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A Chaotic Halloween

By Tango

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SPOILER: CWC, PWP. (Angel returned to Buffy and they are living in the mansion together. She never died the second time and never slept with Spike, but they do know he can hit her. For simplicity's sake and to help my pathetic excuse for a plot, Ethan never turned anyone into their costumes before.) So, what happens when Ethan Rayne returns to unleash Angelus, even though Angel's soul is permanent? Don't mistake this for a plot. This all just Tango's special lil world. *G*

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by Dorothy Parker

The Playful flapper here we see,
The fairest of the fair.
She's not what Grandma used to be, --
You might say,
au contraire.

Her girlish ways may make a stir,
Her manners cause a scene,
But there is no more harm in her
Than in a submarine.

She nightly knocks for many a goal
The usual dancing men.
Her speed is great, but her control
Is something else again.

All spotlights focus on her pranks.
All tongues her prowess herald.
For which she well may render thanks
To God and Scott Fitzgerald.

Her golden rule is plain enough -
Just get them young and treat them


"Ta da!" Buffy shouted, spinning in front of Angel for effect. He licked his lips as he looked over her slender body in a short, red flapper dress. Her breasts were very obviously without the support of a bra and the dipping neckline turned him on as much as it made him nervous. The dress was impossibly short and although it was loose, the way the material slipped around her body made it more sexy than a tighter outfit would have. Her feet were adorned with matching strappy heels the same shade of red as her dress. A short, bobbed dark brown wig covered her long blonde tresses, leaving her elegant neck deliciously bare.

Smiling gleefully at him, she twisted and shook her body, looking down to watch the fringe flying back and forth with her movements. Angel, however, was looking at movement of her breasts, missing the fringe entirely.

"Do you like it?" she asked, her eyes glowing with happiness. Broadening her smile, she spun around again for him. He licked his lips and quelled the urge to demand she change before their guests arrived. The hopefulness in her eyes kept him for chiding the skimpiness of her choice and he nodded.

"I love it, Buffy. You're beautiful," he said, crossing the room to pull her into his arms, "but..."

"But, what?"

"But while everyone's here for the party, no twisting like that anymore," he said, meeting her eyes and smiling in a way that made him look like he was in pain, "and under no circumstances should you bend over...at all...for any reason."

Laughing at his never ending jealously, she swatted his arm and rolled her eyes, "Don't worry, baby. No one's going to see my goodies."

"They better not," he growled, moving in for a kiss. As his lips touched hers, the doorbell rang and Buffy swiftly hurried from the room to answer it, leaving him kissing air. Sighing, he watched her exit before following, breathing deeply as he willed his arousal to go down. The leather pants certainly weren't helping. Buffy had tried and tried to get him to find a costume, but he flatly refused. He was over two centuries old and certainly not a teenager. There was no way he was donning some costume that he would later be blackmailed about. Buffy was proud that she had managed to get him into his leather pants and was looking forward to getting him out of them later.

He shook his head at the memory of her asking him to wear them. "You want me to dress up as Angelus for Halloween?" he had asked her incredulously. He remembered her description of how sexy he was, how those tight leather pants made her hot and aroused for him. He thought it was a bit ridiculous, but agreed anyway. In all honesty, the hungry look in her eyes was so irresistible, he probably would have worn a costume, if she had that look in her eyes when she asked.

Angel strolled into the great room of the mansion and looked past Buffy's bright orange and black decorations to see who the first visitor was. His eyes narrowed as he focused on Spike. He tried to accept Spike as much as he could simply because Buffy had started to trust him. Although he had to admit that his chipped Childe had helped out in a lot of situations, he would never ever trust him. He swallowed a growl at the way Spike was looking at his little flapper godess and walked over to them.

"But it's Halloween," Buffy whined as Angel came into the great room, "Demons are supposed to take the night off!"

"Red's sensing a magickal uprising, so the party's canceled, love," Spike explained, cocking an eyebrow at Angel's choice of apparel, "You're needed for patrol."

"What's up?" Angel asked smoothly, pretending he didn't see the way Spike looked over him. He knew wearing those pants was a mistake. Forcing away memories of trysts he had with his Grande Childe, he waited for an explanation.

