Puppy's Revenge

Part Four

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The happiness clause in Angel's curse does not exist in this one. And let's just say for grins that Willow and Oz were already together before she was turned into a vampire.

WARNING: All vampires are fair game for me to kill off. Please do not get upset if a vamp you like is dusted.


you float like a feather in a beautiful world
and i wish i was special
you're so fucking special

Angel was not thinking about her being in the shower, naked, covered in water. Uh-huh, no way. He took several consecutive unneeded breaths and began changing the sheets on the bed for her. And he wasn't thinking about her sleeping in his bed for the second night in a row. He wasn't thinking about being in the same house as this delectable, gorgeous woman. He breathed again. At this rate, he would be the first hyperventilating vampire.

In the shower, Buffy was thinking along the same lines. He could walk in any minute and join her and she wasn't sure that she would be able to make a syllable that resembled a protest. She hadn't been attracted to anyone like this...well, ever, actually. None of the boys in High School ever made her feel this way and she certainly never felt this way about a vampire!

In fact, she never seriously thought about losing her virginity before. Okay, she thought about it, but never actually saw it looming, real and vividly in the near distant future. But Angel, she thought as she pressed her face into the flowing water, was someone she could give herself to. She stood up straight with the thought and blushed, even though she was by herself.

Vampire, she reminded herself, Vampire, dammit!

But it didn't matter.

At all.


but i'm a creep, i'm a weirdo.
what the hell am i doing here?
i don't belong here.

Angel decided to patrol one more time before going to bed. He was exhausted, in pain from his old wounds and the new ones, but he could not stay in the mansion while Buffy was in the shower. She would be stepping out any minute, drying the droplets of water from her toned body....

He shook the thoughts away, walked slowly and willed his arousal to go away. He wasn't sure what he was thinking when he asked her to move in. Okay, he knew but reality is so much harsher than the vision. Every day, being so close to her, was going to be worse than any torture that Willow, Dru and Darla put together could unleash on him. She might be beginning to trust him, but that was far from where he ached to be. He wanted to hold her at night and sleep breathing in her scent - instead of from rooms away.

"Daddy," Drusilla said, stepping into his path.

"Dru," he choked. He knew she was here. Dru was always where Spike was. But he didn't want to see her. Whenever he did, the demon reared inside him, bucking away his calm thoughts. She had been so much of an obsession when he was Angelus, that he felt overwhelming guilt whenever he saw her.

"I've missed you," she said, approaching him, "You've been away too long."

Angel stood still as she approached. The innocence that almost always stayed in her dark eyes was like a broadcast of his horrible past. So beautiful and sweet...and a demon. She was a walking cringe. She rubbed his shoulders and laid her head on his chest for just a second before she tilted her head to look at him.

"You've missed me to?" she asked, rubbing his arousal. He kept silent, looking down at her, feeling his past beat at him.

"My Angel," she whispered, tracing his throbbing cock through his black pants, "When will you come home?"

"Don't Drusilla," he managed hoarsely, as she pulled his hand to her breast.

"Remember, Angel? Those nights when you would make me scream?"

"I remember," he said, stepping back, "But things are different now."

"You love her," she said as he retreated, "You love her and they're going to kill her."

Angel growled and turned back around, laying golden eyes on his Childe, "They'll have to go through me."

"They will, my Angel, they will."


even though i might,
even though i try,
i can't

"Angel?" Buffy said as she moved almost silently through the house. She checked all of the rooms and found them empty. Finally, she moved out to the garden where the jasmine was blooming wildly and releasing a strong, sweet fragrance. Angel came down the steps, shattering the room.

"You left," she said, looking over him.

"Yeah," he said, nodding, glad he had buttoned a few buttons on his coat to hide his still throbbing arousal. Her standing there with wet hair, streaming freely down her back, over her shoulders, touching the rise of her breasts in a tank top he bought her, wasn't helping, "I went for a walk while you were showering."

"Oh," she said, turning and heading back into the Great Room. She couldn't think of anything else to say and she was sure if she continued looking at him, she would say or do something that wouldn't be advisable.

Angel continued down the stairs and followed her inside, feeling like he was trailing behind her on an imaginary leash. He looked at the destroyed couch and realized he was sleeping on the counter again. He suddenly wished he had taken advantage of it the night before. Buffy was staring at the couch too.

"You can have your bed back tonight," she said, thinking about Angel on the counter, thinking about her on top of Angel on the counter. She blushed again and was glad her back was to him. She could feel his eyes digging into her and concealed a shudder. How could he be attracted to her? It didn't make any sense. With her constant anger, distrusting attitude and not to mention the large scar across her face, there was no way he could feel the way Darla said he felt.

"No," he said, shaking his head even though he knew she couldn't see him, "You can have the bed. I changed the sheets for you."

"You're wounded," she said, turning to face him.

"Believe me, I've had worse," he said. He wasn't just looking at her, he was staring and when he realized it, he quickly looked away. Buffy looked at the floor. She was right. He wasn't attracted to her. She was glad she was looking at the floor so he couldn't see the hurt in her eyes. A sexy vampire with a soul in love with her? Yeah, right.

"I guess...um...I'll take the bed then," she said, finally meeting his eyes, "If you're sure."

