"

Faith pulled Gunn along with her as she headed toward the door and tried to hide her smile. She was back in...almost. Buffy believed her. They all believed her. Well, they believed Gunn, but still, it was a start.


the sound of them strong. stalking, talking about their prey.

Angel walked along thinking of his victory over the boyfriend which lately had become a bad word in his mind. A word full of venom and threat. Buffy had chosen him and as happy as he was about that, he knew that Riley could offer Buffy ten times more than he could. He selfishly hoped that she never realized that, never wanted it because as much as he wanted her have all that and more, he couldn't walk away again. He couldn't lose her again. Once was enough for all eternity and then some.

His thoughts were halted as he realized he was being followed again and this time it was not Riley. He melted into the shadows and scanned the area, searching for what tracked him. He turned full circle and saw nothing, heard nothing, felt nothing but he was positive something was there. He waited, poised in the knowledge that in three seconds he had gone from predator to prey.

He inhaled, smelling the air and continued to look around him, unmoving. Only his sharp eyes moved. Ten minutes passed and nothing happened. Angel was beginning to think he imagined the whole thing but waited another ten, straining to hear a footstep, smell a person or demon, hear a heartbeat. Finally he stepped out and continued walking, keeping his body tensed for a fight.

And he walked right into an invisible box.

The group of demons appeared, shimmering for a second before fully materializing before him.

"You are Angelus," they stated and stared at the ten, feeling tangible hate radiate off of them.


Part Four "Ten to One"


there's a thousand shades of white and a thousand shades of black
but the same rule always applies: smile pretty and watch your back

Buffy raced through the streets of Sunnydale with Spike, Faith & Gunn close behind her. She followed her natural sense of her vampire, pulling on his invisible strings and he tugged back in turn. The others followed with a bit of bewilderment. Even Spike could not understand how she knew exactly where to go to find him.

But she did.

The made it to the park with relative ease and found Angel with the same simple steps. The ten blue demons looked like a flock of ducks, in a symmetrical V in front of the invisible box where they held him hostage. He struggled at the sides, pushing out at them and his hands looked as if they were fighting with rubber air. His eyes were flashing from golden to brown and back again as he fought himself and them at the same time. The roar of pain that he forced from his mouth, however, was in no way hindered. The beast within howled for release and screamed in anguish.

Buffy rasped his name as she ran toward the demons but was stopped cold against the invisible barrier that protected them. Time stood still and the mirrored screams of the soul mates were held in the thick air. Seconds blended into the aether, held in stasis, as the lover's melted into each other's pain. Desperation was unpenetrable and there was nothing to do but wait. As quickly as they appeared, they disappeared and set Angel free.

He fell hard to his knees as the barrier unfolded around him and Buffy threw herself into his arms. He held onto her, clutching her closely to his chest. He was heaving breaths, that although unnecessary to live, were necessary to regain his plane of being.

"Angel," Buffy whimpered in his arms, "You're breaking me."

"Sorry, love," he said into her hair and lessened his hold only slightly, "I almost lost you. I almost lost me."


By the time Spike made it back to his crypt, he was filled with a kind of dread that he could not explain. If he had a conscience, it would have been begging him to feel ashamed but instead he felt helpless and that emotion more than any other made him mad with rage. Inside his dark hole, all he had was the beleaguering snivel of his girlfriend, whom he thought of staking every other day.

"I can't fucking think with your incessant chattering," Spike said, plopping into his bed. She crawled next to him and rubbed his groin with needy fingers.

we lie in our beds and our graves
unable to save ourselves from the quaint tragedies we invent
and undo from the stupid circumstances we slalom through

"Doesn't my blondie bear wanna play?" She said as she began to kiss his neck.

"Something's wrong with this whole bloody picture," Spike said to the ceiling, ignoring her touch.

"With you having sex with me?"

"No, you bleeding moron, with The Order of Taraka and those damn fuzzy smurfs."

"Are you still trying to help The Slayer, Spikey, cause you know that she's just gonna stake you later," she said, "Pay attention to me."

"I gotta think this through, pet," he said, pushing her hand away, "Something's not right with this-"

Harmony's mouth on his cock, left his sentence unfinished along with his thought. He groaned half in ecstasy and half in frustration as he ripped the pink silk from her breasts.


i have been waiting for you to come and talk to me

Buffy was out on the back steps talking to Riley and Angel was painted on the kitchen door, eavesdropping. He wanted to have the confidence and self control to walk away and let her end it alone, but he couldn't. For every cocky word he'd fed to Riley, for every blow he'd dealt, a reciprocal of doubt and unease dug into him. He pressed his ear to the door, though he didn't need to - he could hear every whisper clearly as if her breath was at his ear, but the door was a stronghold and it was holding him up and back.

