Angel's Return
What happens when Angel finds out about Buffy & Spike?
A Chaotic Halloween
Blue Skies
B/A Ficlet
Diluted Truth
The Powers That Be give Angel a chance to change everything.
Finding Someday
After Giles leaves in S5, Buffy goes to see Angel instead of kissing Spike.
What if Angel went to Sunnydale instead of sleeping with Darla?
Drabble written for The Under 400 Word Drabblethon called "Human."
In A Position to Let Me Know
Buffy calls to Angel and he responds to the internal plea of his mate. This was my very first fic. *G*
Landslide of Principle
S4. What if Angel decided to get Buffy back after fighting Riley?
Picking Up The Pieces
Angel and Riley are poisoned by the same demon.
Primal Force
A spell sends Angel back to Sunnydale to protect Buffy.
Flip Side of Primal Force
What if the same spell was performed on Buffy instead?
Putting the Damage On
When Buffy & Faith switch bodies, what if Faith went to LA to see Angel while still in Buffy's body?
AtS Season 5 ficlet, B/Aish

Saving the Slayer
Instead of going through the trials to save Darla, Angel goes through them for Buffy.
Something You Can't Forgive
When Riley finds out Buffy is the Slayer, she is taken captive by the Initiative.
Soul Vacation
Buffy thinks Angel died in the End of Days.
The Mark
Buffy goes to LA to help Angel with a case and a strange mark appears on both of their hands.
The Immortal
Set at the end of AtS 5. B/Immortal (B/A indirectly).
The Reclaiming
Buffy finds out Angel's soul is permanent and goes to LA to confront him.
The Taste of My Blood
Set just after graduation, Buffy makes some decisions that change her future with Angel.
Under My Skin
Wolfram & Hart perform a spell that sends Buffy to LA to Angel.
Angel catches Buffy and Spike having sex.
What's funny about the pain...
Weird angst B/A ficlet
When I Am Old & Gray
Far future B/A ficlet


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