She was uncomfortable and Angel picked up on it immediately. He wanted to hit something. If he could just be a normal man, then maybe he would have a fraction of a chance.

"I make you uncomfortable," he mumbled, "I'm sorry. I know it must be strange...you knowing that I'm attracted to you. I promise I'll keep my distance."

"You're attracted to me?" she asked and she felt her face flush hot along with the rest of her body.

"Uh, yeah," he said, nodding slowly, "I thought you knew...since Darla said...dammit."

"I don't understand," she said, truthfully. How could he possibly want her? If he had a reflection, he would understand that he could have any woman in Sunnydale, probably most of the women outside of Sunnydale too. He was gorgeous and if nothing else could be seen, his eyes burned with a soul that made her tingle inside.

"What don't you understand?" he said, stepping closer, "You have to know how beautiful you are."

"Beautiful?" she squeaked.

"You are breathtaking," he whispered, stepping even closer so he was less than a foot from her.

Realizing what she thought was happening, she stepped back and sneered, "Don't fuck with me, Angel."

The anger that crossed over his face barely registered in her brain before he grabbed her narrow shoulders. He looked deeply into her eyes and then gently placed his lips on hers. He kissed her long and slow, softly teasing her lips open and slipping his cool inside her warm mouth. He pulled her against him and kissed her more deeply, pouring all his love and devotion into that one kiss. When he pulled away, she panted for air.

"You are beautiful," he snapped harshly, "I'm not fucking with you. I'm attracted to you. I went for a walk while you were in the shower to keep myself from joining you."

He turned in an abrupt about face and went to the kitchen. He pulled a bag from blood from the refrigerator and bit angrily into the plastic. He couldn't believe she actually didn't believe him! What else did he have to do to prove how he felt?


my baby's got the bends

Willow watched Xander's naked body as he fell into a deep sleep. She kissed his cheek, knowing he wouldn't wake and walked naked from their room. One of the lesser vamps in their group, released a low whistle at the sight of her naked body gleaming in the candlelight. He realized his mistake immediately when she punched him, knocking him on his back and perched on his chest.

"I didn't get to have much fun tonight," she said, "Wanna make it better?"

"No, Mistress. I-I'm sorry," he wheezed. He had momentarily forgotten while lost in his lust for the attractive redhead, that she was one of the most vicious creatures he had ever seen. She stood and walked away, leaving him there. For several moments he laid there thankful for his life.

Willow sauntered into Darla's bedroom and found her in a cream colored silk nightgown, dismissing a lesser vamp from her chamber.

"Hi," Willow said with a low, sweet voice, "Wanna be bad?"

Darla turned smiled broadly and beckoned her in, "Always."


i can't afford to breathe in this town

"Where have you been?" Spike demanded as Drusilla floated in.

"I was hungry," Dru said, licking her red lips, "I saw my Angel."

"Angel?" Spike yelled, "I told you I didn't want you going out alone while Angel and The Slayer are trying to kill us! Are you out of your damn mind?"

Dru lowered her eyes and began to tear up as a whine fell from her lips. Spike sighed loudly and tramped across the room, "I'm sorry, pet, but it's dangerous. I was worried."

"He missed me," she said with a smile, rubbing her body against Spike's. Spike felt the anger shoot through his undead veins. He knew what that meant.

"You slept with him?" he said through gritted teeth.

"He didn't miss me that much," she whispered with sad eyes, "How much did you miss me, Spike?"

He smiled, feeling his anger float away as he led her to the bed.


Buffy sat on the floor, near the broken couch and felt her heart pounding in her chest. That kiss was unlike anything else she had ever experienced. It destroyed any peace of mind she had ever had. She felt her own arousal forming and her blood felt like it was spiked with lava inside her veins. She listened as he opened the refrigerator and slammed the door shut. She held her breath as he came back out and looked down at her sitting on the floor.

"I'm sorry," he said, moving across the room and sitting down next to her, "That was uncalled for. I don't know why got mad."

"I don't either," she admitted.

"I'm slightly frustrated right now," he said, intending more than one meaning, "Doesn't entirely have to do with you."

"Will you...will you kiss me again?" she said quietly, in a voice near a whisper. He leaned in and kissed her again, just as deeply and passionately as before. He pulled her closer to him, sliding her across the floor as he leaned into her. When he broke away, he was breathing deeply, as if he needed the oxygen.

"You really think I'm beautiful?" she asked and the first genuine smile he had ever seen on her, formed over her lips.

"You have a reflection," he said, "I know there aren't any mirrors here, but I'm guessing you've looked in one recently."

"Yeah," she said, "I don't get it."

"Well, I'll just be the judge of your beauty then," he said with a smile.


pieces missing everywhere

"I'd like you to enroll in High School," Giles said the next morning in the library, "How much have you missed?"

"Almost a year," she said, "You actually want me to be in school?

"Yes," he said with a curt nod, "I think a Slayer's education is very important. Not only physical education but your brain needs exercise as well."

"But my last Watcher made me drop out," she protested.

"That's very disturbing, Buffy," he said, "I'm getting the feeling that you have some complaints about your treatment with your previous Watcher. Am I correct in this assumption?"

"Yes," she said, staring at the wooden library table.

"What else differs from my treatment of you and his, if you don't mind my asking?"

