Part 2

By Tango

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When the phone rang, or rather buzzed in her pocket, she picked it up on the second ring, fishing it out of her pocket in mid-battle. Stake in one hand, cellular phone in the other, she panted into the phone, "Hold on."

She tossed it to the side, sliding it across the ground to relative safety near the bushes and finished off the undead and ugly tramping all over her turf. Once she dusted herself off, she headed over to retrieve her phone, raising it to her ear, already trembling with anticipation. Anytime this little miracle of technology buzzed, she felt the same rush of bloodlustfearwantneedlove that could not be compared to any other emotion, that could not be called any other word, but Angel.

"You're early," she whispered, as if there might be ears in the dark.

There were rules, you know and Angel was well aware that it was too early to call. When people - that's a laugh - when supernatural beings are trying to be discreet, they have to follow the rules specifically set aside for their dangerous liaisons but he was not about to wait tonight. All he could think of in the hours since he had spoken to her was that when she got off the phone, she went upstairs and climbed in bed with Riley Finn - with her hot little body flushed and aroused from talking to him.

That was why he wanted to call early. He was supposed to wait until after 1:00 AM but he had spent the rest of the night before and the day thinking about it, thinking about them. He stormed around the hotel, thinking about the boy's hands moving over his mate's body, his body covering hers in her bedroom, his mouth kissing, sucking, licking…

Needless to say, the previous night's events had left Angel feeling edgy. He growled his way through any pleasantries that were necessary to his fellow AI-ers and scowled at anyone who dared ask him what his problem was. He felt like screaming and roaring in fury. What was his problem? How do you want that, in alphabetical order or would any list form suffice? He knew that if he were human, if he had blood flow, his face would be flushed in a permanent, uproarious red.

He headed out early to patrol, dusted two vampires, a chaos demon that carried a scent slightly reminiscent to Drusilla and stopped a mugger from ripping the book bag off of a college student before heading back to the hotel. He went to his room, showered and checked the clock. It was only 10:00 PM. Growling under his breath, he paced his room, back and forth in long sexually frustrated strides. He wasn't going to make it another three hours. No way, no how.

Roaring in frustration, he ripped the phone cord from the wall, taking the entire wall plate with it. In a few steps, he made it across the room, where he flung open the window and tossed the phone out. He leaned out and watched as it crashed to the ground, breaking beyond repair.

Dusting his hands and smiling grimly, he headed over to his chair, sat down and crossed his arms over his chest. Temptation removed. He was not, under any circumstances, calling her tonight.

Or so he thought.

An hour later he had taken out his cell phone, the identical mate to hers and dialed.

"I know I'm early," he said, not put off that she didn't say hello. They never really needed all those formal pleasantries anyway. I mean, what was a ‘hello' when she'd already sent to him to Hell and currently, he felt like he was back in it?

"That's okay," she hurriedly added. She didn't care that they had broken the rules yet again. After all, it's what they were best at, wasn't it?

"I have no right," he said, after a long waited pause. She walked slowly through the cemetery, at one with the night as she listened to the sensual rumbling of her undead unlover's soothing voice. Even when he was self depreciating, he still sounded like dripping honey…preferably on her naked skin.

"You do," she said, her two words a desperate plead for him not to stop, not to take away the one thing she woke up in the morning for and went to sleep at night glowing from.

"I don't," he answered, "Even before I left, I had no right. I never had a right to love you Buffy. I don't have a right to be a part of your life now."

"Shut up, Angel," she ordered tersely, no longer whispering, "Your turn."

"You're sunlight…and everything that is bright and wonderful in this world and I'm d-"

"Shut. Up. Your turn," she demanded, raising her voice to the demon on the other end of the line. Anger flashed across her face and in her eyes, came through clearly in her voice as she said, "We've been over this. I don't want to talk about it. Your. Damn. Turn."

