Part Thirteen "Moving Parts"

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call me crazy but it really doesn't matter
all that matters to me is she
her life in a nutshell
no way would she want it to change me
it's not that easy cause
my time is often decided for me, for me

"So, let me get this straight," Gunn said, squinting into the sun at the baseball game ahead of him rather than looking at his friend, "She might possibly be pregnant and you don't care?"

"That came out wrong," Angel said, taking a bite of his hotdog. There was always something so much better about hotdogs when you get them at the ballpark. It must be some sort of process that's done to them there and nowhere else - unless, of course, the mind feels the need to compensate because you just spent 5 times more on this hotdog than you would for a whole package at the store, "I do care. Of course, I care. I'm just...not upset about it. I'm not panicking, that's what I'm saying."

"Alrighty then," Gunn said, nodding absently, "I have just one response to that."

"I'm listening."

"Either you marry her," Gunn threatened, "Or I'm taking you to rehab cause it's love or you're in some serious shit."

"I love her," he said, "I don't know how it happened."

"I wouldn't go spreading this around," Gunn said, with a grin, "It's already ruinin' your reputation."

"Another thing I really don't care about," Angel said seriously, "But don't tell anyone about the might be pregnant thing."

"I won't," Gunn said, "But I can't believe you're not freaking out. Remember the last time you had a scare? I thought we were going to have to administer first aid! The guys were arguing about who was going to tackle you and take you to the mental hospital."

"That was different."


"The girl," Angel said with a faraway smile, "She wasn't Buffy."

The grunt of half appreciation, half irritation coming from his friend was lost on Angel as he thought about the previous night and that morning. Strange as it was, he couldn't see a downside of having a child to share with Buffy. Not on his end anyway. He could almost see her round little belly and the glow that always radiated from pregnant women. His only worry really, was that she was worried. That thought alone made him wonder if Gunn should tackle him and cart him off to the closest place with nice people in clean white coats because he knew he was crazy for that girl.


i am crazy just like you
i am crazy just like you




"Yeah," Buffy sighed a second time, sinking into Willow's couch, which was the best thing about her apartment. They termed the massive and abhorrently ugly piece of furniture "The Couch of Slack" years ago because once you sat on it, you never wanted to get up again. When she talked it out of her mom after graduation, Buffy was incredibly envious that her friend had managed to finagle her parents out of it. It was the perfect centerpiece for long conversations and movie nights. If only they could find someone brave enough to attempt to reupholster the thing, it would be perfect.

"Are you okay?" Willow asked, leaning forward to look into her friend's eyes, or actually sinking forward, "I mean, what if you are pregnant?"

"I don't know," Buffy mused, wiggling as she slid further down, "I'm terrified and excited and freaked out, but somehow I know it's going to be okay, you know? Like, whatever happens, I think Angel will be there."

"What did he say?"

"Well, first he beat himself up about it," she said, smiling at the memory, "And then he was sweet and supportive. It was almost as if I had already told him I was pregnant. I was surprised he hadn't started buying nursery furniture."

"Really?" Willow asked, trying to imagine her friend's taciturn, dark and sexy boyfriend not flipping over the possibility of Buffy's possible predicament. She couldn't wrap her mind around it.

"Yeah. It was the strangest thing," she said, sighing, "And the most adorable. I guess we'll just wait and see what happens. Anyway, enough about me. How are you and Xander doing?"

"Good," Willow said, turning a bright shade of pink, "He's moving in."

"What?!! When?"

"This week," Willow exclaimed as if she had been trying to hold in that little piece of information for their entire visit and now she couldn't keep it down one more second, "He transferred his job here and I don't know. I think it's going to know...for good this time."

"He's really staying?" Buffy asked, feeling her eyes begin to tear up in happiness. She and Willow both had waited for this for so long, it almost seemed impossible now. Almost.


i wax poetic while you're waxing your legs
and you say you think there's a traitor among us
if all else fails, you can blame it on me.

"I knew you'd be back," Darla said when Riley Finn stormed into her apartment.

"I just came to make sure you understand that all bets are off," Riley said, helping himself to a chair in her living room and watched her with his cold blue eyes as she sauntered across the room and sat on the couch, "You need to stay away from Buffy. I don't care what happens to him but Buffy is out of this."

"You think you're driving here?" Darla answered with a throaty laugh, "That's amusing. You're just a little boy, Riley. You can't control me."

"I'm not going to sit back while you destroy the woman I love," he shouted angrily, "If I have to I will go to Angel and tell him everything. I'll tell him how you are the bitch who was behind all of Buffy's recent incidents."

"No, you won't."

"And why not?"

"Because you know if you do that, you lose Buffy. Forever. She'll never trust you again. She'll never even speak to you again. I'll make sure that they both know about your involvement in this."

"You conniving..." he started and then took a deep breath, "I'm willing to lose her just to make sure she's safe."

"No, you aren't."

"You have no idea what I'm capable of."

"That's my line, lover boy," she answered, "But it's okay, because the plan's changing. You'll like this one. It's the one where we both win."

"I'm not playing your mind games, Darla," he said, standing up, "You screw everything up and I'm the one who ends up sweeping up your carnage."