"He was mean to me," she said.

"Mean?" he asked, pulling his glasses off to clean them nervously.

"Yes," she said, "He said that a Slayer had to have rigid rules and he was mean if I didn't follow them."

"Buffy," he started slowly, "I would like you to tell me of every mean thing he did. I think the Council should be aware of your mistreatment."

"Okay," she said, taking a deep breath. She knew Giles cared about her, but she was still having a hard time swallowing the idea. He hadn't been mean to her once. She thought it incredibly odd.


dug me my very own garden
gave me sunshine. made me happy

"What time did you leave this morning?" Angel asked as she walked in from the afternoon sunlight.

"Just after dawn," she said, yawning loudly, "Think I need a nap."

"Why'd you leave so early?" he asked, following her as she moved toward the bedroom. He stood anxiously in the doorway as he waited for her answer.

"Giles wanted me to enroll in High School," she said, curling up on the bed, "After he gave me a lecture on the importance of education."

"Oh," he said nodding and moving away, "I'll let you sleep."

She sat up and said almost too quietly for him to hear, "Angel?"

"Yeah?" he answered, turning back around.

"Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?" she asked awkwardly, almost unable to believe she had let the words escape her mouth. He felt a smile tugging at the corners of his lips as he walked in. Once he reached the bed, he didn't know what to do. He perched on the edge of the bed and looked down at her, sweeping her hair away from her face. She took his hand and pulled him down with her. He moved in closely and spooned her curves, wrapping his arms around her lithe body. He closed his eyes and memorized the rhythm of her breathing and for the first time in a very long time for both them, they slept without even one nightmare.


Part Five

RATING: R (for now) - Note for "Little peeved," I'm working on it, I promise!! You know I love the smut, but have to work into it. It'll be worth the wait. *G*

LYRICS: All lyrics are by Pink.



i'm not every girl and i don't need that world to validate me

Buffy blinked open her eyes slowly and tensed for a moment when she felt another body against hers, large arms wrapped around her. She peeked over her shoulder and looked upon a sleeping Angelic face. She carefully turned over to face him, taking the opportunity to study him up close without him knowing. He didn't wake with her movements, but tightened his arms around her and pulled her close again. She couldn't help but smile at his protective gesture even in his sleep.

It dawned on her as she lay there that she trusted him. Buffy Summers didn't trust anyone, especially vampires, but she slept in his arms without even the slightest twinge of fear or doubt. She idly wondered how long they slept and two seconds later, she scrambled from his arms, "Oh Shit!"

"What?" Angel said, lurching to a sitting position and watching her with interest as she dug through the few outfits he had bought her, "What's wrong?"

"What time is it?" she shouted, her voice echoing off the bathroom wall.

"Dunno," he said, laying back down, "After dawn."

"How do you know that?" she yelled over the sound of the shower.

"I can feel it," he mumbled, falling back asleep now that the danger had passed and she, in her frenzy, hadn't even heard his explanation. Ten minutes later he re-awoke as she ran back into the bedroom and sat on the bed to put on her boots.

"What's the rush?" he asked with a sleepy smile, inhaling that heavenly vanilla smell from her clean skin. God, he was glad he bought that too.

"It's my first day of school," she said, "What if everyone hates me?"

He reached out and pulled her into his arms, kissing her panic away and held her still for a second, calming her.

"If you're late, then you're late," he whispered, taking another sip of her full lips, "You don't want to go running in there in a frantic...And they'll love you."

"You think so?" she asked, as her fingers flew up to trace the scar on her lips, "I think I'll just stay here with you instead."

"As much as I don't want to argue with that idea," he said with a twinkle in his eyes, "I think you want to do this. I think you need to do this."

"Why do I need to do this?" she asked, finding that old anger flaring up in her.

"Because, love," he said, "You want to have friends again. You want to have a life outside being The Slayer. I know you do. And I think hanging out with a dead man is not quite the same thing."

"You're not dead," she said, pecking his lips.

"Close enough," he said.

"Do I look okay?" she asked, standing up and turning around for him.

You look fantasic," he said, looking over the jeans that hugged her slim hips and the soft lavender shirt that left a tiny slice of stomach visible. He felt his arousal growing as he looked her over and gave himself an imaginary pat on the back for his good taste.

Buffy crawled back over the covers to place a final kiss on his tempting lips and whispered, "Angel, I..."

"You what?" he said, feeling his words coat his throat with the anticipation of her words.

"Have a good day."

"You too."


you know that i'm pissed

"She's not your property and I have custody of her by leave of the Council!" Giles shouted into the phone as Buffy strolled into the library, aglow from having just left Angel. She actually giggled when she realized that she was the first person on campus - other than her stuffy Watcher, that is. She hadn't been running late at all. She made a mental note to acquire an alarm clock for the mansion. It was startling how quickly she was beginning to settle in.

"I don't care what you think you are entitled to!" Giles shouted as Buffy pretended to be interested in the books in the room, "You have abused your sacred duty as Watcher. She is now my charge! You are instructed to report directly to the council. Do not try to contact The Slayer. She is no longer your concern."

Buffy watched the irritation grow on Giles' features as he listened intently to the loud voice on the other end of the connection.

