All or Nothing Awards (The Taste of My Blood & Unglued)

Angel's Bath Towel Awards (The Taste of My Blood, Making the Rent)

Always Awards (Filling in the Blanks, Protector & Making the Rent)

BA Pulitizer Prize Awards (Abused, Drawings of You, Calling in Sick, Saving the Slayer & The Mark) & the Blood & Roses Award for Making the Rent

Fancy Me Yours Awards (Images of Us (Twice))

Halo Awards (Drawings of You)

His Girl Awards (Angel's Return, Calling in Sick, Drawings of You, Putting the Damage On & When Hell Breaks Loose)

The Believe Awards (The Mark)

The Hero Awards (The Mark)

Site Awards: Always Awards (Best B/A Shipper SIte)

Angel's Bath Towel Awards: FanFic Author of the Month Award, April 2002, August 2003, Fanficion of the Month Award (Smooth Criminal) September 2003

Fancy Me Yours Awards: Best Conventional Shipper Site and Most Unique Plot Award

Site Worth Going to Award, 2003

WtssA Awards - Best Buffy/Angelus Fan Fiction (The Deal)


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