The Reclaiming

By Tango

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Angel's soul is permanent in this one. Maybe we can all pretend that I came up with a new and interesting way to bind his soul. Either way, please suspend your disbelief with me. Let's just say that his soul was bound and in this fic we see what happens when Buffy finds out about it.

Mount up. . . .


she's just a crazy, crazy, crazy little mixed up dame

Buffy walked home after waking up in Riley's bed. First with Parker, now with Riley, she was stunned how much she wasn't sated after sex with them. Maybe Angel ruined everything for her, maybe she would never find someone who would make her feel the way she felt when she was with him. It wasn't about sex, although their one night together was perfect, it was how she felt on the inside. Just being near him made her blood run hot and her mouth water. There just wasn't any place in the world like Angel's arms.

Riley wasn't Angel and last night had proved it. His skin didn't feel the same, his body the wrong temperature and his movements went against The Slayer's grain. She needed something so much more than these mortal men could provide. She blinked back her tears while she headed back to her dorm room. She was starting to realize that she was doomed to always have less than what she wanted.

Her answering machine was blinking with a message and she pressed the button as she shucked her clothes and put on her robe.

"You have one message," the mechanical voice informed her and then she heard Giles' voice saying, "Hello Buffy. If you have time today, could you stop by my flat? I would like to speak to you about something."

Buffy headed for the shower and cursed silently at Giles. She hated it when someone said they wanted to talk to her about something and then made her wait until later to discuss it. Now she was going to spend her whole morning wondering what was wrong, what happened, who died or what apocalypse needed to be stopped.


u were such a sexy thing
i loved the way you walked, the things you said
and i was so nonchalant
i didn't want you to be misled

Angel was taking yet another cold shower. Ever since Jhiera had blasted her way into his life, he had been in a hormonal tornado. He hadn't had that kind of arousal since the last time he saw Buffy. He had to constantly remind himself that part of her kind's power was to bring men into heat, but knowing that intellectually didn't stop his feelings toward the sexy girl.

He toweled off and headed into the bedroom to get dressed. If only he could go to Sunnydale and see Buffy. Now that his soul was bound nothing was stopping him from getting her back except for his own stubbornness. He wanted her to have a normal life and if it meant taking cold showers for all of eternity, then so be it. He only prayed that his clients held up because at this rate, his water bill was going to triple.

He dressed and smiled as he overheard Cordelia upstairs bickering with Wesley. As much as he enjoyed Wesley's joining of the team, he still missed Doyle terribly. The half-demon Irishman had become his friend after a time and he missed his wistful dreaming of Cordy's affections and his occasional comments of the homeland. Angel even missed his penchant for drinking too much. Doyle's was a loss he was sure he would be tormented with for a long time to come.


it's time 4 a new direction

It was late in the afternoon before Buffy could make it Giles' apartment and during that time, she had thought up almost all of the reasons he could have for their meeting, except, of course, for the actual reason he wanted to talk to her.

"What's up, Giles?" Buffy said as she scowled her way into his apartment.

"Buffy, you look upset," Giles commented as he looked over The Slayer, "Is something wrong?"

"Only that you made me wait all day wondering what your news is," she blustered, as she plopped on the couch, "So what's the what already? The suspense is killing me."

"I'm sorry," Giles said, "I didn't realize that you would be worried all day."

"Not getting any closer to knowing what's going on," Buffy complained.

"Alright," Giles said, knowing he could not stall any longer, "I spoke to Wesley yesterday. He called as a courtesy to let me...well, us, actually...know that Angel's soul has been bound."

"What?" Buffy said, her eyes widening with the news. This little juicy bit of information was not even on her list of things that Giles could have wanted to talk to her about, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Giles said, "It's definite. I suppose that Wesley just wanted to make sure that we knew so we wouldn't have to worry about that happening again."

"When did this happen?" Buffy asked, already gathering her things.

"Last week," Giles answered, "Where are you going?"

"LA," Buffy said as she half jogged, half walked out the door.

"Buffy!" Giles called after her from the doorway. He had expected her reaction to be somewhat shocked and perhaps a tad happy and slightly sad, but he certainly didn't expect that she would run off to LA without thinking it through. He smiled as he pulled his glasses off to clean them while still standing at the open door in the sunshine. He sometimes forgot how much his Slayer flew by the seat of her pants.


that army bag, such a double drag

"So," Forrest said as he rode with Riley down the elevator to the Initiative, "Buffy spent the night last night."

"So?" Riley said, keeping his eyes on the wall. He didn't want to see the disapproval on his friend's face and he really didn't want him to see the stupid grin that he couldn't seem to wipe off his face.

"Don't you think this is moving kinda fast?" Forrest said, "First, she joins us, then you sleep with her. I mean, she's hot and all and The Slayer, but still, Ri, I think you're walking into a trap."

"Jealous?" Riley asked, still not looking at him as the doors opened. They walked into the complex and the conversation ended when they found an HST had escaped and was beating his way through the men and their stun guns. They rushed into the fray to help recapture the beast. Even though they were both temporarily preoccupied, they both knew the conversation was not over. Both dreaded the return to the subject, since neither planned to change his point of view.


temptation, temptation, temptation

Angel sat his office and pretended to read. Daylight was fading and he was anxious to go out and find something to kill. He had to burn off all this sexual energy he had built up recently, but between Buffy's not so unrecent departure and Jheria, he was about to explode. Now that his soul was permanent, things were about a thousand times worse than they had been.