"I'm following you while you patrol in the forest, in the cemetery, on the quad…doesn't matter," he said, his first few words inside a surrendering sigh, "All that matters is you, not where you are, but what you are, who you are. That's everything, love. You know that, right? Every time I wake up and you're not by side I curse my own existence and then I bless it immediately afterwards. Besides, who has known this kind of want, sorrow, desire? Who knows this sort of torture but us?"

"You're stalling!" she shouted into the small device, propelling herself forward in the night, needing to move from the frustration, "No, you're brooding. Your turn, dammit. I did it last night when Ri...I did it last night."

"They…" he whispered and then said, "They attack you, circling around you in a weak battle formation. I'm watching from the bushes, trying to stop myself from jumping in the fray. You don't know I'm there yet and I have to stay away this time."

"Angel," she warned, walking briskly in the dark.

"But I can't," he added, "I move closer, watching them. They're just fledglings really, a couple of decades old or so. Nothing compared to your strength and skill. I see their nostrils flaring and I know that they smell me on you. A master vampire is your lover. They've heard the rumors, heard about the Slayer, but they have to come and see, had to meet the legend. And now they're here, staring at you, circling. They look confident and with game faces in full force, too stupid to know that they are already dust.

"Mmmm…and I move closer until I can smell you too. I love the smell of you, that unique smell of everything is you - vanilla and sunshine, sweat, hot, fresh pumping blood…damn and me. I'm all over you in a sheet of want and need. Just the knowledge of it brings ancient vampiric pride and inhaling it makes me hard every time...thinking about it makes me hard. I'm hard now remembering your smell, your taste.

"I watch you move, darting their punches and kicks. You're concentrating so hard on the fight, that I can see it on your face when you realize I'm there. As the dust settles, I move closer, slowly making my way from the shadows out into the open.

"Your breathing is slowing as you recovering from the battle, but your heart doesn't slow and I know it's beating in excitement for me. I know it's mine and at that moment I care more about the possession of you than the guilt of wanting you."

"No guilt," she whispered, as she looked up and realized she was standing in front of Angel's mansion. She walked in slowly and looked around, her breath catching in her throat she took in her surroundings. The floor beneath her feet felt good, familiar, and she made her way to the couch, tossing off the sheet that he had thrown over it before he left. She snuggled into the couch and listened to him, adoring the seduction in his voice. If she thought about it hard enough, she could almost see him in front of her, inside that large room making her Buffy again, not the imitation she had become.

"No guilt," he murmured, purring into her, "Can't. Not tonight. I've been immersed all day in the thought of you with him and it makes me insane with jealousy."

"Don't be jealous of Riley," she said clearly, "He'll never have my heart."

"But he has your body," Angel answered, closing his eyes in frustration – partially because he actually allowed those words to come from his mouth and partially because he meant them.

"Not really," she answered, "Not all of it."

"What part doesn't he have, my love?" he said. It wasn't filled with anger. It was just a question. A fair one.

"A small place on my neck," she whispered, "That I have never allowed him to touch, my virginity, my whole heart. Those belong to you."

"Now," she said with authority, "Please carry on."

"With pleasure," he rumbled, a slow smile spreading across his lips in spite of himself. How could he love her more today than yesterday when he thought was completely full of her?

"You move into my arms and thread your arms under my coat, snuggling inside it with me. You turn your face up and smile at me, waiting for the kiss I'm going to give you, which I do. I lean in and press my lips against yours. I love that little moan that you make just as we begin to kiss. Sometimes I think that I imagined that part. It's so quiet most of the time, that I almost miss it. This time it's clear, that little moan. Your arms tighten around me and I kiss you harder, moving my tongue in your warm mouth as you move your little hands up the back of my shirt.

"I'm dizzy with the taste and smell of you as always and I smooth my hand over your soft, little hip and down your thigh. You're wearing one of those little skirts. I love them but I never understood why you wore them on patrol. How do you fight like that?"