"If we play this right," Darla said with a smile that made him sit back down, "We'll both get what we want. Buffy will never trust Angel again when I'm done. Promise."

"Fill me in," Riley said angrily, "And this is your last chance."



i realized it's all my fault but couldn't tell you

Spike groaned with frustration when the phone rang and pulled Drusilla closer to his side. Every ring forced him further from the exhausted sleep he was in. When the answering machine picked up, he sighed thankfully and prepared to go back to sleep, until he heard Detective Kate Lockley's annoying female voice chime in, "Spike? Pick up. I know you're there."

"Don't you have a life, Kate?" Spike demanded as he picked up the phone with one hand, keeping his eyes closed.

"Listen," she said, "If you don't want me to involve Buffy and Angel in this investigation, then you're going to have to help me. We don't have enough evidence to even hold Darla for a night."

"I told you everything I know," he said, feeling his patience wearing thin. He looked down at Drusilla who had opened her bright eyes and was giving him that look. You know the look. The damn look that said he had to help straighten out the mess he had helped begin.

"Spike," she said quietly in that lilting morning voice that made his heart skip a beat. She didn't have to say anything else. He knew what she meant but he pressed the phone against his chest and looked down at her anyway.

"I told her everything, pet," he promised, "Everything. I even gave her pictures for crying out loud."

Drusilla shook her dark head sadly and started to sit up in bed. Whenever she touched him she felt the darkness. The visions of upcoming disaster were getting worse and she knew that if he didn't do something, she would never be able to touch him without that contemptible feeling inside her. He reached out and seized her arm, pulling her back into bed as he raised the phone back to his ear.

"What the bloody hell do you need me to do?"

"Glad you're on board," Kate said sternly.

"Whatever," he snapped back, "Let's get on with it, then, shall we?"


what a pretty girl

Buffy, despite the challenge, was able to extract herself from Willow's couch and head back to her apartment to prepare for her date with Angel. Date. The word had an innocent Willow-esque quality to it, as did her giddiness. She turned on the stereo and danced around the apartment as she showered and dressed. She felt as if the air was lighter today than yesterday and the night was slightly more romantic than it had ever been.

She looked in the mirror at the finished product and asked herself again what Angel loved about her. It almost didn't matter. The feeling was so engulfing and purely marvelous, it ate away her questions or doubts. She straightened her dress and adjusted her hair a final time as she heard him knocking on the door - or actually, banging since her music was up so loud. She hurried through the apartment to get to the door and stopped short when he stepped inside, holding his keys.

"I didn't think you heard me," he said, fidgeting with his keys for a second before slipping them in his pocket.

"You used your key," she said, grinning at him.

"Well, you gave me one," he stammered, "And I knocked, but the music...God, you're beautiful."

"So are you," she said, looking over him hungrily.

He crossed the room and kissed her gently, plucking sweets from her red lips. He looked over her again, from the top of her upswept hair, leaving the sexy arch of her neck bare, down her toned legs to her little feet. The dress was form fitting and left irresistible cleavage there that begged him to kiss it. He held in the urge to take her to bed instead of taking her out and smiled.

"Ready, gorgeous?"


but now it seems all that people want is what i used to be,
and every time i try to do something new,
all they want is...

Dinner was exquisite and Buffy almost felt like he was trying to seduce her even though he was well aware that she would sleep with him again...and again. It's interesting how much they learned about each other just over a meal. Everything from the doors he opened for her to the way he sat in his chair, told her volumes about him. He reached across the table from time to time, caressing her fingers for a moment as if he had forgotten how her skin felt. Every touch came just in time to quell her own urge to touch him.

They memorized each other's faces, loving the chance to be able to stare without cause for remorse. The way their lips moved and formed the words, the way they ate and drank - everything was something new without being new at all.

Their evening walk to the club several blocks away was just another part of the dreamland he was wrapping her in. It was perfect. When they passed through the doors, she gaped at the people there, stunned by the amount of skin and beauty flashing before her eyes. They were all dressed for show, moving their bodies to the beat that pulsed through the room.

Angel checked over his date for her approval rating and was relieved to see her beaming smile returned. He wasn't sure if she would like this sort of place and more nerve racking was the thought that he might run into one of his ex-lovers there. It was a step he knew he had to take. He had to accept the fact that other women from his life before Buffy were going to appear from time to time.

He hated to dance. That was the other thing. Previously, the only reason to even set foot on a dance floor was to hold a hot body close to his. Now, he was dancing, or more like swaying, for much the same reason. He wanted to see her move to music, wanted to feel her move against him. She teased him, moving her small hands over his back, lightly scraping her fingertips in lustful trails on his chest. He forgot to glance around for exes. All he saw in the room was the tiny blonde in front of him.

Buffy was lost in the music and in Angel's arms, not even noticing that he barely danced or that angry glares of other women were burning into her from all around the room. He made up for his nonexistent dance steps in arms, hands and lips. He kissed the nape of her neck as she smoothed her back against his chest, smoothing his hands over her hips and belly. Innocent touches, small grazes of flesh on flesh were intoxicating and delicious.

Buffy was covered in a fine sheen of sweat when she decided to find the bathroom, weaving around the crush of equally hot and sweaty bodies. She stood in the long line outside of the ladies room, thinking Angel would probably send out a search party before she was able to get back to him.

