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Dark fic. AU. Buffy's a burnout. Angel's a grad student at UCLA. Co-written with indie.
AU B/A Co-written with indie. Angel is a cop and Buffy is a prostitute.
AU, B/A NC-17. Co-written with indie. Buffy and Angel have grown up together and now live in the same apartment building.

AU, B/A NC-17. Co-written with indie. Buffy's a pop princess and Angel's in a death metal band.

NOTE: This fic is not necessarily complete, but there will be no more installments to it. Read at your own risk.

B/A, NC-17.Welcome to a world where the vampire Higher Court rules all and the humans are kept as slaves and food. The only way to rise to a higher rank as an insipid human is to become a Renfield - a caste of higher humans, which only find their place underneath the lowest of the vampire line. Renfields are the families of the chosen Harkers - the girls who make up the bi-annual sacrifice made to keep the sun blotted out as it has been for over a thousand years.