He looked up when the door opened and tried to hold in his sigh as Kate walked in. If there were less beautiful women around him, life would be significantly more simple. But as it was, he stood and tried not to laugh as he heard Cordelia say, "Well, look who's here. Cop lady. Angel!"

"Hey," Angel said, glancing at Cordelia and then at Kate. He wanted her to be nicer, but the truth was some days her brashness was just amusing as hell. Annoying, yeah, but entertaining too. So he waved Kate into his office and smiled at Cordy in spite of his better judgement.

"Be nice," he whispered as Kate went into his office.

"The only reason you like her is because she wants to jump your bones," Cordy muttered, "If you would look past the seduction, you might notice her horrible fashion sense. And what the hell is that make-up about? She doesn't need demon hunting help, she needs a make over!"

Angel shook his head in defeat and followed the attractive blonde cop into his office.

"Hey Kate," Angel said, settling back into his chair, "What's up?"

"Your secretary is charming as usual," Kate snapped and looked over her shoulder at the brunette flipping through a magazine, still muttering to herself angrily. Kate couldn't help but wonder why Cordelia hated her so much. Maybe she was jealous? Kate knew that it was no secret in this office that she lusted after the ensouled vamp, but why would that matter to Cordelia unless she wanted him for herself?

"Well, she tries," Angel answered with a wry half smile, "Sorry about that. What can I do for you?"

"There's a shipment coming in on Pier 17 tonight and I need a little back up in case things get out of hand," Kate said, pulling her eyes away from his deep brown ones to avoid drowning, only to get stuck staring at the rest of his physique. His broad chest just begged to be touched and the large hands resting gently on top of the desk...

"What's in the shipment?" he asked, interest piqued, interrupting her thoughts.

"It's whole blood donations from further down the coast," she answered, tearing her eyes from his full kissable lips to look into his eyes again, "Usually they air lift them, but the deliveries have been highjacked several times in the last couple of weeks. Since the blood is only good for 48 hours, they are in a hurry."

"Vampires?" Angel asked, feeling the lust shooting at him from the female officer. He didn't mind helping but it was kinda dangerous to be alone with her on a dark pier and it had nothing to do with demons, "Why don't they just come in during the day?"

"It wasn't vampires because the shipments were coming in during the day," Kate said, "Maybe it's someone working for the vamps, but either way, the blood has been stolen three other times before this. That's why they're coming in at night. They're trying to sneak it in."

"Oh," Angel said, shifting under the weight of her ogling, "And if it's at night, then I can help defend it?"

"I was hoping," she answered and added silently, and I was hoping you could come back to my apartment and screw me senseless after that,"None of my men will be prepared if it's vampires. Can you help?"

None of her men compared to him in lots of other ways too. It wasn't just that he had more brute strength and more tactical skill than her entire department put together or his lickable body, but his sincerity and good will were also incomparable. Since she had lived in LA all of her life, all she had met were fake, self-serving assholes who wouldn't know sacrifice if it was the centerfold of a Playboy. But Angel, putting aside his hottie-ness, was simply the best man she had ever met. And he wasn't even a man! Just being around him tossed her into an euphoric reverie that lasted for hours at a time. God, she wanted him.

"Sure," he said shrugging, "Why not? When's the shipment come in?"


"Pier 17?"

"Yeah," she said, standing up slowly and trying not to show her reluctance to leave. Her mind screamed for a reason to stay longer. Ask him out to dinner, she thought and then, Right, he doesn't eat. Damn it, he probably doesn't drink either. She hid her disappointment and held onto the hope that someday he would actually ask her out. "See you then?"

"Alright," Angel said, standing with her and seeing her to the door. She cast a glance at him, flinging her shoulder length blonde hair over her shoulder with the turn of her pretty head and mumbled goodbye as she left.

"‘Goodbye, An-gel,'" Cordy mocked as she left, "What a ho."

"Cordy," Angel warned.

"Truth hurts," she snapped.

"Why don't you take the rest of the day off?" Angel asked, "And do something that makes you less...well, more happy than you are."

"You were going to say I'm being bitchy!" Cordy complained, gathering her things, "Well, you haven't seen bitchy yet! And thanks for letting me so early, since it's almost dark now."

Angel mumbled to himself as he went downstairs to change before going on patrol. Cordelia definitely needed to find a guy before she drove him insane. She had been less tolerable every day since Doyle died and he was beginning to suspect that she loved him more than she had ever let on. He missed him too, but that girl was making him nuts.


i'm sorry. i'll be good.
this time i promise. love is more important than sex.
now i understand. i have 2 go now.
i don't know when i'll return. good-bye.

There were a lot of steps between Giles' flat and Buffy's dorm, but somewhere inside a couple of them The Slayer just snapped. Angel should have called the second his soul was bound, but oh no! He had to be all broody and sacrificial in LA, pretending he was making her happy by leaving her in the sunshine. Who gave a good goddamn about sunshine? Oh, and a normal life - what an interesting idea that was! Here she was with her "normal" boyfriend and her "normal" friends in her seriously skewed attempt at normal life. She was sick and tired of being without him, dreaming about his touch and his kisses; sick of wanting him and settling for poor human imitations.

He had once told her she was his "mate." Well, if they were actual "mates," as in "soul mates," then why were they apart? It made no sense to Buffy and she was sure that given a little persuasion, Angel would see her point of view. She stormed up the stairs and into her room, breezing past her witchy redheaded best friend and began packing a bag.