"Adds to the challenge," she joked, caressing the couch as she snuggled into it more, "No, actually, I sometimes just had emergencies and didn't have time to change into pants. Then I started wearing them on purpose, but I don't anymore."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I knew you liked them," she admitted in a little voice, "And I liked the way you looked at my bare you couldn't believe I was showing my legs to you or something."

"Old fashioned," he muttered and smiled at the memory of her strutting around in those short skirts, "In my fantasy, you're wearing one because I do love them. Your perfect body is pressed against mine as I reach down far enough to touch your upper thigh and I realize I'm breathing now that I've gotten to touch your soft. I pull you into a crypt nearby. I just want to touch you, to feel more of your skin, but I already know that there will be much more as you slam me roughly against the wall..."

"Angel?" she whispered, "Are you outside?"

"Yes," he said, "I'm not in the hotel."

"Oh," she said, "Okay, just wondering. Go ahead. What do I do after I slam you against the wall?"

"You grasp my cock through my pants and I groan loudly at the feel of your strong fingers tightening around me. I'm prepared to beg you to touch me or kill me when you begin to unbuckle my belt with that bright teasing smile on your face. Your lips are pink and shiny and I watch as your lick your lips before you kiss me. Your tongue is exploring my mouth as you unbutton my pants and unzip them and then you touch me.

"You're so warm, Buffy. You're hot and sometimes I think just touching you will burn me. Touching you is like looking at the sun. When a person becomes a vampire, the cold surrounds them all the time. There's no warmth left and there's no way to get it without a human...without feeding on a human. I think you radiate more heat than normal humans and just being near you makes me warm all over, makes me feel almost human again.

"What happens next, Angel?"

"You move to my neck and start kissing and biting me there. Your blunt teeth dig into my skin and I feel my cock jerk in your tiny, hot hands. I want you so badly that I'm lost in indecision. I want nothing more than to feel your naked body against mine, I want to feel your mouth around my cock, sucking and licking me, I want to bury my face between your thighs and lap at your sweet juices until I'm drunk from the taste of you, I want to make love to you until the sunrise makes me dust.

"But I lower us to the floor and thread my fingers through your long, silky hair as I kiss you, nipping at your swollen, pink lips. Moving down your body, I kiss you through your clothes, licking the skin that is available to me. I keep moving until I'm settled between your thighs. You open them for me and there's a look on your face that's made up of desire, absolute love and trust. When you spread your legs, your skirt moves up your legs and I stare for a moment at the sight of the wet crotch of your panties.

"Which panties?" Buffy asked, smiling into the phone.

"The purple ones," he said, smiling back, "The ones with the little stars all over them."

"You remember those?" she asked incredulously. She hadn't worn those in years.

"You'd be surprised what I remember, baby," he whispered huskily, "I remember what your arousal smells and tastes like. I remember licking the crotch of those panties, pushing my fingers into them to tease you through the material. Do you remember when I did that?"

"Yes," she panted, squeezing her thighs together on the couch.

"Yes," he crooned, "Yes, I remember those. And in this little fantasy, you're wearing them. They're so light and silky so your arousal has seeped through them. I tease you through the material until you're mewling and wiggling beneath me. I know you want to beg for more, but you don't. You just breathe heavily and then you gasp as I pull them off you and press my face into your sex.

"I breathe you in deeply before I start licking every inch of your perfect little pussy. I part your lips and lick every inch of you, stabbing my tongue into your slick passage to get as much of you as I can before I lap at your clit, nipping and sucking. I press two of my fingers inside you, rhythmically twisting them inside you, pulling them out and pushing them back inside you, much, much slower than you want me to. You whine loudly and I finally suck on it harder. Then what happens, Buffy?"

"I...I come," she whispered.

"Yes, you do," he whispers back, "You always make the most wonderful sounds when you're coming especially when I'm eating your pussy. Your inner muscles tighten around my fingers and you buck your hips up, pressing yourself against my mouth. I keep sucking until your thighs are trembling and then I keep going until your entire body trembles as well.