As she was washing her hands, a striking redheaded woman with milky white skin and delicate features walked up behind her, hands on her narrow hips. Buffy, lost in her world of happy, nearly crashed into the girl when she spun around.

"Oh, excuse me," Buffy said, with a breathless half giggle, "I'm sorry."

"You're here with Angel?" the girl demanded, cutting right to the chase.

"Yes," Buffy answered.

"So, you're her," the redhead said sneering.


"The girl who thinks she took Angel off the market. I hope you don't really think he's going to stick around. What could you possibly offer a man like him?"

"Excuse me," Buffy said angrily, stepping around her and heading toward the door. She whipped around when Angel's ex-lover grabbed her arm. Yanking down hard, she removed her arm from the girl's grip, "Don't touch me."

"You may have him pussy whipped," she said, "But he'll be back in the field. I give him a week. Tops. You're just a little distraction."

"Get over him," Buffy said as she turned toward the door once more, "And do yourself a favor. Stay away from him."

Buffy proudly strutted from the bathroom, passing the long line of women standing in wait for an empty stall. She wanted to look over her shoulder to see if the girl was behind her, but couldn't dignify the bitch with that. Instead, she kept her eyes forward, not even allowing herself a glance to the side. She didn't want to see the other pretty girls who could have been in Angel's bed as recently as a couple of months before.

Reminding herself that he loved her, that he didn't want the other women, she nearly smacked into in a large body blocking damn near half the room. She looked up at him, her eyes traveling up a mountainous amount of muscle to reach his eyes.

"Excuse me," she said, thinking that must be the phrase for the night.

"You look like you could use some company," he said, slipping a giant paw to her hip.

"No," she answered, shaking her head, "I'm here with someone but thanks."

She slipped away, hurrying in any direction that he was not and scanned the crowd for Angel. She found him after a few moments, standing by the bar as he had promised talking to none other than that redheaded girl. What the hell? Did she vault across the room to him? Buffy made her way over and plastered herself to Angel's side.

"Hi baby," she said to Angel before glaring at the redhead.

"Hey love," he said, kissing her before turning back to the fuming female, "This is Brenda. You remember she left a message on the answering machine the other day?"

"Sorry we didn't answer," Buffy said with a cold smile, "We were busy. I'm sure you understand."

"Well, Angel," Brenda said, ignoring Buffy completely, "I hope you'll call me soon. A couple of the girls and I were just talking about how much we miss seeing you."

"That's nice," he said with a polite smile, "I don't really have a lot of time lately. Nice seeing you."

He guided Buffy away from her and looked down to see the expected irritation waiting for him.

"I think I really, really hate her," Buffy said through gritted teeth.

"I really love you," he said, "And I don't give a shit about her. Do you want to go?"

"No," Buffy said, moving closer and tipping her head up, "I want to give them all a little show."

"A show?" he asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"Umhmmm," she said, kissing his neck, "I want them all to know that you're mine now."

"I am yours," he said, smoothing his hands over her back.

"Good," she said, grinding her hips against his. He leaned down, kissing her full on the lips and slipping his tongue inside her mouth as she parted her lips for him.

"Very good," he growled, palming her ass as he pulled her closer to him before kissing her again.


Part Fourteen "The Others"

RATING: NC-17!!!


i never thought i'd be regretful of all my past success

Buffy wanted to claim him, wanted to mark her territory in front of all the women who were vying for his attention. As much as she was lost in those deep brown eyes, she could feel his ex-lovers staring, burning into her. She knew they were there, flinging silent insults at her. His hands moved on her body, sliding easily over the material of her dress, slipping to her arms, contacting with her flesh, making her shiver with delight. She kissed him, pulling his tongue into her mouth, sucking on it gently. He tasted so good, as if he kept a vial of lust on the tip of his tongue.

"Let's go," he whispered huskily against her mouth, his breath sweeping over her moist lips. He couldn't wait to get out of the line of fire, to move his lover to safer quarters. He felt slightly guilty because tonight had been more than just a date. He wanted her to see where he used to go, the things he used to do and who he used to do it with. He expected a run in with one or two of his former lovers but the room was freezing from the tension. Angel didn't like how they were looking at her, hating her, trying to make her less than she was. In fact, it made him angry. He couldn't believe the battling emotions that raged inside him and against him, batting around the large club. Her attempt to show the other women that they had lost seemed like a great idea for the first couple of minutes until it occurred to him that he would have done this with any woman he was with. He didn't want them to pile her with the others. She didn't belong there.

"Okay," she said, kissing him one more time as he intertwined his fingers with hers. As they headed for the door, he pulled her hand up to his mouth and kissed her slender fingers, relishing in her smile. He wondered if she would always have that innocence about her, that blushing happiness that he had never seen in a grown woman. There was a glow, a sort of aura of goodness and light. As they headed toward the door, he realized that he had been mistaken when he thought his ex-lovers could reduce to her their level. It just wasn't possible.

That's when he stopped, not paying attention to who was around him or where he was in the room. She stopped as well, looking at him curiously.

"What's wrong, Angel?" she asked, the corners of her mouth twitching as if she wasn't sure if it was okay to smile or not.