"What's going on?" Willow asked with concern, "Where are you going?"

"To LA," Buffy admitted as she shoved her most provocative clothing into her bag. If Angel was going to be convinced properly, she was going to need plenty of ammunition. She stood at her closet looking for the perfect outfit to wear to meet him, to drive him to distraction, "Angel's soul is permanent now and I'm going to get him back."

"Buffy," Willow said, "What about Riley? I thought you guys were doing well."

"We were," Buffy answered, pulling a pair of black leather pants out of the closet, "But he's not Angel, Will. He'll never be Angel. I can't...look, I don't expect you to understand. You have Oz, who probably will never leave you in a million years."

"I wouldn't be able to take it if Oz left me," Willow said, biting her lip at the thought of losing her wolfy boyfriend.

"So could ya please just support me on this?" Buffy asked as she shimmied into the tight leather pants. She hoped Angel would like them because she was pretty sure she would only be able to wear them long enough for him to rip them off. She could barely breathe and she had been wearing them for 30 seconds.

"Okay," Willow said, nodding slowly, "But you aren't going to wear those, are you?"

"Why what's wrong with them?" Buffy asked, turning to her friend and gesturing at the constricting leather, "Too slutty?"

"A tad," Willow said, holding up her thumb and forefinger to show how slutty those pants really were, which was far more than she indicated.

"Well, I want to drive him nuts," Buffy said, turning back toward her closet, "Any suggestions? And if you're going to point me toward something conservative, I'll be sure you aren't really on my side. I'm going for the rip-my-clothes-off-now look, not the let's-have-tea look."

"Whatever you wear, he's gonna still wanna...well, he still loves you no matter what outfit you choose," Willow said, turning red from her friend's words as she flipped through the closet.

"Willow!" Buffy complained, pulling the pants back off.

"Okay, okay," Willow said, pulling out a pair of jeans, "Wear these."

"Blue jeans?" Buffy asked with dismay, taking the denim from her friend.

"Trust me, Buff," Willow said, nodding emphatically, "You get more stares when you wear those jeans than anything else."

"Really?" she asked, slipping into the jeans. They were worn and form fitting, but not too tight. They hugged her hips dangerously low.

"Oh yeah," Willow answered, "Don't know what it is, but those jeans make the men folk insanely stare-y."

"Hmmm," she said, looking into the mirror, "What shirt? And Will - work with the sexy route, okay?"

Willow went back to flipping through Buffy's wardrobe and pulled out a black silk tank top with spaghetti straps. She tossed it to her friend who slipped out of her other shirt and bra and pulled the tank over her blonde head. It left her mid drift bare and since the jeans were already so low, there was a lot of skin available to lusty vampiric eyes. It cut lower than her other shirts, showing a hint more clevage than she normally felt comfortable showing and it stretched languidly over her skin.

"This is naughty, Willow," Buffy said as she gazed at her reflection.

"I know," Willow said, blushing.

"Thanks," Buffy said, thinking she should have asked Willow's fashion advice earlier, "Now about shoes..."


i'm ready 4 the crush

Patrol from sunset to 8:30 hadn't helped and Angel was still dreaming of a certain blonde Slayer who was so far away. The last he needed right now was to be around another attractive blonde, who he knew would willing dive into his arms at the slightest suggestion. He headed to Pier 17 as he promised and found Kate waiting there for him in the dark. She looked off to the horizon and turned when she heard him approaching.

"Hey, Kate. Where's the ship?" he asked, looking around the pier.

"Not here yet," she said, glancing at her watch, "Should be here in five minutes. Thanks for coming."

"No problem," he said, keeping a safe distance from the blonde and using the time to scan the harbor for unwelcome guests. There was nothing there but an ambulance, two paramedics, Kate's car and his. Maybe this would be easier than he thought.

"I was wondering," she said, clearing her throat nervously, "If you wanted to maybe...I don't know, get a drink or something after we're done here."

"Um," Angel said, using the monosyllabic, poor excuse for a word as a chance to stall, "Sure. We can do that, I guess. Won't you need to fill out some paperwork or something?"

"I can do that in the morning," she answered, releasing the breath she had been holding. The ship pulled in and she snuck a glance at him. If that vampire got any sexier, she was going to rip off his clothes here and now. Angel tensed as the men began unloading the shipment quickly. The paramedics rushed forward to get the blood and Angel cursed silently as he realized that the two men were demons.

"Damn," he muttered as he ran to intercept the shipment. They weren't vampires, so they had to be half demon. What he didn't understand was what use they had for the blood. He clotheslined the one on the right and grabbed the end of the cooler he had been holding. He heard Kate running up behind him as he kicked the second away catching the blood supply before it fell to the ground.

The smell of the units of blood was weak through the plastic containers and the plastic sealed cooler, but he still smelled it. The blood beckoned, shouting out for the taking. It was almost too tempting not to open it and take a tiny sip. He knew as he felt his face changing, that something was definitely different about that blood. He hadn't even seen or touched it and he already wanted to dive into it. He set down the cooler with much difficulty and faced off with the two demons.

He beat them down quickly and ferociously before turning, game face intact to Kate, "What the hell is in this blood?"


i will love u but i'm nobody's fool

"Come in," Willow said to the knock on her door and she looked up from her textbook to look at Riley. She smiled nervously as he walked in, looking around.