As soon as he was certain that Buffy was actually breaking up with Riley and not making up with him, he forced himself away from the door. He wandered into the living room, where the research session was in full force. Wesley and Cordelia had arrived that evening to help on the home front and they looked exhausted. Cordy was nodding off over her book, Willow's eyes were glassy as she read nonstop and Giles had his glasses cleaning ritual down to ten minute intervals.

"Ah, Angel," Wesley said, which caused Cordy to bolt awake, "Glad to see you're safe."

"Thanks Wes," he said, "Thanks for coming." He nodded his thanks toward Cordy as well, who flashed a sleepy smile back.

"We were looking into the demons that attempted to harm both you and Faith," Giles said, standing up and stretching, "Do you think they were attempting to dislodge your soul?"

Angel thought for a second and shook his head slowly, "No, I don't think that was their motive."

"What do you think they were trying to do, just kill you?" Xander asked, almost slightly hopefully. Although in his defense, it was because anything was better than Angelus.

"Not sure," Angel said, trying to pinpoint the feelings, "Whatever they were doing, it hurt like hell."

"Sounded like it," Gunn said from his comfy position on the couch.

"Yeah, well, it hurt a lot more than it sounded," Angel said truthfully, "Felt like they were peeling my skin away with a blowtorch."

"Great imagery," Cordy said, wrinkling her nose.

"Happy to oblige," Angel said with a crooked grin.

"Is that what it felt like to you, Faith?" Wesley asked, feeling a bit twitchy around the Slayer who had so recently tortured him.

"Not really," she answered, "Just felt trapped. Speaking of trapped, I'm going to patrol again. This standing around is too much for me."

Gunn stood, pretending to not be excited about joining her but since he had spent the last ten minutes staring at her ass in her leather pants, no one was surprised when he volunteered to join her.

Angel tried to join the research but he was having a hard time sitting still. Buffy had been outside with Riley *way* too long now and he was beginning to get nervous again. He didn't understand why he had so little confidence when it came to her, but she blew away a piece of his sanity every second she was gone. Finally, unable to sate his curiosity, he made his way back into the kitchen to replaster himself to the back door.


i got a big crush on you, it is crushing my mind.
can i follow you home and listen to you think?

Gunn and Faith strolled along the streets and back alleys of Sunnydale. Inches apart but not touching, they both itched for more than one kind of action. Just behind the burnt out shell of Sunnydale High, they stumbled upon three vampiric members of The Order.

"You know," Faith said with a smile playing on her lips, "I'm kinda insulted that all you boys want is the other Slayer. Maybe blondes do have more fun."

Gunn grinned and shook his head before launching at the undead Taraka members that attacked them. Misjudging the larger being, Gunn took a uppercut to the stomach, which caused him to groan loudly. A second to recover was too long and the vampire kicked him to the ground. The demon's fangs grazed his neck before he regrouped and staked him, coughing through the dust that settled on his face.

"Thought you were supposed to be tough," Faith called out to him as she took on the other two.

"Staked him, didn't I?" Gunn said as he hurried over to help her. Staking them both in rapid succession, Faith turned to him before he made it over to her.

"Damn that was good," she said, bending her neck to the side, causing a sensual arch in her neck, "Been out of the game for too long."

"Doesn't look like it slowed you down any," Gunn said, looking around at the ruins they stood in, "What's this place?"

"Use to be Sunnydale High School."

"What happened?"

"Buffy graduated," Faith said with a smile but her eyes were dark with the memory.



i know he's watching me. i can see him through the cracks
his eyes are small and shy on my back.

Riley had barely gotten out of the yard before Angel came bounding out the front door. Scooping Buffy into his arms he kissed her passionately and didn't pause to let her gather her bearings as he covered one breast with his large hand and began kissing down her neck.

"What's come over you?" She gasped.

"He was touching you," Angel said, sucking at her scar, "Made me crazy."

"I'm your girl," she said as he backed her against the side of the house and tucked a hand down the front of her pants, "And we should...oh God...um...go inside...."

