When the Sun Never Rises

Part 5

indie and tango


“Aren’t you going to scream for me?” Willow asked in her soft, lilting little girl voice. She ran her freshly lacquered nail down the trembling human’s chest. “I like it when you scream.” The human merely whimpered and Willow stepped back with a frown. She crossed her arms over her chest, her vision darting between the chained human male and the wall of “tools”.

“And I like it when you scream.”

Willow swiveled around, a dark smile lighting her lips as she looked at the gorgeous creature lounging in the doorway. “Angelus,” she purred.

Angelus walked into the room, his gait absolutely primal and predatory. He gave a cursory glance around Willow’s playroom. He’d been here many times before, finding pleasure immeasurable in watching her torture sniveling humans until she was coated with blood and gore. Then he’d fuck her unconscious on one of the tool-lined tables.

But for the first time, those memories did not give him pleasure. His vision fell on one of the humans, a young woman, painfully thin and dirty, huddling in the corner. Her mousy blonde locks were matted and gnarled. Her meager clothing barely covered her body. Angelus found he could not look at her without thinking of Buffy. He turned his head away in disgust. He was here today for the express purpose of banishing Buffy from his mind.

Snarling with determination, he yanked Willow by the arm and pulled her against his chest. He kept his fingers digging painfully into her upper arms, holding her an inch off the floor. The thought of what he had become made him furious. A tortured human was making him feel bad? Next thing you know, he’d be collecting change for victims of vampire attacks, for fuck’s sake. He kissed Willow brutally, deliberately nicking her mouth with his fangs.

He slowly licked her blood off of his lips. She tasted like shit. She was cold and hard, where Buffy was soft and tepid. Her blood had that reptilian tinge where Harker blood was mystical and warm. He glanced over her shoulder to look at the human again, starving to death and bleeding all over the floor.

“Have you been a good little girl, Willow?” he asked. She blinked at him for a second. Willow was evil and enjoyed pain, as well as healthy doses of torture, especially from Angelus, but usually he worked up to this.

“In a rage today, are we, Angelus?” she purred. Growling angrily, he tossed her across the room like a Raggedy Ann doll, but she hopped up cheerfully. Her vampiric reaction to being abused only pissed him off more. She ran across and slammed into him, forcing his body to the floor. When he landed on his back, Willow straddled him and ground her leather clad crotch against his.

“Gonna take me for a ride?” she asked, purring. Not waiting for an answer, she went to work on his belt and pants to free his erect cock. She sighed happily once he was in her hands and grinned when she felt him jump in her cool grasp.

His expression was cold and hard, but so was his body. He lay still as she worked the leather down his hips. Neither of them was feeling patient and with their combined strength, they tore the leather from her body. She sank down on his cock, nearly purring in pleasure as she rode him.

Angelus’ jaw muscles flexed harder and he stared at the ceiling as his fingers bit into her hips, slamming her down on him. Willow complied, riding him harder, faster. One of her perfect, red fingers insinuated itself between her legs and it was mere moments before she was spasming around his cock. Angelus felt Willow’s release, but once again, it did not give him pleasure. While she was still quaking, he flipped her over onto the floor, rolling her onto her stomach. “Up,” he demanded tersely.

Willow dutifully lifted herself up onto her knees. It was not in her nature to be submissive, but she had learned long ago that sometimes it was worth it. A hard fuck from Angelus was most certainly worth a modicum of capitulation.

Angelus slammed into her, his hips pounding against hers, fighting for the release he was suspecting he would not be able to achieve. This was wrong, all wrong. Willow was so cold, her body well used. This room reeked of death and pain. He couldn’t block out the whimpers of the pathetic human girl in the corner.

“Fuck!” Angelus growled, shoving Willow forward, sending her naked body scraping across the cold, stone floor. With a sound of disgust, he rose to his feet and stalked across the room. He grabbed the human girl by the hair, pulling her to her feet and shoving her against the wall, face first. He tore the dress from her body and wasted no time burying himself in her tight, hot body. She screamed in pain, but he ignored it. Leaning forward, he sank his fangs into her neck, glutting himself on her hot, thick blood as he finally found release in her body.

Moments later, he dropped her violated corpse to the floor, staring at it with growing horror. He backed away slowly, efficiently tucking himself back in his pants. He turned and found Willow, still nude, her body covered with scrapes and grime, staring at him. She was obviously furious, but confused as well. Angelus merely smirked at her before striding out of the room. Let her think this was some mind game he was playing with her and not a product of his own sickening weakness.

Willow watched him go and then meticulously made her way around the room, snapping the necks of all her human toys. No one would know that she had been spurned this day for a lowly human cunt.


Angelus was beside himself with confusion and sickness that started in his head and extended through his entire body. What the hell had Buffy done to him? He brought her food, adored her soft little cries of ecstasy and her breathy moans like he was a lower class demon. He was having the most disgusting human thoughts about romantic liaisons with his Harker and asking the Watcher questions about how to save her! Now he couldn’t stand that Willow was tormenting humans? He had watched her sexy body being covered with blood from her playtimes for over a thousand years and never once felt a twinge of anything except amusement and pleasure.