"Buffy's not here?" he asked.

"Uh, no," Willow answered, "She went out of town for a couple of days."

"Really?" Riley said, sitting on Buffy's bed, "That's weird. She didn't mention anything to me. Where did she go?"

"Los Angeles."

"What's in Los Angeles?"

"Uh, her Dad lives there," Willow answered getting more nervous by the second. Technically, she didn't lie. Buffy's dad does live in LA. That's just not the reason she went there.

"She went to see her Dad?"

"N-no," Willow stuttered. Damn.

"Okay, what's going on?" Riley said, digging into his girlfriend's best friend. He had no intention of leaving this room until she told him exactly what why Buffy left.

"She just went to see someone."

"In the middle of the week? Just visiting, huh? Wanna tell me who that someone is?"

"Not really," she said honestly.

"Willow," Riley begged, "Please tell me. Is she in trouble?"


"Then what!?"

"I told you, she went to visit someone."

"Is that someone a guy?"


"Kinda? Is he kinda an ex-boyfriend?"


"Would this be the office romance she told me about before?"

"I've already told you too much," Willow complained, "Stop with the pressure."

"I need to know what's going on? What happened? She just leaves in the middle of the week to visit an ex-boyfriend and you think you're under pressure?"


i ain't no angel so 2 hell with playin' innocent

"What the hell is in this blood?" Angel demanded, growling loudly.

"I don't know," Kate answered, staring at his golden eyes and sharp fangs, "I thought it was just blood."

"Where was it going?"

"Hospital," Kate said.

"Well we need to find out," he growled picking up both of the coolers and placing them in his back seat. He turned and looked at her impatiently, "Are you coming?"

"Uh, yes," she said and climbed into the passenger side of his car, leaving hers to pick up later. She knew he was a vampire of course and had seen his demon face, but she was a little thrown off by his behavior. He didn't seem to be changing back to his human face and it was freaking her out. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed quickly.

"Wes? It's Angel," he said sharply, "I need you to call Willow and ask her to come to LA. I need some help with a science experiment...yes, tonight...yes, now. I know what time it is Wesley, just call her. Fine, then call Giles first!"

By the time they reached the office, Cordy and Wesley were already there, bickering as usual.

"What is going on?" Cordy grumbled, "I thought I was off for the night."

"I know and I'm sorry," Angel said, "We intercepted a blood delivery on the pier and there's something really weird in it. It's making me feel strange."

"Is that why you're all grrrr?"

"Yeah," Angel snapped and went down to his apartment, leaving his employees and Kate staring at each other. He placed the blood in the refrigerator and pulled out one of his own supply before shutting the door firmly. He could still smell it. It was like it was seeping through the plastic and attacking his body. He sank his teeth into his own plastic bag and gulped it down hungrily before going back upstairs. He wasn't hungry for blood, but for sex and so the blood did nothing to sate him. At all.

"Kate, call the hospital and tell them we've intercepted the blood and we'll bring it over in the morning," he said, moving around the room nervously. Arousal was coursing through his body at a terrifying rate, becoming stronger the longer he stood there.

"They're expecting it tonight," she said, "They're going to want to know why we're not bringing it tonight."

"Make something up," he snapped, "Tell them we're stuck in a damn traffic jam for all I care. They just can't have it until Willow has had a chance to examine it."

"Who is Willow anyway?" Kate asked.

"A friend," Cordy answered, "A smart one."

"And someone we know we can trust," Angel answered. He froze suddenly and the rest of the room followed his golden eyes toward the door. Several minutes passed as they waited for something to happen.


excuse me but i need your chemistry

Willow was thrilled when the phone rang and she snatched it up to keep from continuing her conversation with Riley.

"Hello? Hi Wesley," she said, glancing at Riley who wondering if Wesley was the name of the long lost boyfriend, "Um...sure, I guess. Is Buffy there yet? Yes, she coming. Um, she wanted to see him. Maybe you shouldn't mention it to him. She should be there any time now. Okay, you called Giles already? Okay. Sure. Okay. Bye."

"Wesley is the ex?" Riley demanded.

"No," Willow answered, "Wesley is Buffy's ex-Watcher. So I guess he is an ex. Kinda."

"Here we go with the kinda again," he complained.

"It's my word of the day," she said as she dialed the phone, "Hi Giles. I just talked to him. Okay, I'm going to call Oz and then I'll come over to your place. Okay. Bye."

"You're going wherever Buffy went?" Riley asked.

"Yes," Willow said, dialing the phone again.

"I'm coming with you," Riley said, standing up.


every time i'm with you, you just love me to death
baby. you leave me without...breath!

"What is it, Angel?" Wesley asked curiously.

"Buffy," Angel growled, not angrily, but in the way only a starved vampire can. They watched with interest for another couple of minutes until the little blonde Slayer slinked through the door. She leaned against the doorway, looking around the room and finally resting on her mate, digging into his golden eyes.

"Hello lover," she purred, gaining a shocked gasp from Kate. She probably should've saved that gasp for another 30 seconds. That was the time it took for the vampire she had a crush on to make it across the room and pull the petite blonde roughly against his chest. He slammed her against the wall, causing the plaster to crack and she jumped up wrapping her legs around his hips. She kissed him passionately around his fangs, breathing hard into his kiss and threading her fingers into his hair.

"Angel!" Cordy yelled, "Stop it! You've obviously gone crazy."

