You have reached my site for Plum Fanfiction.  My fanfiction is NOT politically correct.  I am borrowing Janet Evanovich's characters and Janet isn't politically correct either.  This means that I write them as adults.  There will be cursing. There will be violence.  There will be references to, or graphic descriptions of, sex (in everything but the PG rated fics).  If you have a problem with any of those things, you'll be wanting to hit the BACK button now. 

Since a 'shipper war is in full-swing, I'm declaring my status now.  I am a Babe.  Ranger is my man, and I like writing about him and the boys of Rangeman.  That said, I try hard to write Morelli as his character has been defined by Ms. Evanovich.  In my stories, you will NOT see Joe Morelli portrayed as a woman-beater, a rapist, nor any other heinous-type of man.  He's not a bad guy - he's just not the RIGHT guy.  So, you will NOT see him end up with Stephanie in my stories.  If you want a Joe/Steph HEA, you're going to have to look elsewhere.

This site will be broken up into three rating sections.  Please take these ratings seriously.  Adult content means ADULT CONTENT! 

PG-Rated R-Rated Adult Only

If you have any questions, comments or feedback of any kind, you can send an email to tafkah@yahoo.com

Thanks, and enjoy!



Thanks to my buddy, Tangofic, for hosting my stories!  You rock, Babe!!