"We have to go to the Giles'," Buffy moaned, turning to face her lover to make sure he didn't miss the disappointment marring her beautiful face, "No night off for Buffy. What a surprise!"

"You want to change first?" Angel asked. As much as he looked forward to admiring her in that outfit, Spike had admired it more than enough in the past few seconds.

"No," Buffy answered, "I paid forty bucks to rent this costume and I'm wearing it. I don't care if there's another apocalypse coming or not!"


Spike tried to keep his eyes off the tiny Slayer, but he could clearly see her exquisite body through the dress as they walked toward the Watcher's flat. The red slip of a covering slid over her curves much like he wished his hands were. Her breasts, full and begging for attention, bounced lightly as she walked, swinging those sexy hips to the beat of her feet on the pavement. Her toned legs were keeping his mind occupied as he imagined sliding his hands up them until he reached her beckoning heat.

He glanced over at Angel and saw the protective growl waiting in his throat. Spike smiled at him carnally and allowed his eyes to sweep over his Sire as well. Maybe it was the sight of Peaches in those leather pants or the hungry way he eyed his lover, but Spike was forced to remember the dark vampire, not as the nancy boy he had become but of the lover he had lost. Soul aside, the vampire was unmatched in every category. He couldn't forget those sensuous lips brushing against his, that talented tongue, that thick, long cock...

Shaking his head, he looked toward the Slayer once more. Lusting after her was much easier and less confusing. He wasn't even sure what he was doing here or why he was bothering to help them tonight. All he knew was that his untucked shirt was the only thing keeping him from announcing his arousal to his companions. When he glanced back at Angel and met the dark eyes of his Sire he knew he was mistaken. The shirt wasn't hiding anything. Angel knew Spike's cock was aching painfully beneath his snug black jeans and for a second he swore he saw lust in those eyes that he had been long denied.


As they reached Giles' house, Angel was on edge. Buffy had consumed several glasses of wine already that evening in anticipation of the party. Her slight body, despite her Slayer constitution, was not used to that sort of consumption. She was walking steadily and speaking without any slur to her words, but he knew the way she snuggled against him as they walked and the way her skin was flushed, that she was just barely on this side of tipsy. Before they walked inside, she pulled Angel into a toe curling, blood screaming kiss on the door step as if Spike weren't even there. Both vampires groaned. It was going to be a long night.

Angel took a seat on Giles' couch and Buffy curled into his lap, snuggling there as Willow described what she and Tara were feeling. A dark power was rising on the Hellmouth as usual and ruining all the fun. She didn't want to fight or patrol tonight. She squirmed against the arousal she felt against her as she perched on Angel's lap and suddenly, she didn't care about the party either. She tried to take on the serious Slayer hat, but she couldn't help but tease her mate while she waited to hear what they had to do.

"Please baby," he whispered, low enough for only her to hear. Buffy's pouting red lips and the feel of her warm bottom pressing against his leather encased groin was more than he could stand. He actually couldn't wait to patrol before he did something in front of her friends that he knew he would regret. In fact, he was already trying to talk himself out of pulling her into the nearest crypt when they went on patrol and taking her on a cold concrete floor.

Lost in his fantasy of making love to Buffy, he gasped loudly as a very familiar pain coursed through his body. Panicking, he squeezed Buffy's arm so tightly that she yelped in pain and looked at him in alarm.

"Buffy," he growled through gritted teeth, "Go get a stake. Now!"

"Angel," Buffy whimpered, pulling her arm from his grip before he crushed her bones, "What's wrong?"

"My soul!" he roared, moving her swiftly off her lap and looking wildly around the room. Settling on his Childe, he roared his name in a unspoken order. Spike moved forward, unsure of what he was supposed to do. Not only did he not have a weapon, but he was certain Buffy wouldn't allow him to hurt his Grande Sire - soul or not.

"But you...you can't," Buffy said, looking on Angel, who was on his knees breathing heavily, "It's not possible!"

"Mmmm, lover," Angelus said, smiling as he pulled himself to his feet. Cocking his lips into a cold grin, he pulled a stunned and unprepared Buffy to his side and inhaled deeply, "You smell like lust and fear. I've really missed that smell."

