When I Am Old & Gray...

By Tango

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Spoiler: Far Future Ficlet


Angel paced around the hospital room, dragging his hands through his hair. His eyes were full of tears and panic. They were golden with fear and the staff was terrified of him. Breath he did not need came out in ragged bursts.

“Baby, they mapped the godamn human genome decades ago. Organ cloning is frighteningly successful to the point of overpopulation,” Angel raged, in a near growl.

“Come here,” she said, holding her hand only a few inches from the bed. Her long blonde locks had long ago turned gray and cropped short. Her smooth golden skin was now much paler and covered in wrinkles. Angel never noticed these things. He did not see his wife as any less beautiful as the day he saw her so many years ago on the stairs of Hemery High licking a lollipop. He looked at her face in desperation. Buffy Summers was a hundred and two years old - the oldest Slayer on record. Her eyes were exactly the same.

“They can save you,” Angel pleaded, taking her hand in his. He sat on the edge of the bed and the tears filling his eyes began to fall. “Just give me a chance. We’ll clone your heart. We’ll speed up the process.”

“It’s not natural, Angel,” she whispered, wiping the tears from his face. “It’s not just my heart. My body is tired. I’m tired. When I die-“

“NO!” he roared, jumping back to his feet. “Not that again. I won’t ALLOW it!”

“You have to,” she said gently. “Come here and listen.”

He crossed his arms deliberately and looked out the window, glaring at the night sky, as if it would shrink in terror from his anger. He closed his eyes and concentrated on her breathing, which was labored and there was a pronounced wheezing rattling in her throat.

“Angel,” she repeated, hitching a breath. Tears were in her eyes too now, despite her attempts to keep them at bay. He pivoted and returned to sit on the edge of the bed again.

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