Angelus strode into his bedroom and walked through the adjoining rooms only to find that Buffy was gone, as he suspected she would be. He was partially relieved he didn’t have to see that sad look on her face for what happened in the shower that morning. His mind wandered towards the young woman he had raped and killed that afternoon. What would his sexy little Harker think of him if she knew about that? Would she be glad that he couldn’t cum inside the cold body of one of his oldest lovers? Would she desire him nearly as much to find that the young human girl’s first fuck became her last?

Snarling, he stalked through his house to the library and once again opened the box, pulling the Watcher out roughly. Giles grimaced in pain but said nothing. It didn’t take an expert of vampiric lore and a leader of The Watcher’s Council to see that the vampire was teetering on the edge. The wild look in his yellow eyes calmed when Giles had the good sense to be afraid.

“Tell me how to save her!” Angel demanded. “Tell me how to avert my power to one of the sniveling underlings licking the Master’s toes!”

“You cannot,” Giles answered in a choked voice. “You know well, Angelus, that the only way to save her life is defile her and bring upon us the day.”

“You’re useless!” Angelus roared at the Watcher. He shook him violently reveling in the sound of his rattling teeth. “Me or her, is that it?” he demanded. “All these years in your box and you cannot think of one way to make this right?”

When he struck Giles for the first time, Buffy was just making her way back into the house. She darted toward the sound, gathering up her robes in her fists to give her better mobility. By the time she reached the library, Giles was bleeding profusely from the temple and was coughing up blood on the floor.

“NO!” Buffy screamed. She ran toward Giles and threw herself in front of the older man to protect him from Angelus’ rage.

“Move yourself,” Angelus snarled, “or I will move you. He belongs to me and I’ll break him if I want.”

“Please Angelus,” Buffy begged softly, pleading with her eyes wide and brimming with tears. She reached out and grabbed his bloody hand, holding it gently between her own. “Please. I’ll…I’ll do anything if you spare him.”

Angelus raised a brow. “Anything?”

“Yes,” she said, a small sob issuing from her lips. She turned back to Giles. He couldn’t take much more of this. “Please.”


Angelus growled the whole time he was forced to wait while Buffy tended to that man’s wounds. He watched the two of them carefully from across the room, partially to make sure she didn’t try to help the man escape and partially because he hated waiting. She acted like she couldn’t hear his irritated growls and carefully cleaned and bandaged Giles’ wounds. If that wasn’t enough, she found him food, water and fresh clothes. When she tried to put blankets and pillows in his box, Angelus roared in irritation. He tossed Giles back in his box, clamped on the lock and tossed Buffy over his shoulder.

Angelus tossed her on the bed and glared at her for a moment. “You’re pretty damn pleased with yourself aren’t you?” He snarled.

“I’m pleased with you,” she said quietly, a small smile on her face. She looked up at him with a demure expression that nearly knocked him off his feet. She was so beautiful, even for a human. Warmth coiled through him and he released it in a snarl.

“*You’re* pleased with *me*?” He growled. He grabbed her shoulders and lifted her so that she was eye level with him. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Thank you for letting me take care of his wounds,” Buffy said quietly. “Now I’m prepared to meet my end of the bargain.”

Angelus scowled, but he could feel his demonic visage fade away as it always did in her presence. He pushed her away, watching her tumble back in the pillows. "Big words considering you have no idea what I might find a fair trade," he said darkly.

Buffy swallowed thickly, but squared her shoulders, lifting her chin. "I'm not afraid of you," she said brashly.

Growling deep in his throat, Angelus crawled onto the bed, over her body. She shrank back in the pillows, staring up at him. "You should be," he hissed. He bared his blood-covered teeth to her. She paled and retreated further. "I killed a girl today," he told her silkily. He leaned forward, pressing his mouth to her temple. He breathed in her scent, his cock rising in response. "I pushed her against a wall and fucked her. I drank her dry as I came inside her," he whispered. One of his hands toyed with one of Buffy's long, blonde curls. "You know why?"

He pulled back so he could see her face. "Because she reminded me of you," he replied.

Buffy cleared her throat softly, never breaking eye contact. "You want to kill me?" she asked quietly.

"No," he said. "I want to fuck you. The fact that I want to fuck you makes me want to kill you on principle."

"That's not my fault," she said haughtily.

"It isn't?" he asked. "And what exactly did you think you were doing when you licked my cum off your fingers this morning?"

She licked her lips unconsciously at the memory. "I just wanted to know what you tasted like," she replied. "You got to taste me."

Angelus groaned, burying his face against her breasts. Her fingers automatically came up to twine through his hair as her legs wrapped around his back. "You're going to find out what I taste like," he said.

"Is that my price for Giles' safety?" she asked. She made it sound so damned erotic that Angelus was afraid he could come from her words alone. "Do I have to taste you?"

"Yes," he hissed.

"Good," she replied, urging him to roll over.