Buffy pulled back and pivoted to punch him, but he was already prepared for that movement. Striking quickly, he hit her temple, knocking her unconscious.

"Sire," Spike said, stepping forward tentatively as the rest of the room shrunk back in fear.

"Spike," Angelus said, sweeping Buffy into his arms, "Pick a side, boy. Now."

Nodding, Spike fell in step behind his Sire and followed him out the front door.


Buffy woke up on the couch in the great room of the mansion with her head resting on her lover's strong shoulder. His hand rubbed her back in slow smooth strokes and she sighed happily. It was all a horrible dream. Blinking her eyes open, her breath caught in her throat. Spike was on his knees, nestled between Angelus' leather clad thighs, sucking his Sire's cock for all he was worth. His bleach blonde head bobbed in his Sire's lap, taking all of Angelus' thick length with enthusiasm. Buffy sat up quickly and opened her mouth to protest as she scrambled away, but found herself pulled back to his side, his mouth on hers. When Angelus' threaded his fingers through her hair, Buffy realized her wig was gone. Paying the fee for part of her missing Halloween costume, however, was the least of her worries.

"Let's think about this, lover," he said, holding her against him tightly, "I know that this is just a spell, just as much as you do. The soul is permanent. We both know it. I don't know how I'm out and I don't care..."

Angelus stopped in midsentence and moaned, pressing on the back of Spike's head as he arched off of the couch, "Fuck, Spike...just like that..."

Buffy ventured another look down and was trapped in the sight for a second before she snapped her eyes back up to Angelus' face. He turned and looked at her trembling beside him, his cold brown eyes filled with amusement. He tightened his grip on her hip, digging his fingers into her soft flesh as he jerked up once more, pouring his seed into Spike's throat. The blonde vampire ferally smiled at her as he pulled himself to his feet and plopped down in Angel's leather arm chair. Tucking his cock back into his pants, Angelus explained, "Now, you don't want to kill me. We both know that. I know I won't have enough time to cause the sort of damage I'd love to wreck, so all you have to do is keep an eye on me until your group of misfits figures out what's going on. In the meantime, I say we call truce. I won't try to kill you or anyone else as long as you're here with me. But if you leave my side for more than a minute, I will go out and start a murdering spree that'll keep soul boy weeping for years. Deal?"

"W-why do you want me to stay?" she said, trying to keep her voice from quivering, "You hate me."

"No, no, no," he said, keeping his cocky grin, "I don't hate you, Buff. You think a demon like me can't feel love, don't you? Tsk, tsk. So closed minded, little Slayer. I do love. I love your sexy little body, I love that wet little pussy of yours, that tight round ass..."

Buffy pried his hand away and flung herself to the other side of the couch, staring at him in disbelief, "You said...before..."

"Oh, that," he said, waving his hand in dismissal, "I was just fighting you with the best weapon I had. No hard feelings, baby."

"No hard feelings!" she raged, "You...you...you are a total piece of shit!"

She stood and spun around to storm from the room but bumped into Spike's muscled chest. She began to toss him aside when he caught her hands, "He'll kill if you leave, pet and I'm not going to go against my Sire and get dusted because you skittered off. Sorry, love, but you have to stay."

Buffy's mouth curled into a sneer of anger as she saw happiness in Spike's eyes. He was happy Angelus was free. He was downright fucking gleeful. Pulling her arm back quickly, she punched Spike hard enough to send him flying across the room, sliding over the floor on his back. Spinning back around and turning her back on the only demon in the room she was fairly certain wouldn't hurt her, she stared at Angelus who hadn't moved. She looked over him with frustration. She couldn't believe this was the body of the man...er...demon she loved. After all this time, she had finally accepted that she never had to worry about this again. She had filled her heart and mind with the peace she had wanted for so long and finally had. She had almost allowed herself to forget Angelus.

And now he was back.

"Now," Angelus said lightly as he walked toward the kitchen, "We have to decide how to spend our time together while we still have it."