"I want you to come while we're talking this time," he said, "Will you touch yourself for me?"

"Yes," she gasped, bracing the phone between her ear and her shoulder as she unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and then pushed her hand down the front of them, caressing her already wet sex.

Angel waited until he was sure that she was doing as he asked before he continued.

"I'm so hard, that I'm throbbing and all I want is to be inside you," he whispered, "I move back up your body and pull up your shirt so that I can kiss your breasts and suck on your erect nipples. Your body is still shaking and recovering from your orgasm as I do. You taste delicious all over and it's addicting. I want to lick every inch of your skin, but instead I enter you slowly, burying myself inside your tight pussy. Your body adjusts around the invasion, hugging me tightly and suddenly, I'm breathing just as hard as you are. As I begin moving inside you, you wrap your legs around my waist and you move with me.

"I want to go slowly, but I find that I go faster and harder. Soon we're bucking against each other, moaning loudly. You turn your head where my arms are supporting my body and you bite me hard, so hard that you nearly break my skin. I want to say that I regret it and that I tell you not to do that, but I can't. I love it and I slam into you more roughly. You keen and moan, moving in rhythm with me."

Buffy looked up with a start as she realized that she was hearing him in stereo. She pulled her hand from the front of her jeans and stared as he stood there, just inside the room. His eyes were darkened with lust as he looked over her greedily. He flipped the phone shut and slipped it into the pocket of his duster and walked toward her. She stared at him, unblinking, afraid she was seeing things.

"When you come again, I'm inside you," he whispered, making his way toward her. When he reached her, he pulled the phone from her hand and flipped it closed as he had his.

"Angel, what-"

"Shhh," he whispered, "It's my turn. I feel your muscles tightening around me, the warmth of your gasping breaths on my skin and it vaults me closer to the edge."

He sat down on the couch and pulled her into his lap. She leaned her back against his chest and breathed in shuddered breaths as he slipped his hand down the front of her jeans where she had been and whispered in her ear.

"I reach between us and rub your clit," he said, realized his hands were too large to effectively pleasure her while she still wore her jeans. Swiftly, without asking permission as he would have done before, he pushed them off of her, reaching down to slip off her shoes and drag them completely away from her body. Spreading her legs once more, he pushed her panties aside and caressed her bare, wet heat, groaning loudly as he did. The pressure of her weight against his arousal was delicious torture as he cupped one of her breasts with his free hand.

"Oh God, Angel," she begged, "I can't...we can't...oh please."

"I tried to stay away," he whispered, his cool mouth against her ear. His fingers moved fluidly inside her as the fingers of his other hand twisted her nipple through her shirt, "I knew these phones, these calls were a mistake. I'm sorry, baby. I'm weak. I've never been anything else."

Twisting suddenly, she held his hand against her sex as she turned to straddle his lap. She kissed him roughly, almost desperately as she rode his fingers. She pulled away long enough to toss away her shirt and bra, then unbuttoned his shirt, so she could press their skin together. She loved how his cold, muscled chest made her nipples painfully hard. Needing comfort, she scraped them against his chest.

"All I want is to feel you come just once more," he whispered, struggling to swipe his thumb against her clit as she moved on his lap in urgent strokes, "And then I'll leave, I promise. I'll throw away the phones. I won't call again. I just need this."

Ignoring him, knowing she would beg him to stay if she spoke, she kissed him again and then peppered kisses on his face, neck and chest. She bit him hard on his neck and it made him groan loudly and jerk his hips underneath her. Slipping his fingers away, he pulled her against his lap, placing her against his straining cock and wrapped his arms tightly around her as if he were trying to make them one creature. Positioning her sex in just the right spot, he thrust beneath her and she crooned in pleasure as his material covered cock rubbed against her sex.