Angelus screwed his eyes shut, but did as she wished. His cock twitched painfully as she reached for the fly of his leather pants. She took him in her hands carefully, in a sort of wonderment and when her warm hands first came in contact with his erect cock, he groaned in pleasure. The sweet scent of her arousal reached his nostrils almost immediately and he closed his eyes tightly. She didn’t fear him or what she was about to do, but relished in it.

She tossed her blonde locks to one side and leaned down, hovering over him for a second. Tentatively, she snaked her tongue out to lick the tip, tasting the pre-ejaculate glistening there. She took her time in her exploration of him and felt none of the fear or debasement she had felt in the shower with him so many times. She eagerly licked and nibbled the underside of his shaft, and then showered him with wet, lusty kisses that had him growling and gripping the headboard.

Angelus was not a vampire known for his patience, but he said nothing as she discovered every inch of him. He fought not to grab a handful of those silky blonde locks and shove her into his lap as he had to many humans before. He did breathe a sigh of relief, however, when her hot mouth finally covered the head of his cock. She swirled her tongue around the tip and delighted in the gurgled growls that came from him. Closing her eyes, she plunged down on him as far as she could, judging her success by the sounds that came from him and the lifting of his hips.

Angelus was in exquisite torture as she took in only half of his length, moving up and down in a slow agonizing rhythm. Gritting his teeth, he carefully lowered one hand to her jaw and whispered, “Relax your jaw, Buffy.” He closed his eyes and lightly trailed his fingers just below her jaw line. “Yesss,” he growled, “Now take more. More.”

He cursed his own inability to hurt her, but not nearly as much as his desire to never see pain in her eyes. He wanted to want her fear and her pain, but he simply did not. He encouraged her, teaching her what he liked and how he wanted her to touch him and she was an apt pupil. She increased the speed of her strokes until he was roaring in release. He spilled his cool seed into her throat with his fingers entwined in her hair.

He watched, catching his unneeded breath, as she straightened up, licking her lips. It was the most glorious sight he had ever beheld. His softening flesh hardened again and need burned through his veins. With a growl, he tumbled her back on the bed, hiking up her long skirts. "Spread your legs, baby," he rumbled.

Buffy complied instantly. She gasped as his mouth found the damp, heated flesh between her legs. He licked and suckled her with abandon. Gods, she was so hot and wet, wet from her enjoyment of sucking his cock. How had he lived this long without her? She keened, her hips thrusting against him, searching for the relief she knew he could provide. He purred low in his throat, stabbing his tongue into her heated channel, wishing vainly that he could take her the way he wanted, feel her writhing on his cock as they came together.

But he couldn't take her that way. Ever. She had to remain a virgin in order to be a suitable sacrifice. Defiling her would mean more than just their own deaths. It would mean the death of their entire way of life. It would mean the end of the High Court's reign. Vampires would once again be forced into the shadows and the plague of humanity would be free to spread across the face of the earth.


Angelus was disgusted with himself and with Buffy. He couldn’t fuck her, he couldn’t claim her as his mate and he certainly couldn’t keep her alive. All the power and control he had as a high lord, second only to the Master, and he was fumbling around like a child in the dark with a little blonde human. When he woke in the morning and found himself wrapped around her, clinging to her, he snarled in protest.

For the first time weeks, he showered alone. He didn’t request food for her and he certainly didn’t wake her up with kisses and snuggles. He did yearn for her though and it just pissed him off more. He immediately forced himself into game face at the thought of climbing back into bed with her. He dressed and left his house as soon as possible, leaving her sleeping in his giant bed alone, then he sought out the nearest Renfield servant and ripped out his delicate throat.

It didn’t make him feel better. It made him feel worse. He went to the exclusive bar that allowed only members of the High Council and drank himself into a stupor, but that ended seconds after Willow walked in the bar. She bared her teeth at him and let out a violent snarl as he brushed past her to leave.

A rigid fury crept over him as he reached the door. He was running from a woman? A lower member of the Drakuhl caste? Growling, he turned around and caught up with her, grabbing her neck and squeezing until she cried out.

“You will remember your place, bitch,” he said angrily before slamming her against the nearest wall. He was not aroused at the notion of hurting her as he normally would have and he knew she would notice him not grinding his stiff cock against her leather clad ass to make his point as he always would have done before.

“You’re weak,” she snarled back. Her voice was soft enough to not be overheard. They both knew that they were trembling on a delicate line. “Your power is diminishing and I will take your place next to the Master.”

“I’ll rip off your head and dance in your dust before you can accomplish the task, sweet little Willow, but not before everyone knows what a horrible fuck you’ve become.” He tore into her neck, shoving her harder against the wall. When she was weakened, he let her go and watched as she dropped. Seeing her in pain and lying on the floor was the first moment of enjoyment he experienced since he left Buffy’s side.

He left her there and stalked out, ignoring the curious looks of his fellow Council members. He could give a fuck what they thought and to prove he felt as much disdain for his Harker lover, he grabbed a human servant on his way out. He carried her easily back to his home, tossed over his shoulder. He searched the house to find Buffy gone and chained the servant to the end of his bed where she used to lay, picked a bottle out of his bar and drank it silently, waiting for her return.


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