He paused in his kiss, using every bit of his will power to pull away from her full lips. Buffy released his waist and slid down his body, leaving a steaming trail of where she had been. She looked into his eyes and as much as she wanted him, the normal Angel would not have attacked her like that.

"What's wrong?" Buffy asked the room, but stared into Angel's golden eyes. He heaved deep breaths, even though he didn't need them and held her tightly against his chest.

"I don't know," he growled, "There was a shipment of blood Kate and I intercepted from the pier. I think it might be the vampire equivalent to an aphrodisiac. I'm starving...I'm starving for you."

"Okay," Buffy said, caressing his ridged face, "Calm down, baby. We'll figure this out."

"Horny vampire blood," Cordy snorted, "What's next?"

"We've called Willow," Wesley said, "She's on her way tonight to help with the research."

"Good," Buffy said, nodding and then looked over at the pretty blonde in the room, "You're Kate, I'm guessin'?"

"Yes," she answered, "I'm a friend of Angel's."

"A friend," Buffy mused, feeling jealousy taking over. She looked over at Angel suspiciously and he nodded and repeated her words, "A friend, Buffy. That's all."

Kate was crestfallen with Angel's words. Who the hell was Buffy and where had she been all this time? Of course, when there was a reason for the vampire to be horny, instead of jumping her bones, a tiny, beautiful girl walks in the door and takes over. Life was not even close to fair. But she had to be truthful, if Angel had attacked her like that with his demon face, she would have kicked him between the legs and ran. The thing she couldn't figure out was how the girl wasn't hurt when he slammed her against the wall with that kind of force.

"What are you doing here, love?" Angel asked, looking down at her again and reacting exactly the way she wanted him to. She wanted him to lust after her and think about ripping her clothes off. Wish granted. The arousal pressing against his pants was becoming more unbearable by the second and he couldn't wait to get her downstairs.

"I wanted to talk to you," Buffy answered with a sexy smile, "I'm mad at you."

"You look mad," he said huskily. Wesley, Kate and Cordelia were beginning to get a little nervous from the blatantly sexual undertones when two large demons stormed through the door. Kate watched in awe as Angel and Buffy turned from each other to their attackers. Moving in perfect synchronicity with each other, they fought the demons. Buffy broke the demon's neck after he tossed her into Cordelia's Mac, sending it crashing to the floor. Angel beat his into submission and held him fast as Buffy approached.

"What's in the blood?" she asked him with the cute little voice of a school girl, smiling dangerously at the demon.

"I don't know," he groaned as Angel tightened his grip.

"Wrong answer," Angel growled as Buffy crunched her fist into the demon's bumpy face.

"What's in the blood?" Buffy repeated, "And you're running out of chances."

"I'm just supposed to take it to my boss," the demon said, "That's all I know."

Angel pulled the demon's tree trunk of an arm up quickly, forcing in into an unnatural position. The demon screamed as his arm broke.

"Your leg's next," Buffy said, crossing her arms.

"Okay," he groaned, "It's loaded with a vampire pheromones. A government section in Sunnydale was having it made and sent to them, but my boss wants it for other reasons, so we were supposed to deliver it. There are demons and half demons all over town trying to get to it."

"Great, the Initiative. What's the point? Why does your boss want it?" Buffy asked.

"Because vampires don't want to kill, they just want to copulate. Makes them weaker. Not sure what's up with this bloodsucker," he said, jerking his head back to indicate Angel.

"He's used to going without," Cordelia answered and got a severe look from both Buffy and Angel.

"Who's your boss?" Angel asked, growling into his ear, pulling on the demon's broken arm.

"I'm not telling you," the demon said defiantly. Buffy snap kicked and his kneecap popped, issuing another painful howl from the demon, "Wolfram & Hart! I'm working for Wolfram & Hart!"

"Figures," Angel said, snapping his neck and tossing him to the floor, "I don't know why I even ask anymore. I should always just assume it's them."

"Wolfram & Hart?" Buffy asked.

"I'll explain everything," Angel said tugging her hand and leading her to the elevator. He pulled her into his arms once inside, as Wesley, Cordy and Kate watched.


i wanna fuck u so bad it hurts, it hurts, it hurts

Angel stripped her of her shirt when the elevator moved far enough to be out of sight and sucked one of her nipples greedily into his mouth. He moved to the other, causing Buffy to moan from the attack of his cool lips on her sensitive flesh.

"You taste so good," he whispered, moving against her lips again.

"This is explaining?" Buffy asked with a laugh.

"Oh yeah," he said, backing her out the elevator and into his apartment, "and there's a lot to explain."

"I bet," she said as he kissed down her neck, pausing at her scar and then over her breasts and down her tight belly. He pushed her back into his leather chair and knelt before her. Urgently, he unlaced her boots, tossing them away before peeling her jeans and panties from her narrow hips. He raked his eyes over her naked body and she sat up to rid him of his shirt, ripping the arm in the process as she pulled it off his body. She loved his chest and his muscular stomach. She leaned forward and peppered kisses over him, wrapping her lips over his nipples and swirling her tongue around them, causing a loud moan to growl its way out of him. He entangled his fingers in her silky hair with one hand and moved between her thighs with the other as she unbuttoned his pants.

She moaned as he delved between her dripping folds and she pushed his pants and boxers down to release his cock. With a sudden movement, Buffy felt Angel grip her legs and pull her to the edge of the chair. He entered her, pulling her against his chest. Heat poured from her body into his and he gritted his teeth to keep himself from coming immediately.