"If you think we're going to do anything that will cause Angel pain later, you're dreaming," Buffy shouted, following after him. She was fairly certain he couldn't do much damage if she left him alone in the kitchen for a moment, but with a demon as dangerous as he was, you never could tell.

"Always protecting my weaker half," he said in a mock pout as he produced a bottle of wine and cork screw, "it's almost as if you like him better than me, Buff. I mean, really. That hurts my feelings."

"Awww," Buffy said angrily, "I'm so sorry. Anything else that would hurt your feelings? I'm up for suggestions. How ‘bout this: You're an evil, sadistic animal and if you didn't share a body with the man I love, you'd be dust by now."

"Ah, but I do share his body," he said, opening the wine and pouring it into three crystal glasses, "Convenient, wouldn't you say?"

"Yeah," Buffy snorted, "Convenient that I can't kill you."

"And it allows me to control you," he murmured sliding the glass slowly across the counter to her and leaning his body seductively over it. She turned her face disdainfully away from him and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Your fear is so delicious," he whispered as he moved closer, swaggering toward her with two glasses of wine in his large, beautiful hands. She unconsciously licked her lips as her eyes raked over his broad form, sweeping several times before settling on those large hands and long elegant fingers as they moved toward her with the wine. She shuddered as she moved closer, handing a glass to Spike, who she realized was standing right behind her. He touched her gently, swiping one finger down her bare arm very slowly. She loved the feel of those beautiful hands on her body, even now that they were controlled by Angelus rather than her lover.

"I-I'm not afraid of you," she said, stepping back a tiny step and finding herself pressed up against Spike's chest.

"No," he said, shaking his head, "You are terrified of me. Not because I can kill you anytime I want but because you want me even though I'm a demon. You see, Buff. I know you love this body, these hands touching you. I know I can fuck you right here on the kitchen floor and you'll do nothing to stop me."

"If you think-"

"Shhh," he said, pressing his thumb to her lips and then tracing them before moving his hand away so he could kiss her. Growling, he captured her glossy red lips, nibbling and biting at them as he pressed against her. She opened her mouth to give his tongue access as he ground his arousal into her harder. Behind her Spike moved closer and did the same, trailing his fingers over her arms. He was well aware that he would not be forgiven after this. He knew when Angel's soul returned, he would probably have to skip town, but he couldn't pass up this chance to be with his Sire again or the delectable Slayer.

"Angelus," she whimpered, as he gathered a handful of her silky blonde hair and nipped along her delicate throat, "Please stop."

"Why?" he whispered against her skin. He wound his fingers through the spaghetti straps of her dress and slipped them down, baring her to his lips and tongue. Without of regret, he delighted in the full breasts that bounced free, sucking one of her nipples into his mouth, biting it and then licking and sucking, while he tugged at her other nipple, rolling it between his fingertips. She arched against him, bucking her hips against him as he growled, "You know you want it."

"No, Angel...he'll..." she groaned as he bit harder onto her nipple with his blunt teeth. She was vaguely aware of Spike pushing her dress down to puddle at her feet and his hands roaming over the red silk that barely covered her rear.

"Angel is taking a little nap, pet," Spike said, kissing her throat, licking the salty skin there. The more he licked and sucked her skin, the more he forgot about his Sire. His body quivered at the thought of tasting warm, human blood again. Unable to resist the allure of the Slayer's blood, he switched to the demon and prepared to bite in. As he opened his mouth and descended to her sweet flesh, a large hand wrapped around his throat and squeezed.

"Bite my mate and I'll dust you, William," Angelus snarled, "I am allowing you to participate, but you have no right to taste her blood."

"Sire," he squeaked as Angelus squeezed harder for a moment before releasing him reluctantly. Spike breathed a sigh of relief before Angelus' fist struck him hard in the jaw, sending him staggering back several paces.

"Make no mistake," Angelus said, clutching Buffy to his chest and pulling her into his arms, "She is mine. No one tastes her blood but me! "

Angelus stalked from the room with Buffy in his arms and quickly recovering, Spike followed them, knowing his Sire had not yet given him leave. If he did not want him there, he would have dismissed him. He found them on the couch again, where Angelus had laid her down and draped himself over her.