"And you aren't fit to tend a garden! Pillock!" Giles said as he slammed down the receiver. He took a deep breath and turned around, "Buffy. Hello. I apologize for that...display. It seems your previous Watcher is a bit of a..."

"Asshole?" Buffy finished.

"Well, actually, yes," he said, nodding, "He's a very bracing man."

"Shoulda killed him," Buffy huffed, as a cold feeling broke into her current warmth.

"The council might frown on that," Giles muttered under his breath as he went about the library, gathering the books Buffy would need for her first day.

"What will they do to him?" Buffy asked, flipping through a Chemistry text with more than a slight urge to flee.

"I believe he will be relieved of his duties," Giles said, pausing to look at her, "His direction of you was not in line with the accepted disciplinary guidelines. I believe he stepped too far out of boundary."

"That's an understatement," Buffy said as Giles handed her schedule and began explaining what texts went with what class.


call it jealousy, but its killin' me

"I hate the day," Willow said, snuggling in bed with Xander.

"You slept with *her,*" Xander said, barely betraying his irritation, but making it clear to his mate that he didn't approve.

"Jealous?" Willow asked, kissing his bare chest.

"Well, gee, let's think," Xander answered sarcastically.

"She's weak," Willow whispered against his lips, "You knew it was necessary."

"When do ya wanna take her out, baby?" He said, sliding his hands over her body and pulling her roughly on top of him.

"When I'm bored," she answered, biting his neck hard enough to draw blood with her bare teeth.

"Better make it soon," he growled, "I'm losing patience."

"Ooh," Willow crooned, "Gonna act like the big man now?"

He gripped her hips and pushed her against his arousal, "I hate that bitch."

"You weren't this jealous when I played with puppy," she said, not even trying to hide her smile as she ground her core against him, "She's not the Master. She's just his mate."

"Kill her before I do," Xander growled again.

"I like it when you take charge," she said, "You try to be so good at it."


we look pretty happy
let's play pretend, let's act like it comes naturally

Spike watched from across the room as Drusilla cavorted around, bathing in the glow of her Grandmum. He was trying to be patient but he never was very good at it. His ability to handle Darla's presence was growing thin. He was supposed to be the big bad around here and she just floated in and took over, like she always did.

He had two things on his agenda: Kill The Slayer and dust Darla. Not necessarily in that order.

He let his thoughts wander back to Buffy Summers. She was an impressive little chit. More beautiful and more skilled that her predecessors. If Angelus hadn't let her move in with him, she would already be dead. He nearly lost it when he smacked into the invisible boundary outside the mansion last night.

"We should have a party, Spike," Dru sang, breaking into his thoughts.

"What for, love?" he asked as she shimmied across the room to him.

"Cause we're a family again," she sang and he could smell the need for death on her mind. She leaned in and whispered confidentially, "Grandmum wants Daddy back. We're going to kill The Slayer and bring him home."

"I hardly call this a family," Spike snorted, pulling her into his lap, "But we can have a party if you want, baby."

Spike narrowed his eyes and returned to his thoughts as she kissed him excitedly, clapped her hands like a child and rose to return to dancing around the room. He could barely hear her over his own racing mind as she went on about music and flowers. He had other plans. He wanted to kill The Slayer, but he didn't want his Sire back. If he had anything to say about it, Darla would never get her mate again. And she wouldn't live long enough to be angry about it.


don't let me get me
i'm my own worst enemy

Buffy walked into her first class, which was sadly half filled with students - all of which, were staring directly at her. She handed her enrollment slip to the teacher and he announced her to the class as the new student. As he invited her to take a seat, she was already mentally edging toward the door. This was a huge mistake. She should have stayed in bed with her vampire. At least he didn't stare at her like she was a bug. Well, he did stare, but...

"Buffy," Oz said from the back of the room, "Wanna sit here by me?"

She nearly fainted with relief as she headed toward the back of the room to sit in the seat directly in front of Oz. Being the new girl in school was worse that slaying. At least when she was fighting the forces of darkness, she knew what to expect.

"Thanks," she whispered as interested ripples of conversation flowed over the students. Buffy didn't realize immediately, but Oz did, that since he was so popular among the students, his acceptance of her would make a big difference.

"No problem," he answered.

"Hey," she said, leaning in, "No offense, but I thought you'd be ahead of me."

"Yeah," Oz said nodding, "If I went to classes, I might be."

"Oh," she said, smiling as she turned around to face the teacher who was preparing to start the class. She, for one, was thrilled that he had missed classes.


been watching over me

"What's...the...big...deal...about...wearing...purple?" Buffy asked, puffing her words out as she trained with Giles. Her roundhouse kicks were meeting perfect aim with the guard pads he had strapped to his arms and he kept staggering back with each powerful kick. It was amazing to him that he knew she was not kicking with even a tenth of her full power.

"The students believe that bright colors attract vampires," Giles said, waving off her next round of kicks so he could collapse in a chair.

"That's not true, is it?"

"I don't know," he said honestly, "But if it helps them to feel safe, then I think it's a worthy choice in wardrobe."

"I like this shirt," she said, smoothing out an invisible wrinkle, "What's wrong with it?"

"Nothing," Giles said, pulling himself back to his feet, "It's perfectly acceptable."

"Ready for another round?" Buffy asked, moving into defensive stance.

