Choose Your Own Buffy Adventure By Tango

She got up on her tiptoes in those high heeled, black leather boots and whispered in his ear, so quietly that if he wasn't a vampire, he wouldn't have heard it, but he did and a little growl escaped him.

"I want you," she whispered, so softly it was like a wisp of air near his ear, "but you already know that, don't you?"

"Yes," he growled, his voice much louder than hers, startling the room. They weren't used to his demon revealing itself. He had been hiding too much, trying to pretend to be human for their sakes, but she remembered how much the sound of his feral growl turned her on and she smiled lustfully at him, looking deeply in his golden eyes.

"You can smell it, can't you, Angel?" she whispered again, "You can smell it welling inside of me and you know, don't you, baby? You know it's all for you."

"Buffy," he growled, louder, so that Cordelia visibly jumped, and Gunn and Wesley looked like they were on guard, waiting for him to lose his soul from her just whispering in his ear.

"What?" she said in a normal voice, but it was streaked with want and lust, expelling passion from her lips in audible sex around the room. All three men were quickly growing hard and Cordelia was fidgeting in confusion. The tension was too much.

"Don't," he warned, in a soft growl. Only Angel can make a growl a caress. She shivered and moved away from him, hopping up on the counter top, sliding her leather clad ass over it very slowly, making sure he saw her belly button creep out as her shirt rode up. He watched her pelvis jut forward for a second and then his eyes rested at the slight bounce of her breasts before forcing his eyes back to her face.

"Come here," she whispered, tossing her blonde hair over her shoulder as she watched him approach. Gunn, Wes & Cordy were all surprised by him. Not because he wanted her but because they had never seem him move more predatorily than now. He was hunting her even though she was looking directly at him. Cordelia let her eyes drift to his waist, surprised by the way he looked leaner all of a sudden, sexier and by the time he made it to the counter, she had to hold in a gasp at the rising bulge in his pants. She grabbed her bottle of water off the desk and took a swig, trying to wet her suddenly dry throat and force her thoughts from the enormity of his sex.

"Tell me why you're here," he said, standing a foot from her, wanting so badly to press against her, feel those slender legs wrap around his waist. His voice had been in a quiet, strident question but he wanted to roar, This is why I left! I can't take this! I can't stand not having you, not for one more day, one more second. Leave or I'm damned!

"Need you…" she said, licking her lips slowly, her husky voice betraying her, "Need you to help me with a big vamp nest across town."

"How do you even know it's there?" he demanded, narrowing his eyes at her, "LA is my territory, Buffy."

"Where's your Christmas spirit?" she demanded back, her voice like melting wax. It burned for a second, but it felt so good. She nodded at the tree that Cordelia had insisted they put up, "Hiding under the tree?"

"Buffy," he warned, inching closer even though he didn't realize he had.

"I'm visiting my dad," she said, "I found them on patrol tonight but I need back up. Are you going to come with me?"

"Yes," he said, the growl still edging his voice. He watched as she hopped off the desk, landing securely on the floor with a loud thomp. Without looking back she headed for the door, swinging her hips generously knowing his eyes were burning into her bare back, left visible by her halter and the sight of her ass in those pants. She made it halfway to the door, glossy lips curled into a devious smile that he couldn't see until he rushed forward and grabbed her upper arm, spinning her around so quickly, she nearly stumbled, but didn't as he slammed her tiny body against his chest.

He devoured her mouth, sucking that glossy smile into a passionate moan and when he released her, they were both panting...

Your adventure has begun. [Insert cheesy music here. *G*]

Now you decide what happens next:

Is this just a dream?


Is it real?