"You feel so perfect," he groaned, moving inside her more urgently with each thrust. He held her face between his hands and met her green orbs with his still golden ones, "I love you, Buffy."

"I love you, Angel," she returned. He felt like he was melting away inside her blazing heat, reaching the boiling point as her muscles tightened around him. She pulled his head to her neck in a silent invitation. She wasn't sure why she wanted him to taste her, except that she knew what her scar meant, she knew that she was marked. Buffy was reclaiming her mate and she wanted the seal to occur in every form possible. Understanding that or perhaps simply out of control, he bit in and drank.

She came as he sipped her blood, screaming his name. He joined her climax with a loud roar of pleasure, spilling his seed into her steaming core.


it don't compute

"Okay," Kate said, still staring at the elevator as the lovers disappeared. They could already hear their moans of pleasure wafting up the elevator shaft, indicating, as they all suspected, that very little conversation was going on down there, "What was that and who was she?"

"Buffy," Cordelia said with a broad grin. She loved that Kate was so disappointed. It was great, "The love of Angel's life."

"Love of Angel's life?" Kate echoed numbly.

"Yes," Cordelia answered, looking over her broken computer and losing her smile, "In all his looooong life he's just loved little Buffy. Isn't that sweet?"

"She's so strong," Kate said, "She's not a vampire too?"

"No," Wesley said, shaking his head, "She's a vampire Slayer."

"Oh The Slayer," Kate said, "That's funny."

"We used to get a laugh out of it," Cordy said, looking over at the demon corpses, "If they weren't already dead I'd kill them. This was a brand new computer!"

"We should probably dispose of them," Wesley said.

"Ick," Cordy said, "That's not part of my job. You dispose of the dead things, not me."

"I don't think I can drag them out of here by myself, Cordelia."

"Then wait for the love birds to come back upstairs cause I'm not doing it."


u want me just as much as i want u, let's stop fooling around
take me baby... kiss me all over... play with my love
bring out what's been in me for far too long
baby, u know that's all i've been dreaming of

"You're mad at me?" Angel asked, as he sprawled back on the floor, bringing the lithe body of his lover with him.

"Yeah," she said, nodding. Angel was already aroused again and so was she. The drug in the blood must have passed to her from him. He hadn't even drank any of it, so she just had to wonder what the hell was in it. Of course, she didn't wonder enough to mention it or anything.

"I'm sorry," he said, moving his hands over her body again.

"I'm furious with you," she whispered, wrapping her hand around his erect cock and licking the tip before kissing the underside, leaving searing seductive kisses there. He thought about asking what she was angry about but as she took him in her hot mouth, sucking him between her perfect lips, he lost his train of thought. He arched against her, as she moved over him. Between the feel of her around him, inside her mouth and the smell of her growing arousal, he was going insane.

He moved, grabbed her hips and gently pivoted her body, moving her wet core to his lips. He tasted her, lapping her juices into his mouth. She moaned as he sucked her clit into his mouth, causing a vibration around him. The experience was unreal to Buffy, who had never done this sort of thing before. Angel pushed his tongue into her opening, penetrating her and drinking her in. She squirmed over him as he rubbed her clit, pinching the swollen bud between his large fingers.

She sucked him harder and faster as she neared orgasm, moving her hips involuntarily. He felt her climax approaching and took her clit into his mouth once more, sucking and licking her until she was shaking so violently, he mentally begged her to come. As she came, she latched onto his cock, sucking ever harder until he climaxed with her, releasing into her mouth.


don't worry about nobody else
from now on u'll be here with me

"Hey guys," Willow said as she entered the office, followed closely by Oz, Xander, Riley and Giles. They stepped over the demon bodies still lying by the door and looked around at broken computer and cracked wall.

"Glad to see everyone came along," Cordelia said, looking over Xander.

"You know you've missed me, CC," Xander said with a crooked smile.

"Oh yeah," Cordy said, "Been waiting for you to show up every day."

"I knew it," he answered. The loud moans coming from downstairs caught everyone's notice and Riley gulped loudly, "Please tell me that isn't Buffy."

"Okay," Cordelia said, "It isn't Buffy. Well, it's not just Buffy. Angel's down there too."

"Smooth, Cordy," Xander muttered.

"Thanks," she said beaming a smile at him.

"Where's the blood samples?" Giles asked.

"Downstairs," Kate answered angrily, "With them."

"Who are you with the sour grapes?" Xander asked.

"Kate," she answered.

"Kate's our office police pest, I mean, officer," Cordy said.

"Cordelia, please," Wesley said, "Kate is a police detective with the LAPD. We help each other with cases on occasion. This particular case was one that we were collaborating on."

"Someone needs to gather the samples from them," Giles said after greeting Kate, "Any suggestions?"

"Fine," Willow lamented after everyone stared at her, "I'll go."

She took the stairs and yelled out their names as she went down, hoping that they would get dressed.

"One second, Will!" Buffy shouted as she pulled on Angel's torn shirt and Angel jumped back into his pants, "Okay!"

"Hi, Buffy. Hi, Angel," Willow timidly went into the room, blushing as she went in.

"Hey Will," Buffy answered, "Sorry about"

"That's okay, I just need a blood sample," she said, "So I can study it. If you just point the way, I'll get it and get out."

"In the refrigerator," Angel answered, pointing her in the general direction, "I'd get it for you but I don't think it's a good idea for me to touch it."

