Disclaimer: This graveyard only includes characters that have names and that have been killed on screen. (So example: The bouncer that Luke killed in the Harvest is not in this, but Sandy that Willow killed in Doppelgangland is. Dig? Cool. *G* Each character has an individual body count on their character pages. For a Buffy body count, see her page here.)

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Absalom Vampire Staked by Buffy in WSWB.
Ampata Human The real Ampata, not the Mummy Princess, that is. Killed by the Inca Mummy Princess.
Andrew Vampire Thrown in the incinerator by Buffy in NKAB
Anointed One Vampire Kills the Anointed One (SH) by putting him in a cage and pulling the cage into the sunlight.
Bodyguard Human? The Inca Mummy Princess killed the seal's guard. (IMG)
Buffy Vampire Slayer Killed the first time in Prophecy Girl by the Master. She drowns and Xander performs CPR to bring her back.
Celia Human Buffy's cousin who was killed by Der Kindestod when she was eight. (Flashback in Killed by Death.)
Claw Guy Vampire Staked by Buffy in TP
Dalton Vampire Killed by The Judge in S.
Darla Vampire Staked by Angel in Angel
Daryl Epps Human He dies in a fire trying to protect the unfinished girl that Chris and Eric were trying to make from dead body parts for him in SAR.
Dave Human Killed by Fritz in IRYJ
Debbie Human Killed by Pete in B&B.
Dell Human Killed by Spike in SH.
Der Kindestod Demon Slayed by Buffy in Killed by Death.
Diedre Page Human Killed by Eyghon in TDA.
Dr. Backer Human Killed by Der Kinderstod.
Dr. Doug Perren Human Museum curator killed by Drusilla in Becoming I.
Dr. Gregory Human Decapitated by Natalie French in TP
Dwayne Human Killed by Spike in SH.
Emily Human Heart cut out by Marc in the locker room in TPS.
Enyos Human Killed by Angelus in Innocence.
Eyghon Demon Killed by Angel in TDA.
Ford (Billy Fordham) Human/Vampire Turned into a vampire (presumably by Spike) and staked by Buffy in LTM.
Fritz Human Killed by Moloch in IRYJ
Inca Mummy Princess Human (mostly) Dies when she isn't able to steal a life force in IMG.
Jeff Walken Human Killed by Pete in B&B.
Jenny Calendar Human Killed by Angelus in Passion.
Jesse Vampire Inadvertantly staked by Xander, TH
The Judge Demon Buffy kills him with a rocket launcher in I.
Ken Demon Clubbed by Buffy in Anne.
Kendra Slayer Killed by Drusilla in the library in Becoming I.
Kevin Human Killed by Vampires in Prophecy Girl.
Luke Vampire Staked by Buffy, TH
Machida Demon Big snaked killed by Buffy with a sword in RB.
Marc Demon Heart removed by Sid backstage at the talent show in TPS
Master Vampire Thrown through the skylight in the library and staked by a table (Killed by Buffy) in Prophecy Girl.
Moloch Demon Killed by Buffy in IRYJ
Morgan Human Brain removed by Marc backstage at the Talent Show in TPS
Mr. Flutie Human Eaten by the pack sans Xander in The Pack
Mrs. Kalish Human Killed by the bug man (Norman Pfister) in What's My Line, Part 1.
Ms. Frank Human Sunnydale High School teacher who is shot by George, the janitor, while under the ghost's spell in IOHEFY.
Mr. Platt Human School counselor killed by Pete in B&B.
Nurse Greenleigh Human Killed by Coach Marin when he threw her down with the fish guys in Go Fish.
Pat Human Killed by a zombie in Dead Man’s Party.
Pete Human Killed by Angel in B&B.
Philip Human Killed by Eyghon in TDA.
Rickie T. Human Poisons himself in an abandoned building in Anne.
Rodney Munson Human Killed by the Inca Mummy Princess in IMG.
Sid Dummy/Demon Hunter Dies after he kills Marc backstage at the talent show in TPS
Stephan Korshak Vampire Buffy slays him in the beginning of SAR
Tector Gorch Vampire Killed by the bezoar in BE.
Ted Robot Killed by Buffy in T.
Theresa Klusmeyer Human/Vampire Turned into a vampire by Angelus and staked by Xander in Phases.
The Three Vampire Staked by Darla in Angel
Thomas Vampire Staked by Buffy, WttH
Zookeeper Human Eaten by hyenas in the Hyena House in The Pack
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