Plunging a finger inside her and circling her clit with his thumb, he sucked her words into his mouth, pinching her nipple roughly with the other hand. Grunting in frustration, he tore her shirt away with one hand, taking her bra away with it and sucked her delicious flesh into his mouth. Plunging a second finger inside her heat, he moved down her stomach, dipping into her belly button.

"Angel..." she panted, moving against his hand as he moved back up her body, "Have... togoinsiderightnow..."

"I need to be inside you, love," he whispered against her neck, his cold breath causing shivers down her spine as his fingers created waves of pleasure all over her body. Taking her lips in his, his tongue battled with hers as he pressed her against the house, his fingers strumming her into a violent orgasm. She clamped her thighs over his hand as she convulsed against him.

Footsteps nearby caused Angel to pull his hand away and hug her to his chest, so that her nakedness was not visible. He kissed her and checked out of the corner of his eye for the intruder. Seeing no one, he broke away and looked around them. Still nothing. Angel, completely focused on his Slayer, muttered something under his breath which Buffy did not hear but understood as sexual frustration.

She squealed as he scooped her into his arms, ran around the side of the house and leapt up to her window, not bothering with the tree. Ducking inside the open window, he ripped the rest of her clothes away with a growl that caused heat to flow freely through her body. Pressing her bare ass against the cool glass, he fumbled to free himself and pressed into her urgently.

She perched on the window sill and wrapped her legs around him as he moved inside her, a low growl rumbling in his chest and vibrating through her body as he made love to her. With the force of their movements, Buffy idly wondered if they would break the window and go tumbling into the yard below. Sheathed inside her, he moved them over to the bed and laid her down, as if he had read her thoughts.

When she came again, the force of her climax and the intensity of her heat was so great, Angel had to bite his lip to keep from changing into game face and sinking into her neck. As he came inside her, he contained the roar but not the growl.


i have her in me. i want to peel off my skin, let the water wash in

Riley moved away from the shadows when Angel pulled his naked ex-girlfriend from the window and his sight. He could hear her pants of pleasure plainly as he walked away, head bowed in defeat. He had tried everything to keep her and couldn't believe that he had actually lost her, that she would actually choose a demon over him. One thing was certain, the vampire made guttural sounds erupt from her full lips like none he had ever heard. The force of their lovemaking rang clearly through the night air as he wandered away.

Riley had made it far beyond earshot and was rambling aimlessly around half hoping some vampire would catch him off guard and take him out of his misery, when a vampire did happen along. He turned to face the vampire in question, who was in full game face and snarling wildly.

This vampire didn't just want any man's blood. He wanted Riley's. Riley moved into a defensive stance, preparing for the first blow when he was swept off his feet. A large black boot planted on his chest, crushing his sternum.

"What do you want?" Riley gasped.

"You...dead," the demon snarled.


i am a work in progress dressed in the fabric of a world unfolding
offering me intricate patterns of questions, rhythms that never come clean
and strengths that you still haven't seen

Spike laid next to Harmony in bed, recovering from mind blowing sex, when the realization hit him. He bolted upright in bed and scrambled to get back into his clothes.

"Where are you going Spikey?" She asked, laying unashamed and naked in his bed.

"It can't be," he said, rushing from the crypt, leaving his challenged lover with a confused look in her blue eyes.

Spike ran across town, through Sunnydale University campus and past it. The old building did not miss him and the weight of his steps caused the floor to groan in concession. He snuck inside, creeping along the wall.

The ten blue demons stood around their master.

"Has Angelus killed the Slayer yet?" He asked, his eyes demanding submission.

"No," they answered in unison.

"Why not?"

"He must first complete the cycle of insanity," Their voices answered together in a choir of harmonized English sounding slurs, "His love for The Slayer is too great for him to kill her. He must first betray her. When her fury for his betrayal arrives, he will not be able to stop himself."

"You're certain?"

"Love, you will find, does not conquer all."

"Let's hope you're right."


make them twitch around their eyes until they realize they just don't realize

Buffy sat up in bed, feeling the cold settle around her. The window sent a chilling breeze into the room and Angel's absence did nothing to abate the briskness. She closed the window and dressed quickly. Downstairs, Angel was nowhere to be found, but the team seemed to be discussing excitedly the most recent research.

"Hey Buffy," Willow said with a blush covered her fair face.

"Hey," Buffy answered, recognizing the blush for what it was, "Have you guys seen Angel?"

"From the sound of it," Xander said with a grin, "I thought he was with you."