"No, no," Giles said, looking out the window at the darkness, "You should probably patrol now that it's dark."

"‘Kay," she said, moving toward the door.

"And I'll wait for the feeling to return to my arms," he mumbled as he shed the pads.

"You gonna be okay?" she said, stopping at the door and turning back around, "Want me to make sure you get home first?"

"No," he answered, "I'll be quite alright. Thank you."

He stood motionless and watched the girl walk from the library with almost a skip to her step, if he wasn't imagining it. And she offered to take him home? He was astonished by her change in attitude after such a short time in Sunnydale. Perhaps all she needed was a little emotional nourishment.


i wiped my eyes and buried the pain inside
all of my memories - good and bad - that's past

The quickest way to make Oz show emotion these days was for him to inadvertently run into a certain female vampire and her undead mate. Oz and Larry had decided after school, to run by The Bronze and see if it was being used by any vamps at all anymore. They might be able to take out a couple of leftovers.

The leftovers he expected to find were not his ex-girlfriend and her lover. Oz laid a warning hand on Larry's arm and they crouched together, watching as Willow strolled around the empty room.

"We could move back in," Willow said, "Make it like it was."

"Yeah," Xander said, nodding, remembering the past, "It was definitely more fun before. I can't wait."

"People in cages, hanging like snacks," Willow mused licking her lips, "Music, fun, a little Puppy on the side."

"Speaking of Puppy," Xander said, wrapping his arms around her waist, "I think I made a promise to you."

"Wanna go look for him?" Willow asked excitedly, "Maybe we can get some Slayer too."

"Sounds good," he answered but suddenly found her stiffening in arms. Her silky red hair struck his face, as she spun around.

"I knew you missed me, Oz," she growled. The two boys stood cautiously and began creeping toward the door.

"I miss *my* Willow," he answered before turning with Larry and rushing toward the exit. They didn't make it close to the exit before Oz was trapped in Willow's strong grip and Larry was in Xander's.

"Maybe I can make you like me," she said, nibbling on his ear lobe, "We could have fun."

"I'd rather die than be like you, Will," he threatened and heard Larry's gurgling scream as Xander crunched into his throat.

"That can be arranged," she said before biting into his neck. Seconds later she was torn from her kill and on her back on the floor. Angel straddled her, pinning her arms to the floor. Oz staggered back, holding his bloody neck.

"Puppy," Willow moaned, pressing up against him, "I missed you. Is it your turn to ride?"

"It's my turn for everything," he growled, "Except to die. That one's yours, baby."

Xander, who had stopped feeding, was holding his victim as bait and crunched his fingers into the boy's arm, smiling as Larry screamed from the pain of his bones cracking.

"Let her go," Xander growled, "Or the boy dies."

Angel looked from Willow to Larry and back again, taking long moments to decide if the boy's life was worth releasing the bitch who had tortured him and tried to break him. Finally he stood up, and stepped back, blocking their path to Oz.

"Okay," Angel said, reaching out a hand, "Now give me the boy."

"Give me a break," Xander said, delighted in his own pun as he snapped Larry's neck and watched him fall heavily to the floor, "Oops. My bad."

"Mmmm," Willow added as Xander pulled her toward the door, "This was fun, Puppy. Can't wait to see you again."


she's being a little bitch

"Hey mate," Spike said, dropping his cigarette to the ground and standing up from his lean against the brick wall to crush it out with the toe of his boot, "I was waitin' for ya."

"Yeah?" Angel said, looking over his shoulder at Oz, who was pale and beginning to sway, "I'm so glad. I've missed you."

"Yeah, I knew you had," Spike said, approaching him, "Look, I need to talk to you about your mate."

"She's not my mate," Angel answered.

"Whatever," Spike answered, "She's fucking up all the plans here, mate. I wanna make a deal with you that I think we both might be able to live with."

Angel nodded at the corpse laying a few feet from Spike, "You think that's what I can live with?"

"Harmony," Oz wheezed.

"I got peckish, Peaches," Spike said, grinning at the young blonde girl laying there, "Harmony was her name? She was tasty, but not the point. We both have a problem. I think you know that Darla is ruining all the fun for all of us."

"I'm sorry, Spike," Angel said with mock sympathy, "Did she take all your power away? Is that it? Or you just upset because Drusilla adores her?"

"Listen," Spike shouted, "I can arrange for you and your Slayer to dust the bitch, but you have to work with me."

"I'm not working with you," Angel growled, as he turned away, "I don't trust you, *mate.* I'm not about to walk into a trap and bring The Slayer along with me, so you can kill her. Forget it."

"You're missing out on a great opportunity!" Spike yelled behind them as they retreated. Angel made sure Oz kept up with his long strides as he moved away. He slammed to the ground, nearly shattering his shoulder as he landed. Oz ran full speed away as Drusilla stood over her Sire.

"My Angel," Dru growled, meeting his golden eyes with hers, "You've been very naughty."

As he lost consciousness, Angel heard Spike's laughter littering the alley, "That's it, ducks!"


Part Six

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Okay, I was thinking about money. Funny, how RL does that to you, huh? Anyway, I hate that Buffy is working at a burger joint in BtVS and I was thinking about how to get around the fact that she is essentially a pauper in his fic.