"I love you," he said clearly, raising his voice slightly to make it over the music, looking intently into her eyes. His felt this swelling inside his chest, as if his heart could explode at any moment. Those three words seemed so inadequate for what he was feeling. They fell short of the emotions raging inside him.

"I love you too," she said, allowing the smile sweep across her face and brighten her eyes.


a dance remix, so i can catch the latest trend

Outside the door, he left her in the large, capable hands of the bouncer at the front door while he went to get the car. The man was massive, sitting on a barstool outside the door with a hard gleam in his eye as he eyed the ID of each person entering the club. She felt like a child left in the hands of a giant. Angel was not a small man, but the bouncer was enormous, looking like he had stumbled in from another planet. Buffy giggled a bit at the look the bouncer gave her when Angel left and he shook his bald head.

"He's a little overprotective," Buffy explained with a twinkle in her eye, watching Angel walk away to get the car. She stared at his ass, encased in those heavenly leather pants and parted her lips to take in a breath, before she was brought back to earth by the bouncer's reply.

"He never was before," he answered, handing an ID back to the next person in line. He glanced down at the petite blond to his right, thinking she didn't belong in a place like that. He understood why Angel liked her though. She was breathtaking and fresh with perfect skin that must be silk to the touch.

"Love makes you do the wacky," Buffy said with a happy sigh, leaning against the wall, oblivious to his inspection of her.

"Love, huh?" the bouncer said with a smirk as he accepted the next ID. He knew Angel. He didn't know him well but he had seen him come in and out of this place with many different women over the years. Hell, some nights he left with more than one. He wasn't best friends with the guy but he was pretty sure the word "love" wasn't in his vocabulary.

"Oh, don't worry," Buffy said, patting his large, bulky shoulder, "I know all about his past."

"No offense, honey," he answered, feeling oddly protective of the little blonde himself, "But you seem a little naive."

"Sure," she said, "I am naive, but I'm not stupid. When was the last time Angel went to get the car and asked you to watch out for a girl?"

"Uh...never, actually."

"That's what I thought," she said, giving him a little wink as Angel pulled up to the curb and jogged around the car to open the door. The bouncer looked on, ignoring the line of people for a moment as Angel made sure she got safely inside the car and leaned through the window to kiss her deeply, almost reverently, before circling the car again. He glanced up at the bouncer before he stepped in the car, giving him a nod of appreciation. Love? Well, he guessed anything was possible.


she made me feel i was fourteen again

"My place or yours?" Angel asked with a mischievous grin.

"Mine," she answered, returning his smile and scooting across the seat to be closer to him, "We haven't made love there yet."

"Okay," he said, glancing in his rearview mirror and found that one of Gunn's men was tailing them, but discreetly, keeping back as much as possible. He drove slowly, enjoying the drive until she absently placed one of her tiny hands on his thigh. He reached down and took her hand in his, squeezing gently. He couldn't believe that the tiniest touch would make him so aroused. Buffy Summers had no idea how she effected him - such power in such a small person. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, willing her not to look down. Of course, she did and her eyes widened when she noticed the growing bulge in the front of his leather pants.

"You're the one who brought up making love," he explained after a moment of silence, knowing he was busted. He had always been easily aroused, looking forward to a roll in the hay, but his new lover had the strangest effect on him. Just seeing her made him rock hard. Actually, thinking about her did that too. As time went on, he was able to control it...slightly, but not completely.

"Guess I did," she said, pulling their clasped hands to her mouth. She kissed his fingertips and knuckles as he struggled to concentrate on the road. Tentatively, she kissed the tip of his index finger before taking it in her mouth and sucking on it gently, swirling her tongue around it.

"God, Buffy," he gasped, "We're not going to make it home if you keep...doing that."

"Doing what?" she asked in feigned surprise.

"If we weren't being followed, I'd pull over and show you what I mean," he said in a low velvety voice, strained with need.

"Really?" she asked suggestively. Angel snuck a glance over at her just in time to see her tongue slip between her lips and tease the pads of his fingers.

"God," he groaned, shifting in his seat again, "I might have to rethink the leather pants in the future."

"Don't you dare," she warned, sliding her free hand up his thigh, "I love you in these."

"They turn you on?" he asked in a rasped voice, genuinely curious. He knew what effect they had on other women and had hoped that Buffy would feel the same way. The thought of her wanting him, enjoying an article of clothing, made his hard cock strain even more.

"Yes," she answered in a voice just above a whisper, but loud enough for him to hear.


but if you want it, girl, you've got it
it's all right here

Angel pressed Buffy against the side of the car once they got out and kissed her hard on the mouth, addicted to the taste of her. He loved the way her kisses started out shy and tentative, gaining boldness and momentum as they went along. He enjoyed the feel of her fingertips, slipping through his hair or sliding over his back. He took her hand and led her to her apartment, using his key to open the door. He yanked the door open and tossed his keys aside, not knowing or caring where they landed as he pressed her small body against the door to capture her lips again.

He slipped the spaghetti straps off of her shoulders and removed her strapless bra, tossing it aside in much the same fashion as he tossed his keys, kissing her neck and shoulder, sliding his tongue along her clavicle. She shivered as he moved down cupping her breasts with his large hands before lowering his head to lick and nibble on them. It didn't take him long to learn that she adored his concentration on her breasts. She moaned when he took one of her hard nipples between his teeth, pulling at it while pinching her other nipple between his fingers.