"He was but he's gone," she said, ignoring his comment.

"He didn't come through here, Buffy," Giles said, trying to forget both the sounds and Xander's mention of them, "However, we have found the key to the ten demons that have been attacking."

"What are they?" She asked, jumping to attention and momentarily forgetting her embarrassment.

"It appears that they are not ten but one," Giles said, cleaning his glasses and peering through them before placing them back on his face, "Much like the Sequoia grove, they share the same, ah, root structure of sorts."


"I'd like to second that ‘huh,'" Xander added.

"They appear to be ten, but are so psychically connected they are actually one being."

"Oh," Buffy said, settling on the couch next to Xander, which seemed to be the confusion zone, "What were they trying to do to Angel?"

Giles shifted uncomfortably and began to open his mouth, but found that Wesley jumped to the rescue, "They have the ability to partially possess a soul and we think that they may have done that to Angel. The effects are not immediate."

"Partially. How do you kinda possess someone?"

"It's akin to hypnotic suggestion," Giles explained, "They can urge like a conscience but not control."

"So he might be out having urges to do bad stuff, like Angelus-type stuff?" Xander asked, worried.

"Perhaps," Wesley answered.

"Perhaps, I need to find him," Buffy said, rising from her seat, "Where's Faith?"

"Out hunting with Gunn," Willow answered.

"Don't tell her Angel might not be so good," she said, her eyes dead serious, "I don't want him staked before we get to the bottom of this."

"I thought you trusted her now," Tara said.

"I'm working on that," Buffy said, heading towards the door, "But I'm not taking any chances."


i never avert my eyes, i never compromise, so never mind the poetry

Riley woke to find himself chained to the wall in what looked to be a small apartment and in front of him was a very large vampire, leaning casually back in an armchair.

"Where are we?" Riley asked, groaning at the sound of his own voice slamming bullets into his pounding head.

"My old apartment," Angel answered, wiping dust of the arm of his chair, "Been gone for a while."

"What are you planning to do? Kill me? Torture me? Buffy may not love me, but I don't think she'd be okay with this."

"You might have been The Slayer's lapdog, God knows you don't have a mind of your own, but me - I'm just fine with doing things my way," Angel said, lazily hauling himself from the chair.

"I knew you were evil. Great acting job, by the way," Riley sneered.

"Oh, I think you're confused," Angel said, pulling a knife from his pocket and twirling the blade on his index finger, "I'm not evil. I'm just getting revenge on the fucker who touched my mate."

"Your mate?" Riley asked incredulously, "You've got to be kidding me! You talk like she belongs to you."

"She does belong to me boy," Angel said, taking a step closer, "And by the end of the night, you'll understand that."

Riley watched Angel's eyes closely. A soldier taught to observe all things in a battle situation, he knew lucidity could be easily ascertained by the eyes. That worked well for humans - demons, however, were a completely different story. Angel's eyes were dilating and undilating so slowly, it was almost too subtle to notice. Almost. What wasn't subtle was the color of them. They were shifting from brown to gold to blue and back again like slides in a projector. Anger and possessiveness shot out from them and nowhere inside his glare was mercy or sanity. Riley slowly realized that he was going to die.

"She...she doesn't belong to you, Angel," Riley said, "You're crazy. Look at yourself. Do you really think this won't upset Buffy?"

"She'll get over you," Angel whispered cruelly, "I'll wipe her tears away. Won't take long for her to forget about you completely."

"She'll never forgive you," Riley warned, feeling his hands begin to shake.

"You'd be surprised of what Buffy is capable of forgiving me for," Angel said, stepping closer once more until he was foot away from him. He took the knife and made one sweeping, shallow slice down Riley's face, watching the blood jump to the surface with pleasure.

"So you're going to torture me first, huh?" Riley asked with mock bravado.

"Of course. Guess she didn't tell you quite enough about me."

"I know what I need to know."


"Yes," Riley said, with hate streaming from his eyes at the vampire who took his love and was about to take his life,"Whether I live or die, we both lose her."


but there's nothing like looking at your own history in the faces of your friends

"Spike," the leader said, pivoting at the blonde vampire who dissolved from the shadows at the sound of his name, "We've been waiting for you to join us."

"I didn't come to join you," he said with a set jaw and even more settled anger.

"Yes, you did," came a purr from the corner. Spike turned his head and froze. A familiar mix of hate, love and fear crept over his muscular body. He didn't move or speak. He couldn't.