The Under 400 Word Drabblethon


BtVS – (Writing for summergal25)
Character/Pairing - Buffy/Angel, Willow/Oz
3 Words/Prompts – Love, Happy, Beach
3 Things you DO NOT want in your drabble - SPIKE, CORDY

By Tango

Buffy couldn’t feel the sand beneath her or even the sun shining down so brightly that it was blinding. All she could feel was Angel on top of her, against her, inside her…so warm, so decadently, blissfully *hot*. She couldn’t imagine where Willow and Oz had gone; if they were feet away or miles beneath the ocean. Angel with his cool skin and ice cream kisses had gone and this new, living creature had taken over. This human form of him that was so achingly familiar, but so astonishingly different. All those times in his arms, feeling his skin heat up to a slow boil while she was in his arms was now a feverish high. Love was more than fire, more than emotion. This miraculous remade love had no logic, no sight, no speech, no unfathomable fear. Perfect happiness surrounded them, sliced away passersby, blocked out the sun, forced tears from their eyes, but now, finally, it couldn’t take his soul.