Willow made her way to the kitchen and called for Buffy's help as she tried to heft one of the heavy coolers out. Buffy pulled it out and opened it for Willow and waited as she chose a bag. As Buffy was pushing it back onto the shelf Willow whispered, "Riley's here."

"What?" Buffy yelled, "Why the hell did you let him come here?"

"I couldn't stop him. He was there when Wesley called and he was already pressuring me with the questions about where you were. He's a tough interrogator. I caved."

"That's okay," Buffy said, shifting a glance out to where Angel had been and now was missing, "Angel?"

"Just getting a new shirt, love," he called back from the bedroom.

"Thank God," Buffy said to Willow, "I thought he was already upstairs fighting with my boyfriend."

"Your boyfriend?" Angel asked with a growl, walking into the room.

""Kay, I'm going upstairs," Willow said, nearly running back up the steps.

"I was going to break up with him," Buffy said, moving around the apartment to pick up her clothes, "I just was in a hurry to get here."

"Why were you in a hurry to get here anyway?" Angel asked, following her around the apartment.

"I found out that somebody's soul was now intact and hadn't bothered to call certain people and let them know!"

"And this would be the furious part," Angel said as Buffy pulled on her panties and jeans.

"Yeah, this would be that part," she said as she unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, baring her chest to his gaze. Much to his disappointment, she put on her shirt again.

"You know why I didn't call you," he said quietly, moving closer, "You know why I couldn't. I'm sure the jealous boyfriend upstairs would love to know why you're here."

"He's my problem," she said, "This is not about him, it's about us. I came here to tell you to quit being an asshole."

"Convincing argument," he said with a lopsided smile.

"Yeah, well," she sighed, looking into his alluring brown eyes, "There was more to it, like, four orgasms ago."


'cuz u and i know we gotta die some day
if u think i'm crazy, you're probably right

Riley watched as Buffy and Angel appeared, taking over the attention of the entire room. Riley was certain he had never seen Buffy look so gorgeous and sated. She seemed to fit more evenly inside her skin next to the vampire who was currently sizing him up. Her clothes were very revealing, for one, which was a bit odd, and she was flushed from making love to her demon. She didn't look that glazed and sexy after he had made love to her.

She avoided him ruthlessly, not speaking to him and headed directly to where Willow was researching. Obviously, she had more important things to deal with, rather than address their relationship and the fact that she had just cheated on him with a vampire. He was steaming as he watched her and more attracted to her than he had been before.

Angel waited until Buffy was safely in the next room, door closed and out of earshot before he approached the boyfriend. He walked directly across the room and ignored the fact that everyone was watching him closely.

"You're not welcome here," Angel said quietly, "Go home."

"Actually, Angel," Giles interjected, "We need to talk to him about The Initiative's involvement with this experiment."

"Fine," Angel growled after a long minute of silence, "Stay away from Buffy."

"First of all, she's my girlfriend," Riley said, his words coming out so angrily that it almost seemed as it he were growling too, "And secondly, I have no idea what The Initiative has to do with this."

"Find out," Angel commanded.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" Riley returned, "We capture fiends like you every day. Maybe I should call the boys in to take you into containment, since you certainly appear to be a hostile!"

"Good Lord," Giles said with his hands on his hips and giving the two jealous men disapproving looks. They both stepped away from each other from the sheer force of the Watcher's irritation, "Do act like civilized people. I realize that you both have issues with Buffy right now, but please contain yourselves."


yes, i'm addicted 2 your pleasure
i'm addicted 2 your pain

Partially because Angel was so incredibly wrapped up in his lust and partially because he wanted to prove to Riley just who had Buffy, he went into his office where Buffy was talking to Willow and Oz. Willow was doing the research while Oz added his thoughts here and there and Buffy was leaning over the desk, talking excitedly and watching the process.

Testosterone on overload and knowing that Riley was watching, Angel walked over to his lover. He knew he shouldn't be that close to the blood, but he wanted to be where she was. He moved behind her, pulling her hips back against him. She leaned back against his chest and felt her body warming as his arousal pressed against her.

"Angel," she said, grinding against him, "You shouldn't be in here."

"Then you come out of here with me," he whispered, kissing her neck. Willow and Oz focused on the experiment trying not to notice, while out in the outer office, Riley kept his eyes trained on the display. Angel glanced out at Riley, smiling evilly as he whispered in her ear, "We should go back downstairs."

"Willow," Buffy said, reddening immediately, "How long until you are finished?"

"Probably another hour."

"Okay," Buffy said, moving through the door with Angel close behind her, "We should go on patrol, Angel."

"Yes, good idea," Giles agreed.

"I should go too," Riley offered, dripping emerald green sweat of a jealous lover.

"Actually," Buffy said, "You and Kate will be needed here in case more demons attack the office."

Angel grinned like a Cheshire cat as he walked out into the night. More than slight dislike passed between the men as the couple left the building. Buffy wanted to talk to Riley, she wanted to break up with him gently. But she couldn't when her lusty vampire was filling her brain with visions of...things she shouldn't be thinking. She tried to look at Riley but all she saw there was badness. Usually The Slayer chose fight, when she was in this sort of confrontation, but tonight she chose flight.