As she came, he kissed her, sucking her tongue into his mouth, breathing her climax into his undead body. She panted, pressing her face against his chest. Brightening with a smile, she slipped off his lap and onto her knees. She grinned at him as she made short work of his button and zipper to free his thick cock.

"Buffy, what are you doing?" he demanded trying to slap her hands away.

"I know this won't make you lose your soul and so do you," she whispered as she grasped the base of his cock and squeezed, "If you remember my purple starry panties, I'm sure you remember that."

"Buffy," he panted as she lapped at the tip of his cock and then took him into her mouth and began sucking, bobbing her head in his lap. His strong fingers dug into the couch to restrain himself as he struggled not to buck his hips.


Riley Finn had not let Buffy out of his sight since Angel called on the secret cell phone the night before. Course, she didn't realize that he had followed her all day long and into the night, that he had camped outside of Giles' flat while she met with him, watched her in the coffee shop with Willow, Oz and Xander and tracked her when she finally started patrol. Switching instinctually to his military training, he tracked her more anxiously than he would have with any HST.

It was pathetic and he didn't care. Angel was going to call again or show up, and when he did, Riley was going to be there to confront him. His only hope was that he would catch the bastard vampire before he got to his girl. Angel might have kicked his ass last time, but this time he would be prepared. He would not lose Buffy to a bloodsucking fiend.

That was all before he followed Buffy to the mansion and watched as she slipped one of her hands down the front of her jeans, touching herself in rhythm to sound of her voice. Drowning in sorrow and in how beautiful she was when she was *that* turned on, he was shocked when Angel strolled in. He stayed rooted there, unable to move as the vampire molested his girlfriend.

He watched her in unabashed dread as he stripped off her clothes and clad in only a pair of panties, writhed against her undead lover, allowing him to touch her any way he wanted, any where. When she slipped to her knees and started giving the vampire the blow job of the century, he charged forward only to feel a strong hand on his arm, restraining him.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Spike whispered, flipping his eyes from Buffy's talented ministrations on his Grande Sire and her worthless, insipid boyfriend, "Slayer'll choose him over you, if you make her. You'd better walk away and never let the chit know you saw this."

"She's cheating on me with a bloodsucker like you," Riley rasped quietly and angrily, "And you want me to pretend it never happened."

"Do whatever you want, you bloody moron," Spike answered, "But you have a chance to keep her, cause the pansy over there loves her too much to stay. I'm just trying to help you, you know."

"Why?" Riley demanded.

"For Buffy, of course," Spike answered with a shrug, "You really didn't think I was helping you, did you? She's going to need some comfort after the Poof leaves and if you make her feel bad about this, it'll be your loss."

"Are we both seeing my girlfriend sucking a vampire's dick?" he demanded, "And you want me to comfort her?"

"She's not just sucking, she's deep throating," Spike said, cocking his head appreciatively at the couple, "I don't care if you want to be a wanker. Hell, maybe I'll get lucky and she'll cry on my shoulder."

"You touch her and I'll stake you," Riley said, "She'd be upset if I staked him, but you, I can kill without remorse."

Both stopped and turned back as Angel released a roar of pleasure, spilling his cold seed in Buffy's mouth. They both watched, not trying to hide their arousals as she milked him of every drop and then climbed back into his lap, hugging him desperately against her.

Riley watched in awe as she curled against him, clinging to the vampire like she had never dared - would never dare - to cling to him. Seconds later, Angel crooned quietly and rocked her. It was then that Riley realized she was crying. It became more apparent as she began to sob, rubbing her face against his chest.

Hanging his head, he turned and headed toward the exit.

"He'll leave, you know," Spike said, "No matter what you see in there, he won't let himself stay. He wants her to be with you, as much as he fucking hates you."

"I hope you're right," Riley said.

"I am and if you hurt her, I'm sure I'll be able to get around this chip long enough to kill you."

~The End~
Gosh, I'm naughty...again. *G*

chi·me·ra also chi·mae·ra - n. A fanciful mental illusion or fabrication.

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