AU B/A Fic. Buffy is being abused by her boyfriend.
Blink (WIP)
B/A. A series of vignettes in the universe of indie's fic, "Glimpse."
Capsized Delusions
Instead of destroying the Gem of Amara, Angel goes to Sunnydale wearing it.
Choose Your Own Buffy Adventure (WIP)
AU. B/A are married and human, but separated. Angst alert.
The Deal
AU. Angelus blackmails Buffy into moving in with him in exchange for money.
The Drawings Triology
B/A AU. Everyone is just plain old human. Buffy is a gallery owner and Angel is a womanizing artist. Contains Drawings of You and Images of Us, which are complete, and Portraits which is a WIP.
Ethos (WIP)
BtVS crossover with Cruel Intentions.  
Filling in the Blanks
Filling in the blanks Tango style. Beings with "The Puppet Show."
Fret (WIP)
B/A. Branching off in canon just after Season Four. Angel never left and he and Buffy are living together in the mansion. The curse isn’t an issue.
Guardian (WIP)
B/A AU. Angel is an assassin, but is hired to protect Buffy.
The Calling In Sick Series
In A Maudlin Sort of Way
AU. What if when Angel was cursed, all the vampires he sired were cursed as well?
Mutual Sensations
B/A Challenge Fic - Wishverse
B/A AU. Hank is a police officer and his new partner is Angel.
Puppy's Revenge
B/A Wishverse.
B/A AU. A society where men are slaves, Buffy buys Angel. (WIP)
Slayers and Witches and Vampires, Oh My! (WIP)
Happily married B/A 4 years after "Graduation." Buffy & Willow work for the FBI.
Starting Over (WIP)
Buffy is HIV positive. B/A AU
Sunnydale Class of ’94 (WIP)
Underneath It All (WIP)
Want, Take, Have
S4. Wolfram & Hart have broken Faith out of prison to do a little damage to Buffy & Angel.
When Angels Fall
A different spin on "The Gift."
When Hell Breaks Loose
Hell breaks loose the summer after S4.


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