And strangely, didn't even feel bad about it.


working my body with a hot flash of animal lust
purplelectricity whenever our bodies touch
ooh baby, i love it when our bodies touch

Buffy and Angel walked slowly through the dark streets of LA, holding hands and sending rivers of lust back and forth. Angel tried to control his desire, but was finding it impossible. Buffy was always irresistible, but tonight she was an all powerful force of division for his brain. He had no idea how to get back to the control he had spent so much time mastering.

"I want to be inside you," he growled, tightening his fingers around her hand.

"I know," she gasped back, "I think when inside me the drug started effecting me too. I couldn't even stand to talk to Riley. I just wanted to think about you touching me again."

He pulled her into an alley and kissed her, exploring her mouth with his tongue and cupping her breast with his hand. She moved against him, clutching him against her.

"I've never wanted you like this before," she whispered as he pushed her shirt aside to release her breasts to his mouth and hands.

"Whatever this is," he said, pausing and looking into her eyes, still pressing her against the brick wall, "it's too strong to control. I've always wanted you. I've always wanted to make love to you before. But I don't want to make love to you right now, Buffy."

"You don't?" she asked, her face contorting into confusion.

"No," he answered honestly, "I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you so hard that you come screaming. I want to feel your pussy pulsing around my cock as you come again and again. I love you, baby, but I don't want to make love right now."

"Then stop talking and fuck me," she gasped, pressing against him harder. Nimble fingers unbuttoned and unzipped her pants, pushing them roughly around her ankles. He released his cock and entered her from behind, latching his fingers over her clit as he moved inside her harder than he ever had before. She could feel the bruises rising over her skin and only could utter guttural pleads for him to continue, to move harder. She stretched around him and thrust back against him as he took her under the night sky.

When she came for the first time, he did not relent in his movements but increased them, building even more heat inside his lover. She nearly lost her footing when the second climax arrived and he held her against him, his large hand spanning her abdomen. Her legs shook as they moved together, howling like beasts into the night.


i would rather drink 6 razor blades
razor blades from a cup

Riley waited anxiously for Buffy and Angel to return, growing more pissed off with each passing moment. They had been gone over an hour and a half. Luckily, Willow was still working on the research. It was taking a bit longer than she realized and so Riley was forced to wait.

Kate inched over to him, after her curiosity had gotten the better of her

"So, you're Buffy's boyfriend?" she asked.

"I was," he said, "Until today. Not sure what happened."

"I'm not either," she said, staring at the floor.

"Where you dating Angel?"

"I was hoping to date Angel," she answered sadly, "He never said anything about her."

"You obviously weren't around much," Xander said, "Cause anybody who knows Angel knows certain important things: Needs to brood, can't have sunlight, likes the blood and loves the Buffster. Sorry, but there's no chance for ya, there."

"No kidding," Cordelia added, backing up her ex-boyfriend, "The only thing Angel cares about is Buffy."

"You could have mentioned that to me before," Kate complained, narrowing her eyes at Cordelia.

"I was hinting," Cordy said in defense to herself, "You're just dense."

"You're not helping," Giles said and then turned as the door opened, announcing Buffy and Angel's return. Buffy found herself feeling the stares of the room and knew that everyone probably figured out they were fucking and not even trying to patrol.

"You bit her," Riley said, when Buffy's hair moved away showing a bruised neck and a red wound which had been reopened numerous times.

"Got a little peckish," Angel answered, catapulting frustration at him, "And your girlfriend has such great blood."

"You fucking asshole!" Riley shouted.

"Hey, I am in the room," Buffy shouted, "And you both need to stop this manly display."

"No shit," Cordy added. She didn't care if Angel drank Buffy's blood or if they humped like bunnies into the next century. All she wanted was for the mystery to be solved so she could go home and have a life.

"You let him feed off you!" Riley yelled.

"Oh, stop being so dramatic," Buffy said with a sigh, still pulsing from Angel's body against hers. She found herself not even caring that Riley was angry or that Giles was given her the fatherly disapproval stare, "It's not like he was trying to kill me."

"I can't fucking believe this," Riley muttered.

"Hey," Oz called out, coming into the room, "Hate to interrupt all the fun, but I think Will's got it."


until then she's held at bay by my animal-like persistence
or maybe she's just 2 proud 2 say
that fate brought us together
and this is where she wants to stay

"You have to stay until this wears off," Angel said, as she snuggled in bed with him, "I think I'll die if you leave a second before this is over."

"Too bad Will couldn't come up with an antidote," Buffy sighed kissing his chest.

"Yeah, it's just awful," he said grinning, "Another three days of this?"

"What's awful is what I did to Riley," Buffy said, knowing it was already wearing off because the guilt was catching up to her.

"I'm just glad he left before I had to kill him," Angel growled.

"You are so sexy when you do that," she said, kissing him softly.

"You've got to be the first Slayer to ever be turned on by a vampire's growl," he said, kissing her back.

"I don't know," Buffy said, seriously, "I bet Faith would disagree."

"So, anyway," Angel said, turning the conversation away from the other Slayer, "Since we've stopped the plant from continuing to manufacture this destructive drug and the Initiative doesn't have their supplier anymore, I think we're okay to lay in bed for a couple more days."

"I'm missing classes," Buffy said and smiling at Angel's raised eyebrow, "Well, maybe ‘missing' is the wrong word."

He laughed out loud, which was so rare for Angel, and pulled her more closely against him.

"I love you," he said, chuckling.

"I love you," she echoed and closed her eyes to get some much deserved sleep.


THE END. Hope you enjoyed the smut fest! *G*

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