He knew he should move her away from the door and into the bedroom, but it seemed too far to travel. He pushed away the offending material of her dress and kissed along her abdomen, nipping, sucking and licking her skin while she warmed and stirred against that hard wooden door. He was thrilled she hadn't worn nylons as kissed along the waistband of her panties. He pressed his fingers into her sopping wet heat through the silk material, feeling her shudder and breathe more heavily. Slipping them down and off, he pulled one of her well formed legs over his shoulder, slightly more excited that she still wore her high heeled shoes.

"So beautiful," he murmured as her sex was open and bared to his gaze, gleaming with her arousal and emitting the glorious fragrance of lust.

"Shouldn't" Buffy stammered, a little nervous by his admiring gaze at her sex. She released a ragged groan as he licked her from top to bottom.

"Want to taste you now," he said, his voice rugged and guttural, "You good."

She sagged against the door as he lapped at her, snaking his tongue between her dripping folds and circling around her clit until she panted for more. One finger entered her as he licked and sucked, finally settling on her swollen nub. As he sucked it in between his lips, taking a hard pull and swiping at it with his tongue, she came, nearly sobbing with pleasure. He caught her as her knees buckled, flipping her other leg over his shoulder, drinking her escaping juices while her thighs pressed against his cheeks.

Finally, he released her and laid her down on the floor in the entry way. Still fully dressed, he bent to kiss her before he quickly shed his clothes and nestled between her thighs. He rubbed the tip of his cock over her wet pussy, delighting in her moans as he came in contact with her clit.

"Angel," she cried, "Please. Now."

He reached into his jacket for a condom and tore it open, rolling it over his throbbing cock quickly and expertly. Finally, he entered her, moving in and out in an even rhythm. She thrust back up to meet him, slamming her slender hips against his. He lifted her legs and tossed them over his shoulders and pressed down. She gasped as he moved even deeper inside her, hitting her most sensitive spot with every thrust from this new angle. She stretched around him, feeling as if she was on fire inside as he nudged her toward the edge. She nearly screamed as his large, hard cock slammed into her again and again. When her climax arrived, she came with his name tearing from her lips.


um, i wouldn't mind riding you bareback

Buffy and Angel finally made it to her bed. Her swollen lips, tousled hair and flushed skin made him hard again before they got to her room and he smiled at her blush when she realized he wanted more. He was insatiable. The way his large hands caressed her skin, making every part of her inch closer and beg for more was enough for her to feel that fire burning low in her belly again.

He turned out the light and watched her for a moment, outlined in the moonlight as she slipped off her shoes, kicking them away into a dark place in the room. She was so perfectly beautiful and ravishing and his. She bent over the bed to pull back the bedspread and sheet and he moved behind her. His cock was pressing against her ass as his hands moved over her hips and over the graceful arch of her back. She tensed immediately. Flipping the covers aside, she straightened afraid that he was already thinking about entering her beautifully rounded ass. He smoothed his hands over her stomach as he kissed behind her ear and down her neck.

"Don't worry, love," he said, feeling the tension in her limbs, "I would never do anything you don't want me to."

"I know," she whispered.

"Do you?" he asked, turning her around to face him. She nodded slowly, looking a bit uncertain, "Baby, I love you. If you say no to anything I will always stop. I only take what you give."

"Some things...are...just..."

"I know, love," he whispered, kissing her lightly and then more deeply until her tension eased away. He laid back on the bed and pulled her on top of him. He guided her to straddle him, enjoying the sight of her slender leg swinging over his hips.

"Do you like it when-"

"A woman's on top?" he asked, with a half smile, looking out at her with dark, lusty eyes.


"Yes," he echoed, "What do you like? What do you want?"

She blushed furiously, unsure of how to answer and keeping herself from touching him as she hovered over his muscled body. He took her hand and wrapped it around his thick cock, encasing her small hand with his own.

"It's okay to touch me, Buffy," he said, speaking with difficulty and arching slightly as he moved her hand over his turgid length, "Just tell me what you want."

"I can't just tell you," she said in a low voice that wasn't really meant to be sexy but was.

"Why not?" he asked, moving his hand off of hers to slip his fingers into her moist opening, "It's just us. Me and you, love. I would deny you nothing. All you have to say it...or do it."

Lowering his voice to carnal rumble, he continued, "Do you want me to touch you until you come into my hands? I can slide down and bury my face between your thighs. I love the way you quiver beneath my lips. Or do you want to slide my cock into your perfect, wet pussy? You feel so good. Tell me, lover. Tell me what you want."

"Inside me," she whispered, tracing his cock with her fingers, excited by his description of the possibilities. Little did she know, there were more. Many, many more. He nodded and unwrapped a condom. He helped her put it on him and then waited as she moved forward and positioned him against her. He felt her hands shaking and caressed her body all over to calm her.

"You're in control," he said, using all his will power not to move up and bury himself in her slick, tight channel. She moved down slowly, finally gracing him with her wet heat. He groaned in satisfaction, silently begging her to ride him long and hard. She began moving, gasping at how differently this position felt as she glided up slowly and pressed back down again, filling herself completely with him.