Here's what I came up with: The Watcher's Council pays Watchers, right? Well, how come Slayers aren't compensated accordingly? The answer in IMO: I think they are. See, Kendra was taken from her parents and raised by a Watcher, so therefore it begs to reason that the Watcher's Council supported her. Faith never had to get a job but she had money to live in a motel. And she never seemed to run out of leather, even before the Mayor became her generous benefactor. So...where'd she get her money? Besides the evil thought of being a prostitute, I'm thinkin' she got her money from the Council. By this reasoning, I'm going to assume and I hope you will join me in this assumption, that Buffy is receiving a stipend or allowance of some sort from the Council. So, from here on out, she will no longer be broke and I don't plan to describe in detail her conversation with Giles over money. So, let's all just go with the idea that the Council is supporting her - as they should! Kay?

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i protect you from the world, i basically protect you from myself

The look of pain in his eyes was a blow to her already diseased mind. Blending into the shadows in a remote corner of The Bronze, Buffy watched as the beautiful, dark haired vampiress stripped Angel's shirt off, revealing a nearly healed chest. Faded red marks remained from his gunshot wounds and she knew that at his current healing rate, they would be gone tomorrow. If he lived until tomorrow.

Razor edged conflict raged in her mind and it was much louder than his roar of pain as the demon disguised as a woman made swirls of pretty colors on his chest. Buffy knew she loved him. Without a doubt in her mind, she knew that she could grow old in his still young arms, would give him her blood, her virginity if he wanted it. She also knew she was The Slayer. To storm in the room with two master vampires to save another vampire was suicide and against everything she stood for. She hung in the balance of his screams, grappling for a decision.

His biceps flexed as he pulled at the ropes that bound him to the stage. The vampiress seemed to treat this torture as if she were performing and Buffy was sure that the performance was both for Spike and for Angel himself. Without being told, The Slayer inherently knew that the delicate strokes of anguish were learned from the victim himself.

When she turned and walked away, every step was a maiming. It took every ounce of her will to keep on walking and every ounce of the same will kept her from going back. Leaving Angel there with his children's torment was worse than impalement, especially when she saw the haunted look in his eyes. The memory of his body, twitching and sweating would scar her memory for the rest of her short life.

Betrayal was becoming a finely crafted art as she forced herself to take another step away from true love. She shook her head as the tears fell down her cheeks. This action was proof that she hadn't learned a damn thing.


some deep shit

Giles was buried in a book when an urgent knock erupted on his door. Well, his face was buried in a book. He sat up and rubbed his eyes sleepily, donned his glasses and saw with much irritation that he had drooled on page 364 of a priceless text. His irritation quickly dissipated when he answered the door and saw a very pale and bleeding Oz standing there. The stoic boy definitely had an expression on his face - of terror.

"Larry's dead," Oz blurted as Giles hurried to the kitchen for the first aid kit.

"Dear Lord," Giles whispered as he pried the guitarist's fingers away from his wound, "How did you get away?"

"Buffy wasn't kidding about Angel being a white hat," Oz answered, "He saved me and I ran...A vampire saved me from vampires. Weird."

"I should say so," Giles said, opening a bandage, "Where's Angel now?"

"They got him."

"Did you happen to see Buffy?"

"No," Oz said, "You think they'll kill one of their own kind?"

"He kills them, doesn't he?"


tell me why does my heart make a fool of me
seems its my destiny
for love to cause me misery

Angel realized for the first time, as Drusilla visited her attention on him, that he could sense Buffy. He could sense her in the room, could feel her eyes on him. She felt distant, cold. And she was moving away. He knew the second she stepped from the room and the layer of ice she had melted reformed itself on his soul. He was an idiot to think that she could love him. She was too blindingly bright, her soul too colorful to stand beside the grayness inside him.

He stopped pulling at his restraints when she left. How could he be so thick to even dream that he would find redemption in her arms? He came here to help her and tried to hold on to that fleeting thought. But she left him to his children and he knew he deserved every second of pain he received. The Angel who was trying so hard to earn his paradise, had tragically forgotten just how frail it really was.

"You reek of The Slayer," Drusilla said, kneeling between Angel's legs. She gripped his upper thighs and leaned in inhaling deeply, "But you haven't had her."

"Dru," Angel growled.

"Hush," she ordered, tracing the marks she had made on his chest and then whispered, "Beautiful. You always were...so beautiful. I think I'll keep you this time."

"First Willow, now you," Angel said, disobeying her order, "This is getting old. Just get it over with."

"Don't think your girl will come save you? I don't think we should waste time on the torture, love, just stake him now," Spike taunted from his front row seat several feet away. He leaned back in his chair and propped his feet on another. He lit a cigarette and blew smoke rings lazily at the ceiling.

"Always in a hurry, aren't you?" Angel said as icy resolution formed more solidly over his emotions, "You should learn to slow down. She'll kill you, buddy, don't worry."

Angel looked at Dru who was still moving her hands over his chest. Angel smiled at her, "Dru knows how to take her time. Don't you, baby?"

"Yeah," she said, leaning in to scrape her fangs down his chest, leaving a bloody trail behind her.

"Remember what it's like to be pleased?" Angel whispered down to her.