"Sit down," Angelus demanded, his words muffled against her ribs as he licked and sucked random patches of golden skin. Looking up into her eyes and gliding back up her body, he lowered his voice to a seductive tone, "I'm going to show you what this body is capable of, baby."

"I already know what it's capable of, you conceited bastard," she snapped, realizing that once again she had allowed herself to be caught up in her lover's body. Pushing him away roughly, she covered her chest as she stood. Angelus wasted no time pulling her back to him. She landed on his lap, her back to his chest. Leaning down, he whispered in her ear while he nudged her hands away from her breasts, "I know everything you two have done together. I know what your secrets are, lover. I know what makes you wet. I know you're already wet."

She whimpered as his hand slipped down her belly. He moved her legs on either side of his and spread his legs, opening her. Slowly, he moved his hand into her panties, cupping her sex before sliding in to touch her.

"Don't you hate it when I'm right?" he asked, moving into fingers into her wet heat, "You're dripping for me."

"I can't do this," she said, her voice breaking, even as she ground against him, pressing against his raging erection. She looked across the room and met Spike's blue eyes, which were darker than usual and lined in yellow. Buffy closed her eyes as she recognized the look on his face. She knew that look. It was the same I-want-to-fuck-you-right-now expression that Angel often had.

"Sure you can," he said as he plunged into her deeper, rubbing her clit. As she was teetering on the edge of climax, he pulled his fingers away and she gasped at the loss. He flipped her over to face him and unzipped his pants as she kneeled over his lap. He pulled his pants down low enough to free himself and paused to smile at her. He smoothed his hand over her hip slowly and curled his fingers into her panties. With a jerk, they were gone and he pulled her hips down, guiding himself into her, "This is the same body you fuck every day...several times a day."

"You're not Angel," she moaned as he filled her, holding her hips down over him, connecting their bodies. He knew he had her before he even touched her sex, before he entered her, but confidence swelled inside his undead heart as her inner muscles clenched rhythmically around him.

"But it's not really cheating. Same body," he said, cupping her breasts and moving up deeper into her, "Now ride me nice and hard, lover."

Buffy bit her lip and looked down at his chest so she wouldn't have to meet his eyes. She still felt tipsy from the wine and couldn't seem to make herself move. Even if it wasn't Angel, his body was the same, the cock throbbing inside her was the same and his hands touching her were exactly the same.

Across the room, Spike waited, holding his unbreath as he stared at her perfect naked ass resting on his Sire's legs. He knew she was going to leave any second. He was sure of it, even if she was dripping for Angelus. He couldn't get over how delicious her arousal was, how she radiated so much heat, he could feel it across the room. She didn't move and for a minute or two and Spike thought he was in for a long night of waiting, but finally Angelus lunged forward, flipping her roughly to the floor. Growling loudly, he pounded into the Slayer's wet heat. Spike continued to wait for her to protest, but much to his surprise, she moaned, wrapped her golden legs around him and moved with him.

She was glorious lying there arching against the body of her lover, golden hair spread out on the floor behind her. Her red lips were parted as she panted puffs of lusty air into the room, making the most wonderful grunting sounds as Angelus fucked her into the marble floor.

When she came the first time, Spike actually groaned with her. She was a spectacle, so alive and passionate. The sight, sound and smell of her were so much better than even his most vivid wet dream of the Slayer. He watched her breasts as they rubbed against his Sire's broad chest, her hard nipples scraping against his skin. It took every ounce of his self control not to unzip his black jeans and masturbate to the sight before him.

Angelus reverted to the demon as he neared climax and as he prepared for release, he sank his fangs into her throat, diving into the exact place where Angel had left his scar. Swallow after swallow of her warm blood scalded his throat as he released his seed deep inside her. He lost himself in the taste and feel of Slayer blood. So warm and unbelievably powerful, he had yearned to have it since he was freed the first time and when he finally tasted it, trapped underneath Angel's heavy soul, he knew he would jump at the chance for more. The strength and vibrancy of her filled him as he drank and he had to force himself to not drain it all. As he pulled away and lapped at the fresh wound, it dawned on him that she was screaming, screaming as she climaxed around him. Her tiny hands were weakly pressed against his chest and she was heaving deep breaths. Weakened and vunerable, glowing with spent arousal, shooting hatred at him through mossy green eyes, she was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen.