"What do you want?" she asked in little panting breaths.

"This is about you, baby," he answered, "Your pleasure is what's important now."

She leaned down to kiss him and moaned as she shifted inside her. Her chest contacted with his, her erect nipples scraping against his skin. He moaned with her as she began moving faster over him, rotating her hips ever so slightly, bucking him in deeper. She braced her hands on his chest, splaying her fingers and barely spanning him as she rode him until she came, her inner muscles fluttering around him.

She stopped her movements, feeling him still hard inside her. He looked up into her eyes, burning desire crossing the space between their faces. He gritted his teeth and waited, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her hips.

"What do you want?" she asked again when her shudders of ecstasy passed.

"Keep. Moving. Please," he asked, nearly begging her. She rose and fell on him and he began rising to meet her.

"Harder," he gasped, "Please, love, harder."

She slammed down, grunting as he burned in and out, sliding against her inner walls, filling her completely. He watched her breasts moving over him and reached up to touch them, sweeping his thumbs over her nipples. He moved up against her harder as he felt his own climax closing in and felt like erecting a monument to her perfect, tight pussy. She watched his face as he came and followed closely with her own release as his face contorted in pleasure.


Part Fifteen "Rushing In"


it's time to throw off those chains

Buffy felt enveloped in love and warmth as Angel spooned around her curves and pulled her close to him. She caressed the large arm that circled her waist and was as close to purring as she could possibly be.

"Is this how it was with your other lovers?" she asked, after a moment of contented silence, pretending nonchalance. Angel growled into the curve of her shoulder. She felt his entire body grow tense and she waited for a moment. The silence was deafening and he remained very still behind her.

"I want to know," she added quietly and turned over to face him. She expected to see anger on his handsome face but was met with anguish instead.

"No, Buffy," he answered, quietly slipping from her arms and out of bed. She watched his nude form move to the window, outlined by the dim light spilling through the large pane of glass before him, "This is not how it was with my other lovers."

"How was it then?" she asked, sitting up in bed, shifting her eyes over his muscled body. She wanted to get out of bed and go to him, but didn't.

"It was raw and base, nothing like what I have with you. I make love to you," he said, "I fucked them. I brought them to my place or I went to their homes and I fucked them, then I left or asked them to leave. There were only a very few women I actually spent the whole night with."

He paused and she waited, looking at his shadowed body, sculpted back. He took a shuddered breath and continued, "I told you I'm not...I wasn't a good person, Buffy. I used their bodies and they used mine. That was it. Just sex. Nothing else. You're the only woman I've ever made love to in my life."

"You are a good person," she whispered after a long, painful silence.

"Why do you always have so much faith in me?" he asked, turning to face her.

"Why do you always have so much faith in me?" she echoed, turning the question on him.

"Because I love you," he said, slightly confused.

"Yep," she said, slipping from the covers to move silently across the room to him, "Exactly, you big dummy. You don't get it, do you? I know who you used to be. I didn't ask you to make you feel bad. I asked you because your past is a part of you and I want to know everything."

"I just want to leave that behind," he said, "That's not who I am anymore."

"I know, baby," she said, moving into his arms, "I know."


i flew over the cuckoo's nest and
i'm never ever coming back because
i am crazy just like you

"Waffles!" she gasped with excitement, moving into the kitchen, drowning in one of his shirts. She kissed his bare back before he turned around to meet her lips. She loved that she always caught him cooking for her in the morning with no shirt on. It made her hungry in more ways than one.

"I ran out to the store this morning," he said, voice deep and rough as it always was in the morning. She loved the sexy abrasion that rumbled through the air, "I thought I'd make you breakfast to make up for our fight last night."

"That wasn't a fight," she said, picking up a fresh strawberry and slipping it slowly between her lips. She bit in slowly and Angel actually groaned out loud, turning back to the waffle maker he had never used before that day. After swallowing the bittersweet fruit she finished her sentence, "The thing the other night - that was a fight. Last night was an emotional conversation."

"Well," he said, kissing her again, unable to resist tasting her, "then this is for both...things."

He set a container of homemade whipped cream on the table along with the strawberries and went back for the waffles. She sat down at the table as he loaded her plate with a Belgian waffle, loading it with strawberries and whipped cream before sitting down and preparing his own.

"Mmmm," she said as she took her first bite, "The perfect yum."

"Glad you like it," he said.

Glancing across the table, she saw the Sunday newspaper sitting there and flipped through it, pulling out the Classified section.

"What are you looking for in there?" he asked, with a twinkle in his eye, "Looking for another guy already?"

"Oh yeah," she said, rolling her eyes, "I'm sure I'll find a couple of guys who are as sexy as you are and will make me waffles in the morning. No actually, I need to find a new apartment. My lease is up in a couple of months and they're hiking up the rent again."

"Really?" he said, chewing slowly and trying to concentrate on his food while insane thoughts of asking Buffy to move in with him flooded through his mind.

"Yeah," she said, "They're raising it $75 bucks a month. That's extortion! I can definitely find a better place to live where I don't have to pay an arm and a leg."

"You could..." he said, trying not to choke on his words, "...uh...move in...with me."