"Shut up," Spike demanded, rising to his feet.

"What's the matter, Spike?" Angel said, hoping with all his heart that his Childe would put him out of his misery, "Have you been blocking the memory of your mate coming around my cock?"

Angel laughed out loud as Spike pulled Dru away from him and kicked him hard in the face.

"See, Dru?" Angel said huskily, "No patience. I could give you some pointers, Spike. She likes to be teased."

Angel laughed again as Spike's fist made contact with his face. He tasted his own blood on his lips licked them slowly.

"You're fucking dust, mate," Spike said, lifting the chair he had recently vacated and breaking it on the floor. He picked up a loose chair leg and approached his Sire, but was stopped by the hand of his mate.

"No," she said, shaking her head slowly, "I'm not finished, Spike."

"Damn it, Dru," Spike shouted, "You're going to let him live?"

"No," she said, moving back to her Sire, "He wants you to kill him. He wants to be free of the torment. We need him to get to Darla."

"We don't bloody need him," Spike growled, "I can kill the bitch without him!"

Angel growled, showing his irritation. Drusilla was always smarter than anyone gave her credit for. His growl won him a sparkling smile and she knelt before him again and licked his lips, tasting his blood.

"Back off, bitch."

The voice cause all three vampires to turn their heads toward the door, where Buffy stood with her hands on her narrow hips.

"Mmmm," Dru said, standing, "The Slayer."

"And you are?" Buffy asked, strolling in the room.

"Get out of here, Buffy," Angel growled.

"Hiya cutie," Spike said smiling. Now they were getting to the fun.

"Spike," Buffy said, "This your ho?"

"Drusilla," Spike corrected.

"Yeah, that's what I said," she said with a grin, "Are ya done with Angel, cause we really have to get going? It's late you know. Need my beauty sleep."

"We'll tuck you in," Spike said as he moved toward her.


though i can't go on, i'm not satisfied with this being the end.
it's just the beginning

Buffy looked over Angel's two offspring, noting their movements. She had made it about a block before she realized that she needed Angel to live. She needed him in her life, needed the love he gave. She had spent so much time fighting for her life and not knowing what a life was, that she forgot what it was like to want to be alive. Not just of the living. She had forgotten what it meant to want love, want companionship. She had forgotten that it's the wanting that keeps us alive.

She realized when Angel did that they were connected in a way that couldn't be explained. The thought of his death began to kill her inside as if it had already happened. She knew that she couldn't walk away. She knew as she turned around that she would never be able to. The most sobering realization was the depth of her love for him in such a short time. She went from having nothing to everything. Once she glimpsed everything, she couldn't be content with anything else.

She struck out at the bleach blonde vampire that approached her and noticed that Drusilla hung back and smiled, letting her lover work. Drusilla always enjoyed watching him. His violence was lickable, his movements fluid and fierce. She felt the arousal that Angel began being completed by her mate. He was delicious.

Spike couldn't wait to sink his teeth into her frail throat. He wasn't like Angel. He didn't like to toy with his victims, make them tearfully beg for their lives, he liked the speed, loved the rush. He had no patience with making his kill a carefully planned slip into insanity, he wanted it now.

Unfortunately, The Slayer wasn't cooperating. She blocked his every blow, parried his movements, forced him from offense to defense in a single play. He was riveted by her determination and anger. This bint was a worthy adversary.

But he might have gotten to taste her blood, might have seized the opportunity to break at least one of her bones, if an arrow hadn't penetrated his breast plate, missing his heart by two inches. He looked up in surprise, finding the Watcher and the boy standing there with identical crossbows. He turned back when he heard Dru's wail of pain as an arrow struck her. He ran to her side, thankful that between the two helpers of The Slayer, neither one of them could aim worth a piss.

"Might wanna use the crosshairs," Spike said, yanking the bolt from his chest and tossing it to the floor. He grabbed Dru's hand as arrows began flying at them and ran from the room, leaving the sound of echoing footsteps and an enraged, "Bloody Hell" echoing off the walls. Buffy ran to Angel's side, rather than following the two and was already sobbing when she reached him.

Her hands shook as she untied him and once her task was completed, she laid her head on his chest and heaved years of pent up emotion on him. She unleashed everything for him, bared her soul and laid it at his feet. Once the floodgates opened, they could not be stopped and so he wrapped his arms around her and gathered her close, meeting the eyes of Giles and Oz as they backed from the room.


i felt my knees get weak
his body was callin' me
just couldn't take the heat

"I almost let you die," Buffy said, in an almost hiccup. They were the first words she had spoken on the way from The Bronze to the mansion.

"I would have deserved it," he answered. Angel was trapped in the memory of every coup de grace, every shrewd massacre and every twinkle of delight his soulless half felt during his years as "The Scourge of Europe." He knew that the black and white words she had read about him didn't describe a tenth of what he had done.

"No," she said, looking up at him with tearful eyes.

"You've read about who I used to be, Buffy," he said, "I have no right to even dream about you loving me. I'll never be worthy of it."

"You are worthy," she said, moving into his arms, "And you have it."

"I have it?" he gasped, pulling her back from his chest to look into her eyes, "You...love me?"

She nodded, meeting his eyes, "That's why I came back for you. I couldn't lose you. I love you."