"I hate you," she said through gritted teeth as he pulled out of her. Her voice was hoarse and raw and Angelus delighted in the sound. Tears leaked from her eyes and he sipped them from her cheeks, feeding off her sorrow and fear.

"Sure you do, Buff," he said, covering her mouth with his own. Glancing up as he kissed her, he caught Spike's eyes and beckoned him over. Spike wasted no time moving from his seat and crossing the room to kneel between her trembling thighs. Buffy's eyes widened as she felt another pair of hands on her body, smoothing over her thighs, spreading her open. She tried to move, but Angelus held her down, pinning to the floor. She screamed into Angelus' mouth as Spike's tongue lapped at her wet core. Angelus, undeterred by her scream, kissed her more deeply, pinching one of her nipples hard as she bucked beneath the two vampires.

"You didn't think Spike was just here to watch, did you?" Angelus crooned, threading his fingers through her hair, "Relax baby, he's great at eating pussy...or so I've heard."

Buffy prepared to protest as two of Spike's fingers slipped into her slick passage, but when his lips latched on to her clit, she lost all reason. She lifted her hips as he sucked her harder, lashing at the little bud with his practiced tongue. Spike pushed a third finger into her, reveling at how tight, hot and wet she was. It was un-fucking-believable. Even after having sex with Angel all this time, who was well endowed to say the least, she was so tiny, so tight. He couldn't wait to get his cock into her.

As Buffy came from Spike's ministrations, Angelus shucked off the rest of his clothes and leaned back against the couch while he sat on the floor, admiring his Childe and lover. He saw Spike pressing his groin against the floor, his arousal unbearable as he groaned into the Slayer's pussy. She came, writhing beneath him as Angelus looked on with a cool grin.

"Nice work, Spike," Angelus said, "Sweetest little cunt I've ever seen, alive or dead."

He watched as Spike, for once in his long life, was silent. He simply pulled himself up to his knees and leaned back, licking his lips and watching Buffy with amazement as she recovered from her orgasm. Her chest rose and fell with her breaths and her legs trembled as sat up.

"C'mere lover," Angelus said, his voice commanding. Buffy, dazed and bewildered, crawled over to him and snuggled against his chest, trying with all her might to pretend that he was Angel. He tugged her hand to his lap and curled her fingers around his thick shaft, which was standing up with his arousal once more. Slowly, he nudged her down his body. She tightened her fingers around him and took a deep breath, gathering strength. She silently begged Willow to restore Angel's soul as she bent over him. Angelus watched eagerly as her pink tongue snaked out to taste him, lapping at the tip of his cock before wrapping her lips around him as she had done many times before and taking him into her mouth.

Spike stayed in the same place and watched, waiting for Angelus' signal which didn't come for several long, throbbing minutes. Finally, Angelus looked up at him and chuckled at the pained look on his Childe's face. Slowly, he nodded his permission. Spike threw off his clothes, nearly ripping them off, and knelt behind her, shaking with anticipation. Pausing, he took in the fantastic sight of her, kneeling before Angelus, taking his substantial length into her mouth.

"Bloody fucking hell," Spike groaned loudly as he entered her. Buffy froze as she felt the invasion, tightening around him and panicking as the night took an entirely different turn. Angelus held her to place to keep her from moving away from his cock as Spike moved slowly inside the scorching heat of the Slayer, "You're so fucking hot, love...burning..."

Reaching around her, he pinched her clit between his fingers as he moved more solidly inside her, dazed by the warmth of her. Angelus caressed her breasts as she came, grinning broadly at Spike as she began moving against both of them at the same time, building a rhythm that made them both pant for more.


Angel heard his own voice groaning loudly and the feeling of pain was fleeting as he felt a warm mouth sucking his cock. He looked down at his beautiful lover pleasuring him and sighed. Glancing down Buffy's body, he roared as he saw Spike slowly fucking his mate from behind.


The End!

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