"Huh?" she said, her eyes widening as she released her hold on her fork and the newspaper at the same time. The fork made a loud clanging sound as it ricocheted off the edge of her plate and bounced on the wooden table top. She didn't notice those sounds because her heart was slamming in her chest and making an awful racket.

"Stupid idea," he muttered, "Sorry."

"Move in with you?" she said, staring at him. She missed the "stupid idea" part. She was still back on the previous stilted sentence.

"We spend every night together anyway," he said, taking a drink of his milk, wishing the lump in his throat would go away, "I just know...we could save in rent and..."

"You really would want me to live with you?"

"Well, yeah," he said, shrugging in an attempt to appear more casual, "Why not?"

"I can't think of a single reason," she said, with a smile.

"You mean..."

"Umhmm," she answered, climbing out of her chair to climb into his. She flipped a leg over his lap and straddled him, "I'll move in with you."

He pulled her into his arms and released a strangled sigh. Falling in love was one thing, but asking a woman to move in with him was something entirely different. All of those things seemed to be impossible and frankly, inconceivable a few months ago. He never would have believed even three months ago that he would be making breakfast for a girl and holding his breath while he asked her to move in with him.

"But," she said after she kissed him soundly, "You have to let me pay half the rent."

"Are you kidding me? Of course you aren't paying half the rent," he said.

"Great," Buffy complained, "Now you're going to go all caveman on me."

"How many cavemen know how to make homemade whipped cream?" he asked, scooping a bit of the sweet, fluffy mixture on his index finger. She sucked his finger into her mouth, closing her eyes briefly as she relished the taste.

"Just you," she said, kissing him gently.

"Caveman, huh?" he grunted, pushing his chair back and standing, holding Buffy against him. He swept the dishes from the table and heard her moan in protest as their lovely breakfast clattered to the floor. He laid her on the now bare table and yanked open the silk shirt she had stolen from him. He ground his arousal into her as he sucked one rosy nipple into his mouth. She released a needy moan and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Damn, he loved that woman.


how happy we'll be

"Whipped cream?" Willow asked, on Monday as they were munching on their lunch. Buffy loved that standing Monday date she had with her best friend. Even if they couldn't make time the rest of the week, they always made sure they had that one meal together, unless Willow had an emergency surgery which did happen from time to time.

"Homemade," Buffy answered after she finished chewing her bite of turkey sandwich.

"And he smeared it..." Willow asked, taking a gulp of her soda.

"Yep," Buffy said, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

"But weren't know, all sticky?"

"Oh yeah," Buffy answered, blushing in spite of herself.

"Wow," Willow said, "Xander and I have never...I mean we...never mind."

"I highly suggest it," Buffy said, still fully red. She quickly changed the subject as she felt her body warming to the memory, "Anyway, so that's everything really. I'm moving in."

"Don't take this the wrong way, Buff," Willow said hesitantly, "But isn't it kinda soon. I mean you just slept with him for the first time a couple of days ago. Shouldn't you wait a while?"

"Yeah, I should," Buffy answered, "But Will, I really don't want to. I can't explain it but I just want to be with him all the time. I can't stop thinking about him. I know this is probably not a good idea, but I just couldn't say no."

"Well, Xander moved in with me," Willow said, "You're moving in with Angel. Guess we just have to wait for Cordelia and Doyle to take the plunge."

"Poor Doyle," Buffy said, in mock sympathy, "She'll probably throw half of his clothes away."

"Gotta feel sorry for anyone in Queen C's clutches," Willow said, sharing a knowing smile with her friend, "So, when are you moving in?"

"Angel wants me to move in as soon as possible, but my lease isn't up for another couple of months," Buffy answered, "I'm not sure. I guess it doesn't matter, really."

"Oh, okay, little Miss Nonchalant," Willow blurted, "You know you want to move in today. I bet you're already rearranging his furniture in your mind."

"Yeah," Buffy admitted, grinning, "But if you had those waffles this morning, you'd be the same way."

"I don't think it's the waffles," Willow said, grinning back.


why does everything i do confound you?

"You did what?" Gunn shouted, "I knew you had it bad, but Angel you can't just move a girl like her into your apartment and-"

"A girl like her?" Angel said angrily, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"She's innocent and doesn't know shit about the world, Angel," he answered, "If she moves in, she's going to expect you to commit to her."

"What part of this relationship are you missing?" Angel demanded, "Have I not made it clear that I am in love with her?"

"Perfectly clear," he said, "But I hope you've done sowed whatever oats you planned on sowing, cause one slip and you'll lose her."

"Why do I even talk to you?" Angel groaned, "I am done. I only want to be with her now. Remember when you said I should marry her the other day? Did your brain start leaking between then and now?"

"I know what I said, man," Gunn said, leaning over the desk to his friend, "But I really didn't mean right now. She's sweet and we all love her. I'm not telling you not to be with her, but I just want to make sure you know what you're doing."

"I know," Angel said, "Trust me."

"I'm not the one who should be trusting you," Gunn said quietly.

"Anyway," Angel said, clearing his throat, "What's up with our case?"

"Penn is awaiting trial. Apparently, Buffy's uncle has him trapped in there without bail."

"Has he admitted to anything?"