"I love you," he said, feeling emotions he had never felt before swelling inside himself, "I think I've always loved you."

Angel found his way to her lips and couldn't stop himself from pulling her back into his arms, delving into her mouth. The kiss deepened and with it grew eternal want. Angel felt his demon slamming at the cage he kept it in as the smell of her arousal attacked his senses. He broke the kiss and stumbled away, heaving deep breaths to calm himself. When he was in her arms, it was difficult for him to remember that she was just a young, naive girl.

"W-what's wrong?" she asked with pink swollen lips that made his body hurdle full force into dizzying lust. Her chest heaved in time with his as she took in oxygen that she, unlike him, actually needed.

"This is moving too fast," he said hoarsely, trying not to allow his eyes to travel over her nubile body.

"I thought you wanted me," Buffy said, biting her lower lip to keep new tears from squeezing from her eyes. It was almost as if once she had allowed him to see her cry, once she had allowed herself to show that emotion, it could be inflicted freely at any moment.

"I do," Angel answered huskily, "God Buffy, I want more than anything else to make love to you. I just think we should, you know, wait."

"For what?" she asked quietly. Her innocence was a weapon and it left scars as it moved over him. He stared at her, unspeaking, trying to make his brain work, desperately searching for a reason why he couldn't make love to her. Buffy took his silence as an invitation and moved across the room in slow motion, each step causing his blood to boil. The light touch of her fingertips on his cold flesh made him shiver with delight. Against his will, he moved away again, finding himself in the atrium, staring at the barren fountain. The hard concrete in front of him was nothing but a reflection of the beauty approaching him from behind.

"For what?" she whispered again, standing less than a foot from him, staring at his tattoo. He could feel her breath caressing his skin and it was far worse than the torture he went through tonight.

"I don't deserve you," Angel said, turning to face her, "I can't..."

"Love isn't about deserving, Angel," Buffy said, finding more wisdom in her short years than he had in his extensive ones, "If it were then no one would ever be worthy of it, no one would deserve it. If you don't love me, then...who are you punishing? You or me?"

Angel's barriers crumbled at The Slayer's feet and his soul laid itself open for her to claim. He wound himself back into her arms and swept her into his arms, carrying her to the bedroom while he sucked her tongue into his cool mouth. He set her back on her feet once inside the room and slowly removed her clothes, giving her plenty of opportunity to stop him, to run away. As inch after inch of exquisite skin was revealed, he half waited for her retreat.

Tiny trembling fingertips unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them. Every muscle in his body tensed as she undressed him in slow, dreamy movements. Her young, curious eyes feasted his flesh and he waited as her increasingly wet heat beckoned him. He took a step toward her, almost as a test and she stood her ground, waiting for him.

He moved from her lips to her neck, over her delicate collarbone and finally to her sharply erect nipples as he lowered her to the bed. She sucked in a deep breath and released it as a ragged moan as he laved her breasts, giving them equally unbearable pleasure.

Each tiny movement became a step to her alter, as he abandoned her breasts for her stomach. He made his way down to her moist core and hesitated, looking up at her fogged green eyes for doubt before opening her legs. When she showed no reluctance, he leaned in, inhaling her heavenly scent. He smoothed his large hands over her inner thighs as he teased her folds open with his tongue, delighting in her moans and in the perfect taste of her.

He circled her clit with the tip of his tongue and concentrated on her desperate whimpers before sucking it between his lips. He visited absolute worship on her, gliding his tongue inside her and alternating his attention between her untouched depths and her inflamed clit. She came quickly, bucking beneath him, gripping his shoulders with Slayer strength as she came.

The sound of his own name released in a scream from her lips was the most erotic thing he had ever heard in his two hundred forty plus years. He kissed his way back up her body, finally inhaling her ragged breaths into himself when he reached her lips. He was throbbing for her as they kissed once more, knowing that she could taste herself in his mouth.

He hovered at her entrance, feeling guilt rise up in him for what he was about to do. To take her virginity seemed like the ultimate trespass on the forces of light and so he whispered, "Are you sure, Buffy?"

"Yes," she answered breathlessly, while clutching his shoulders so hard that he was sure his muscles were atrophying beneath her fingers. He looked down at her with doubt and she finally gasped, "Make love to me, Angel."

He took a long pull on her full lips as he inched his way inside her, slipping a hand between them to manipulate her clit as he went, bracing himself for the pain he was about to cause her. As he entered her fully, he sucked her moan of pain into his mouth. He stayed unmoving inside her as he continued to rub her clit in slow circles, allowing her grow accustomed to him.

When she finally climaxed, he began moving inside her, slowly pulling out almost fully and returning to her. He almost lost control as she began moving with him - reluctantly at first and then more aggressively. She opened wider for him as he increased the speed of his thrusts. She came a third time and Angel thought he might have temporarily lost his sight as the room spun around him.

He threaded his fingers through her golden tangles and kissed her deeply as he felt his own climax nearing. He felt her rising off the bed beneath him, meeting his every stride, arching against him as they moved together. He steeled his control as he reached between them, needing to feel the euphoria of her orgasm one more time before he released his own. Finding her hypersensitive clit once more, he pinched it between his fingertips, causing an instantaneous shattering release. Losing all constraint, he cried out her name as he came.