"Not a damn thing," Gunn said, "He won't say who hired him. He won't even admit he knows Buffy's name. All we can be sure of is that he's not the one who snipped her break line because he was rotting in his little cell at the time. So, there's no way to prove the two incidents are connected right now."

"So we don't know anything?" Angel asked, exasperated, "Gunn, they have to be connected."

"Of course they are," he answered, "We just have to find out who's behind all this."

"Great. This is just wonderful," Angel said, leaning back in his chair, "I wish I had stayed in bed with Buffy instead of coming here."

"I bet you do," Gunn said, laughing.


you've got to stand on your own

Buffy left the gallery in Anya's anal but capable hands at the end of the week to see her doctor for a yearly exam and pregnancy test. Originally, she thought about asking Angel to come along but decided against it. She went alone, not even telling Willow about the appointment. She wasn't sure how she would react to the news and was even more confused about what she wanted the news to be. She didn't even know if she wanted a baby or not, but there was a little ache in her heart that just wouldn't go away.

She was even more worried about Angel's reaction. What if he changed his mind about her if she was pregnant? What if he was upset if she wasn't? Everything seemed so clear, so perfectly fine until she actually went to the doctor's office. It was like reality set in the moment she crossed the threshold. When he told her that the results came up negative, she fell into a torrent of sobs. Half relieved, half devastated, she wept on there on the examining table. The doctor patted her shoulder and tried to soothe her.

"You can try again, honey," he said gently, "Of course, we can always test both of you for sterility as well."

"No," she said, sniffing, "I want to start taking the Pill."

"Okay," he said, fully confused, "Are you sure that's what you want?"

"Yes," she answered, wiping her face, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to break down like that."

"That's quite alright," he said with a gentle smile.


she's on time, she's on time
she's on time, hallelujah
she's on time
and it's the safest time of the month, they say, for love

Buffy really, really wished she had not planned the appointment on Friday. Cordelia was having yet another party and Angel had a private showing with a new buyer. The man asked for the appointment after he got off work that night, so Angel was going to meet her at Cordy's. When she arrived, he wasn't there yet and she felt her eyes tearing up again. This was so stupid and yet, she knew she wouldn't feel better until she told him the news. To top it all, she started her period a week early when she got home.

His possible reactions were still running through her mind as they had all day. What if he jumped up and down with happiness that she wasn't pregnant? What if he only asked to move in because he thought she was?

What if, what if...

When she walked into the living room, Darla was there, looking vibrant and coldly beautiful, hanging on the arm of some guy Buffy had never seen before. He was very handsome and seemed anxious to leave. Buffy wondered if he was anxious to leave her or just the party? The part of her that didn't like or trust the woman made guess the former. She went to the kitchen to get a drink, chiding herself for being mean, if only in her mind and nearly collided with Riley.

"Hi Buffy," he said, "Are you okay? You look upset."

"I'm fine," she said firmly, walking around him to get to the water glasses.

"Did Angel do something to upset you?"

"No," Buffy said, angrily, yanking a glass from the cabinets, "Angel didn't do anything, not that it's any of your business."

"Sorry," he said, holding up his hands defensively, "I'm just concerned about you. You look really upset."

"She's no longer your concern," Angel said from behind him. The boy flinched with the sound of his voice, feeling irritation and disgust set deep into his stomach.

"Yes, she is," Riley answered, turning to face him, "She's obviously upset and since you weren't here, someone has to be worried about her."

"Riley," Buffy said with a heavy sigh, "Please don't. I can't handle this right now."

"What's wrong, love?" Angel asked, brushing past Buffy's ex. There was definitely something about that boy that he didn't like. He wasn't sure what it was but he was sure he didn't trust him and he didn't want him anywhere near his lover.

She took his hand, leaving her empty glass on the counter and led him outside to the patio. She gestured for him to sit down on one of the metal mesh chairs and lowered herself into another.

"I went to the doctor today," she said.

"Okay," he said, taking her hands, "What did you find out?"

"I'm not p-pregnant," she answered with her eyes brimming with tears. Angel sat there for a second staring at her and taking in the news. He felt a simultaneous rush of disappointment and joy. He had almost gotten used to the idea of her having his child. He pulled her onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her hair and rocking her as she began to cry.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

"Are you..." Buffy said, muffled against his chest, "Do you still want me to move in with you?"

"Did you really think that was the reason I asked you to move in with me?" Angel asked, "I love you. I asked you because I wanted to be with you, baby."

"You haven't changed your mind?"

"Of course not."

"I don't even know why I'm so upset," she said, pressing her face against his shirt, "I thought I didn't want it and then I did and I just-"

"It's okay," he said, "I feel the same way."

"You do?"

"Sure," he answered, "Half of me really wanted to have a child with you but I was really nervous about it. I didn't know what I wanted."

"Me either."

"So what do you want to do now?" he asked, smoothing his hands over her back.

"I'm on the Pill," she answered, "We're really not ready."

"No," he said, "We aren't but that doesn't mean we can't have children later."

"I know," she said and then lifted her face looking at him questioningly, "You want children?"

"With you? Oh yeah. Someday," he answered and kissed her gently. As their kiss deepened they didn't hear the door sliding closed behind them. So focused on each other neither noticed the person who had been standing there, listening to the whole conversation.